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MyBunjee Classic - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
As seen on Dragon's Den MyBunjee protects your phone from any drop via its coil cable that attaches securely via the metal clip and rubberised band.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37951
$9.72 inc. VAT
 3.8 stars from 12 customers

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Stop mobiles landing you in trouble
I am disabled, and I've dropped at least two mobile phones straight down the wc which is mobile unfunny.

So my new Bungee device fits snuggly to my phone and if I drop it, up it bounces back and this will save me a small fortune in knackered mobiles.
Mybunjee bounces back
Does just what it says and gives you a feeling of security.
Great idea
Pity, great idea, but the strap covers either the screen or the mic,Camara on the iPhone. Not sure how you would resolve this. Bought 2', one for a friend and she says its ok for her, also on an iPhone.
My Bunjee Classic - Black.
Simple and excellent idea for safety insurance, having already dropped mobile and Psion in pond! Well presented and excellent fast service: well pleased.
Don't Drop it - Stop It
Clever and simple design which is a cheap and elegant solution when fumbling with a small device which could easily be dropped. This could save an expensive accident to fragile electronic devices.
Ingenious little device
This is a very good idea.
I have managed to attach it even with a case on the phone.
I can clip it through the zip on the pocket of my fleece and know that my 'phone is secure, both to protect it from falling out of my pocket, and to prevent anyone from trying to snatch it.
I waited with eager anticipation but alas I was disappointed as in my opinion it does not fit well and is way overpriced. Sorry guys that's my opinion. On the upside your service was impeccable as ialways, this not the first that I have bought from you and I doubt will be the last. Bob Bottrill
Great product and very functional, but despite what the lady says in the video, this would not stop a pickpocket in a million years. Please don't think it will. Hide your phone; out of sight out of the thief's mind. The bungee cord just shows a pickpocket where you have put something valuable and it is easy to disconnect it. I'd would like to know if the cord can be easily cut. All the phones I've ever had, have a cord attachment point and I think that they should have used that, not just a slip-over piece of rubber.
Attaches my iPhone to my bag when I go shopping. It does take a bit of moving about to get the best place so some of your important bits of your screen or buttons aren't covered, but for the price this is a snip. If you just want it so your phone won't get stolen or if you're a bit clumsy like me, I would recommend you buy one. I use mine over my case.
overall very good
it does cover part of the phone but it works really well and I like it
Great idea, not thought through.
This looked like a great product for me, dropping my phone in some of the places I work would do alot of damage.


Which part of my phone shall I cover with this rubber band?

I could put it at the top which would muffle the speaker, and cover the camera.

I could put it slightly lower so it won't muffle the speaker, but instead cover the taskbar at the top of my screen, and cover the camera.

I could put it below the screen and cover the hardware buttons instead.

If your phone has a 9mm strip that you don't mind covering up then this is a great idea. If not, then don't bother.
There is no way of attachment without obstructing either a function button or window.Well made and a good idea just disappointing!

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