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Mugen Samsung Galaxy Note Extended Battery & Cover 5400mAh - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Give your phone the battery the power it needs with this 5400mAh battery pack.
  • Mobile Fun ID 33739

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 4.2 stars from 25 customers

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Mugen battery/case
Got this phone secondhand and so not sure how good the standard battery actually is as I'm guessing the battery which came with it had seen some use. Didn't want to take any chances so decided to get the Mugen extended battery. You would be hard pressed to exhaust the battery in a day. I did a simple test where I turned off everything apart from the 3g signal and played back to back movies at full brightness and managed about 9.5 hours.
The one downside is the back cover which isn't a patch on the oem cover as far as robustness is concerned. You really need to treat it with kid gloves or the latching tabs which keep the cover on will snap off. Love the stand feature on it though :)
very pleased
This quality product is well worth the money. 24 hours after charging I still have 50% charge. I've watched few hours of video, couple of hours music, hour long phone call, couple of hours surfing the net. The stand is really useful too. Would recommend this to any note user.
The Hallmark of Good New Technology is ...
it changes the way you work. And this product has changed the way I work.

OK, first things first. Its ridiculously expensive, at least compared to cheaper versions out there, some less than £10!

Aye, there lies the rub, for who knows what weaker batteries lurk within that plastic coil? I'm not a battery expert, and I'm not going to spend time running tests, so lets move on.

The Mugen replacement battery and back has 3 points that make it worth the money.
1. Very long battery life.
Basically, I never think about battery life anymore. I don't know if the cheaper ones would do that. I've stopped using my landline and do everything on the mobile, thus reducing to a simpler and cheaper telecoms billing model. So, this phone has already changed my modus operandi.
I also do web browsing on it, lean back computing, on the sofa at home, even though I have multiple PCs and tablets here. Sometimes its just more handy to grab the phone because its there.
Then I can continue watching a video in the kitchen or the bathroom, because the phone is small enough to fit anywhere. Why worry? I can't run the battery down in one day anyway.

2. Kickstand at the rear.
Really nice for watching videos, but even nicer than that is to prop up the phone on your desk in landscape format, access it with a bluetooth headset, then control it with one finger, making calls and so on. Its like a mini control station for all your telecoms and apps.

3. Texture of the back.
This might not seem like a big thing, but the the back has a re-assuring texture to it. Thus the weight comes across as a plus, not a minus. You feel you have a powerful mini-PC in your hands, not a phone. It changes the way you feel about the device. Here is a bit of kit you can depend on, to do phone calls, mapping, email, catch up on videos, and it will not let you down.

Am I happy? Yes, very.

Any improvements? Yes, the kickstand is offset, so when you operate it on your desk with one finger, sometimes you can push it over. I know the battery is in the middle of the device, so a simple solution is to install TWO kickstands one at each end, leaving the battery space in the middle sacrosanct and inviolate.

Should you get one? Well, if you care about being free and carefree, more than you care about your phone being small and light, then, yes.
Battery lasts the day
I am a heavy phone user: gaming on my way to and from work or watching a film, music everywhere I walk, screen set to always on all day at my desk. All audio is rooted via Bluetooth to my headset. Before, my battery would just about get me to midday. With this, I can relax as it gives me a full day easily. Sure it's heavier and a little bigger, but you know that going in, - that's the trade-off. The kick-stand works well.
Just what i required
The extended battery fitted the device perfectly with the new battery cover provided and it has not added too much to the depth of the device in fact it fits in my shirt pocket more snugly than before and is less likely to fall out when I bend over It has made a vast difference to the battery life I can now get four days use where I was only getting one and a half to two days before I am extremely pleased with the product also the delivery time was excellent
The superpower battery!
Excellent on all day support for heavy users! What I needed in order not to recharge the battery during the day!!!

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