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Mugen HTC Sensation Extended Battery - 1800mAh Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Extended battery for your HTC Sensation. Never run out of power again.
  • Mobile Fun ID 30598
$39.54 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 21 customers

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Just what I wanted.
The Mugen HTC Battery is by far better than the one supplied with the phone.
Mugen battery
Much better than original. It is early days but so far it lasts at least 2 days.
Gets me miles further.
I use my phone to track my cycling. The old battery was getting down to about 20% after a 2 hour ride, but now it's still got over 70%, so I ought to be able to ride a lot further. I'm well pleased.
Mobile at last!!!
Thanks to the Mugen HTC Sensation Extended Battery - 1800mAh. I now have exactly what it says on the tin a MOBILE phone, not always connected to my charger!! The battery is perfect my phone lasts all day, where as I was getting to lunch time and I was as flat as a pancake. Dispatch and delivery was excellent, price was excellent, can not fault Mobilefun at all very efficient company. Oh and the hours I spend on Candy Crush Saga is fantastic ;-) thanks again.
Excellent battery
This battery gives my phone hours more use than the original battery it's worth every penny
Mugen Extended Battery
Ordered 3pm on Friday, delivered 10am Sat morning, great service and the battery is so much better than standard. gonna order some for the kids phones. AAAA++++
Extended Battery HTC Sensation
You know after I made the order with MobileFun.co.uk I just couldn't wait for my new battery to arrive. When it did I was desperate to know whether all that extra power would give my phone more buzz in my pocket when my girlfriend rings. Sure my phone rang for longer and louder than it ever did before, what a buzz!
Great battery!
I love mugen batteries. I've had them in 3 different phones now and they always provide great value.

This one is no different. Gives you an extension of around 20% over the stock sensation battery which is much needed.

Just bear in mind that you have to give it 4 to 5 charge cycles for the phone to recalibrate to the new battery.
Lasts no longer than Reginald battery
Despite several full charges and discharges this battery does not last any longer than the original battery and that is with no change in use of the phone. Only good as a second battery.
Batteries can be a major problem.
Mugen HTC sensation-1800ah extended battery goes a long way to solve this problem.
Coupled with great service it is a win win situation.

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