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Mugen HTC Desire Z/Mozart Extended Battery - 1800mAh Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Extended battery for your HTC Desire Z or Mozart. Never run out of power again.
  • Mobile Fun ID 29708
$41.23 inc. VAT
 4.6 stars from 23 customers

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Phone Saver
I was considering replacing my HTC Desire Z as it's now almost three years old, was getting a bit slow, the internal memory was constantly filling up and the battery was lasting only a few hours.

I read about and decided to try the Mugen 1800mAh replacement battery, reset my phone to factory settings and it's as good as new. I can now listen to music all day without running out of juice and the phone has a new lease of life.

So spending £29 has saved me about £400; a very good buy indeed.
The battery the phone should have come with...
enough said, was lucky to get 20hrs out of original battery. Now getting with normal use 40+ hours. No I'm not a heavy user, but its a vast improvement for only 350mAh extra!!!
By the 3rd full charging of this battery, it was working perfectly. Exactly what I need
they do exactly what it says in there reveiws
it came far sooner than i expected
"despite my mistake on the order"
no problem!!
"just use there so easy web site and email option to correct your mistake!!!"
there response is very quick
"absolutely outstanding service"
the battery is of great quality
"ide recommend it to any body out there"
"my wife would anyway!!"
all i did was pay for it
"if she says its great"
then it is
"many thanks"
just the ticket
Fits in the same space as the normal battery but improves the life no end. I can literally have the phone on all day browsing etc and its still going strong at the end of the day.
Not a bad investment, but difficult to measure cap
I bought this battery as a heavy user of my Desire Z which is a great phone only let down by a ropey battery life.

After following the manufacturer instructions for charge and discharge of the Mugen Extended life battery I have probably noticed a marginal improvement but nothing dramatic.

Not entirely sure its worth the cash but you probably get an extra 10-15% from my experience.

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