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MyKronoz ZeWatch Bluetooth Smartwatch - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
ZeWatch is a smartwatch that tells the time while offering much more. By connecting you to all your Bluetooth enabled devices - phones, smartphones, tablets and PCs - ZeWatch keeps you up-to-date with a simple glance at your wrist.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40313
$79.66 inc VAT
 4 stars from 17 customers

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great value reat product
Very happy with my purchase. Exactly as described. Easy set up easy instructions. Quality strap. Overall very good product and purchase. Volume takes a little getting used to. I suggest you wear face on the inside of your wrist on vol 4. Super happy with service, thanks!
Ideal for my needs
This allows me to use the tablet as a phone. I dont use this as a music player just as a head set. The device looks well on my wrist and works well with my shirt sleeves in the office. Also subtle enough to use anywhere socially.Only 4 stars because i cannot connect headphones if i wanted more privacy but doesnt matter for my usage
Excelent web site and brilliant service
A lot of Static
the watch is visually beautiful and does what it says it will except for SMS notification. When I talk on it the person I am talking to says there is a lot of static, which the manufacturer claims is only present with HTC phones which sounds like "BS"...
I am keeping the watch just for collection and convenience purposes and before I recommended it to anyone else I would definitely have them pair with mine to see if the problem followed to a different phone.
Excellent Service & Item
First time purchase from Mobilefun and it is wonderful experience with them.
Item tested and summary as below:
1) Design - 8
2) Audio Sound - 9
3) Functionality - 7
Overall is excellent item for such a lower price compare to other brand.
Less clutter on the dashboard.
Having just purchased and become used to it, I find it so much more convenient than having my mobile attached to the dashboard along with a Satnav etc. When driving I do not have to take my eyes off the road to answer a call and converse.
A fine invention...wish I had it when I was younger.
Still getting to grips with it
Decided to go for the watch bluetooth as most of the ear piece ones hurt my ears and/or fall out when I am working, due to my long hair.

I find the watch itself is not easy to read when it is sunny, plus you have to press the button on the side for it to be displayed.

Regarding use with phone, still trying to work out the volume as it does not seem to stay at a set level. When volume is up it works well.
Helpful accessory for moblie phones.
This is a very useful and convenient accessory, much faster to take a call rather than stuggle to remove phone from pocket whilst it rings and often used to go to voicemail before I could answer it.
Well done Mobile Fun.
Only downside I find is display is not bright enough to read if light level is bright. Worth mentioning to makers .
This product is rubbish. Supposed to be 72 hour stand by not at all it doesn't even last the day.
MobileFun Reply
This watch has 72 hours standby time and 2-3 hours talk time. Battery life will depend on many factors such as usage, bluetooth version and range.

If you aren't using the watch and it doesn't last a day then it maybe faulty.
Kronoz ZeWatch
Very nice, work very good exactly as description
I recomand to all and the price are very good
Mixed views
I love it, sits well on my wrist and does what it said it would BUT It tends to disconnect from Bluetooth regularly Even when your phone is in your pocket

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