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Muvit Matte & Glossy Screen Protector for Sony Xperia Z1 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Avoid scuffs and scratches on your Xperia Z1 with this triple pack of matte and glossy screen protectors by Muvit, designed to reduce glare and fingerprints.
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 4.6 stars from 11 customers

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The item is just as good as described.
The Matt screen protector applied very easily and hides fingerprints well. They are still visible but not nearly as visible as they were on the gloss screen. Another big reason I bought this product is the fact it came with a rear scene protector which is extremely useful as the rear screen gets scratched easily. Overall this is a good product and I would recommend it.
Sony Z1 - Muvit Screen Protector
Good protector sheets, but definitely difficult to install properly. The tabs that you use to put the sheet away from the backing leaves an adhesive residue on the sheet protector. Best way to get this off is by using a little bit or lighter fluid. It works great. I did that and then used "a bit" of soap and water. No damage to the phone or the sheet protector.
Awesome Product
It is an excellent product. Reached me in 15 days. Neatly packaged.

Applied correctly without any air bubbles and fits perfectly. The film is barely noticeable. The surface is not so smooth as the existing anti shatter film. So using experience differs. So it needs a little getting used to.
Brilliant! but...
I initially bought this just for the matte protector as the xperia z1 came with one on the screen out of the box.
It works great as an anti glare and anti fingerprint and has kept my screen safe even when in the same pocket as keys and loose change.
The only downfall is if you're not too experienced with screen protector installation then be warned it only contains 1 of each.
airbubbles.....Great you get two attempts
The only protector I could find that does both front and back. Went for the shiny cover first but still seemed to attract dust between cleaning the screen and installation leaving huge airbubbles. The matt protector looks better than I expected and I was glad to be able to try again.

Only been on a week so can't really comment long term.
Great Quality
Due to the low price I expected a medium quality screen protector but no. Great quality, really clear, I used the glossy screen protector.

It's really simple to apply and, since the phone already had a Sony screen protector, applying this on top didn't affect the use of the touch screen.

And, for the first time since I use touch screen phones (it's the third one), it didn't get any air bubbles!! Really a great screen protector, great value for money!
The only place to buy the new products for the Sony Z1.
A quality screen protector
This is an excellent screen protector that offers excellent protection, a matt finish that really reduces finger print smudges and reflections and a look and feel that adds to the overall quality of the phone. It was also quite easy to fit..
Absolutely Fabulous!!!!
WOW what can i say, this product is feather-lite without compromising the looks of my gorgeous phone. Premium materials used make this a must have case for all xperia z1 owners. The saying is TRUE 'What u pay 4 is what u get' which in this case is perfection. Thanks mobile fun, always a pleasure doing business.

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