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Muvit Sony Xperia Z Ultra Stick N' Stand Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This officially licensed Stick N' Stand Case by Muvit sticks to back of your Sony Xperia Z Ultra to provide enclosed protection and be used as a viewing stand.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40282
$34.36 inc. VAT
 4.7 stars from 6 customers

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Slim as
Very slim.
It works well and does what it says but now I want one that carries my credit cards.
I don't love the faux leather finish but everyone else thinks it looks fine.
Got this cover along with my handset. it is slim, looks rich and can be used as a stand too. So go for it.
Solid case with minor flaws.
This case is quite good to be fair. It is good quality and does what I was looking for - it protects the phone. I was a bit concerned as to how it would attach but it sticks with a Glue strip on one side rather than clipping to the phone in any way. I was worried this wouldn't be secure enough, but it seems to hold on fairly well.

It stays open (or closed) via a magnet on the latch, which is quite cool and practical.

You can use it as a stand, which is nice, but the way it is designed means you can charge it while it's like that. In fact, you can't charge the phone while the case is closed. Which is probably it's biggest flaw. Another floor is the hexagon shaped texture on the inside of the case. This often leads odd prints and marks on the screen. A quick wipe gets them off but I can't help but think that some sort of faux suede or soft fibre would have been preferable.

The case also makes the phone wider when it's open. So if you already find the Xperia Z Ultra a bit big for your hands then this is not the case for you.
Excellent case and stand
I usually don't buy cases for my smartphones but it was essential I had a stand for the Xperia Z Ultra so I could enjoy the excellent multi-media performance.

This stand is perfect. Slim and stylish it does not add much bulk to the phone and the stand works great.

I found an even better way of using the stand which is perfect for watching videos when on a flight. You just flip back the case on itself letting the phone rest on its edge and use the magnetic clasp backwards to hold it in place. It provides a rock solid stand at exactly the right angle for watching video.

Very pleased with the purchase and a perfect accessory for the phone.

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