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Muvit Slim Leather Style Flip Case for Sony Xperia Z1 Compact - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Xperia Z1 Compact safe from harm with this slim and stylish black leather style flip case by Muvit.
  • Mobile Fun ID 43409
$26.54 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 16 customers

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as required
Good quality ,price reflects quality, delivery as requested and on time ,well packaged,as i require ,no fuss ,no bother. Just as ordering should be .
What's not to like? Love the lime green case - so easy to find in my handbag! And a perfect fit for my new phone and much easier to fit than other cases I've had in the past for previous phones. A great choice!
Took a while, but nice product.
No marks or damage, solid/neat stitching, fits Z1C perfectly, holds well.

Magnetic clasp: slightly weaker than expected, but suffices to hold it shut.

Flap: Case may weaken over time at the bottom crease if you fold flap behind the phone, but hard to tell so early (if I can edit this review in future I will, to discuss longer-term use).

Accessibility: Case leaves both sides of phone completely open (inc. magnetic charging port). I don't have a dock so no idea if it fits in that whilst the case is on/closed. Headphone jack is well exposed with case closed (case is actually indented there to make it easier to access). No specific hold for a lanyard but you can still use one.

Camera cutout: There is faint ghosting when taking a photo with flash, but nothing significant (my case is white; if yours is coloured it might be more noticeable).

Material: Everyday grime easy to clean off AND to get on. Only been using it a few hours, with clean hands in clean environment, and there were some smudges when I checked just before. A damp cloth works well.
Helped me find my phone!
I was hesitant about spending as much as I did but I wanted to make sure the cover fitted my new mobile properly, and all the other reviews were very positive. The cover fits snuggly and snaps into place first time. The lens hole and magnetic clip do exactly what they are supposed to do! I chose the lime green cover so the mobile wouldn't disappear into the dark recesses of my handbag. Imagine my stress when the day after I put on the Muvit cover I lost my phone, I mean REALLY lost my phone... when I enquired at a customer services desk and mentioned the lime green cover she looked doubful... how happy was I to see a bright lime green cover begining waved at me as she reappeared from the stockroom! Destiny!!
Phone Case
My Krussell case fits perfectly, completly happy.
Very nice
Very nice
Great case for Sony Xperia
Case fits perfectly and securely. Looks great. Can access all buttons and does not obscure camera lens. I've only had it a few days, hopefully it wears well.
great flip case
perfect flip case for phone fits perfectly ,slim and durable.
Perfect, definitely recommend
I ordered this as soon as I got my new phone about 3 weeks ago and I'm thrilled with it. Everybody has commented on the style and colour. Phone fits perfectly in it and every hole etc are easily accessible. The hole on the back for the camera lens is neat, smart and exactly right size. I don't have to remove the phone for anything, not to charge, use camera etc. The magnet on top of it just falls naturally into place to hold securely. I spend the day with the cover folded back on my desk so I can see the screen for messages and it folds under neatly and isn't at all cumbersome or bulky. Case feels and looks like leather with neat stitching in same colour and is easy to keep clean. Normally by now I'm still looking for the perfect cover but I love this one, not changing and would definitely recommend.
.... slim & unobtrusive protection for a 'phone that will experience a tough life
Wonderful Service
The phone case I received was exactly as described, and arrived extremely fast. This isn't the first time I've purchased through mobilezap, and I will continue to do so in future due to the quality of the phone case, and the service mobile zap offers. Absolutely no complaints.
Love the colour...
Just bought the Sony Xperia phone in lime and wanted a cover to protect it. Love that this cover is the same colour exactly!! It protects the phone without adding any bulk and I like the magnetic closure. It has got a few indents in it from being pressed against things in my bag, but rather that than damage my phone. Looks well made and I love it
Practical and stylish
Looks really good - nice stitching detail. Just the thing to stop my wife destroying her lovely new phone in that cavernous bag full of female instruments of torture.

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