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Mugen Power HTC EVO 3D, Sensation XE/XL Extended Battery - 1950mAh Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Extended battery at 1950 mAh for your HTC EVO 3D, Sensation XL or Sensation XE. Keeps your phone going longer.
  • Mobile Fun ID 33227

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$13.26 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 23 customers

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Positive Difference
A new battery with larger capacity means I only charge my phone once a day. I can have the screen brightness above minimum and leave the house, and also not have chargers in several strategic locations. I can once again take pictures with the flash on, without the phone switching off! The possibilities are endless.
Mugen battery
This battery has changed my daily routine from having to charge my battery constantly to a nightly charge.

Don't think twice, this battery is a great buy.
Battery life ++
This high-capacity battery worked fine with my phone; now i can use it with google maps as satnav while cycling. Before I'd get only about 2 hours (because the settings drained the battery fast), now I can get more than 6 hrs with the GPS running, with bright-lit screen, with wireless constant, with GPS giving turn by turn directions.
Just what I asked for
I bought this item for my phone its working well as the moment. delivery was quick and no hassle, would use them again in the future.
genuine charger speedily delivered
Thanks for rapidly delivery of this genuine HTC charger. Exactly what i needed.
thank you mugen ! great product, worth every penny!
mugen battery has saved me from being tethered to my charger all day! I'm finally free! mugen has proven to give me 18 hours on one charge! this is a huge difference from my stock battery I was having to charge after 4 or 5 hours of use !! it seemed I was always charging. now I can go all day and into the night without charging! thank you mugen. mugen is the answer to the smartphone battery problem! I highly recommend mugen! I am now a mugen customer for life! why use anything else! thanks mugen! I no loner worry about my battery ! mugen is worth every penny it costs and more! thanks mugen :)
Great battery
Got this to replace the standard HTC battery which had been causing my phone to keep resetting. Since using this battery my phone hasn't crashed once and the extra battery life is great. I've managed to get 55 hours without a recharge.
back up battery becomes primary
I bought this battery as a back up but since using it and installing the app I've been getting 4 to 6 hours more battery a day and I'm quite a heavy user, mainly my screen avid e reader.

This battery comes highly recommended to anyone needing more power for their sensation.

Don't forget to buy it herd too ... Next day delivery even with a 4pm purchase ....awesome
A longer lasting HTC
Yes it realy does do what it says on the tin. Although they say it will take several recharges to reach its full potential, I have already noticed a big differance with my Sensation XE. I work 12 hour shifts and regularly had to recharge before the end of a shift. Now I'm still powered up for hours when I get home. I may need a sleep, but my phone is still going strong.
Great battery. Thanks.
Mugen Power HTC Sensation
Great battery, much better than stock. After calibrating the battery (few charging cycles) my Sensation can go for about 36 hours without a charger, with medium usage, 3G and WiFi always on, sync everything every hour.
A great back up
Good value for money and a great backup, I had so meny phones were original battery life dosent last long so having this back up in combination with the docking charger means I never have to worry about my phone dying on me, yet again I will be purchasing another for my sons birthday with the docking charger. tks great products.

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