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Mugen HTC Desire S Extended Battery - 1800mAh Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Extended battery for your HTC Desire S. Never run out of power again.
  • Mobile Fun ID 29705
$39.82 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 29 customers

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Just right
Quick, efficient service and totally reliable battery that holds its charge for longer than I could have hoped for.
Excellent Battery
Having used mobile fun before a looked for a new battery on this site as I wanted a genuine battery, came across this battery, with rave reviews. I bought it, have held of reviewing because I wanted to evaluate its performance. Well if you are a heavy data user then this battery will last for a day easily and it's only taking about 1 1/2 hours to charge. I would say that I a moderate user of the phone, and this battery will easily last me 2 days. It has given the phone a whole new lease of life. I am very please and highly recommend this battery, and I can keep my well built phone for a few years yet.
Perfect Item for my phone
The battery fitted better than my original HTC one ,
Done what everyone said and charged and discharged fully 3 times , I am in sales so phone is busy with calls and texts and emails lasts nearly 2 days , so i am very pleased
Best Battery Ever
OK, I've only had this battery two days but I am so impressed I had to write a review. I am always nervous of aftermarket batteries because they often do not live up to the ratings printed on them. This 1800mAh battery is far better than the original 1450mAh that comes with the phone.

The new battery has just gone over 40 hours between charges. The best my original battery ever lasted was a working day and got worse with age!

The new battery has a recomendation to fully discharge and charge it a few times to get the best performance so I thought I'd do that. The only trouble is I could not wait that long. I used it on my journey home from work about half an hours use, I kept sending text messages, I played games browsed the Internet in the evening, went to work the next day, sat at my desk reading my mail on my phone instead of my desktop computer! Went home again, sat sending text messages in the evening, more use than I would normally do. Eventually I had to go to bed.

By morning it still had 3% charge left. I had to charge it because I didn't want it to die on the next journey but still just over 40 hours between charges is incredible!
I got this battery for my mrs' Desire S. She could charge it all night but by the following afternoon, the phone would always be giving low battery warnings. This was with no internet usage, GPS or blue tooth usage, it was practicly useless. Fitted this battery and now it goes nearly 24 hours before needing a charge!
All in all, very pleased and works really well.
Initial impression - impressive!
I have only had the battery a week so early days, but so far I have been impressed. HTC Desire S stock battery was only lasting a day (a years usage). Without changing phone settings, the new Mugen battery is currently going for 3 days after only 2 recharges!!
I think its an improvement
Ordered this battery as a replacement for my standard battery and I think the rumoured 25-30% extra power life is true, I have yet to cometely run out yet although a daily charge is still necessary as I use a lot of internet with social media apps etc.

Good purchase I would recommend this to all those frustrated HTC owners who are always running out of battery!!

Best thing is the phone is no bigger like some other battery upgrades available on some phones. Still a slick phone now with longer life!
no really
I bought this battery as most of the reviews say it gives longer battery life for the phone than the original battery. The mAh rating also suggests this. However, after multiple drain/charge cycles, I actually find that it does not even last as long as my one year old original HTC battery. Quite disappointing.
Works but not by much
I did get 48 hours out of this battery, so does extend the battery life. Just not by a great deal. Always worth having a spare battery though, so would have got it anyway.
Mugen Extended Battery
I bought an excellent HTC phone only to find the existing battery fairly struggling to keep up with it's cleverness. Putting a Mugen Battery has increased the useful charge life by another 50% it should be put in in manufacture..Best £30 I spent for a long while !
Mugen HTC Desire S 1800mAh battery
I like my HTC Desire S after the iPhone 3GS, Android is a breath of fresh air, however battery life has been an issue during 12 hour shifts. Along came the Mugen 1800 mAh battery, what a transformation! I can actually use my phone without worrying that the battery will be flat before hometime. It doesn't give 2 days before a needing charge but it's certainly a large step in the right direction over the standard 1450 mAh. A good bit of kit for those like me who are unlikely to get to recharge their phone during work time. It should be the standard battery sent out by HTC, HTC please take note.
Great battery
Bought this for my nephew's birthday he was delighted with it, with him being a tech head he was really pleased with it :)top product excellent price...
great product
With the standard battery on the HTC Desire S being pretty poor its great to get a battery with longer life. This battery gives you almost twice as long. Important to follow the instructions and drain the battery fully and then charge for 12 hours. Do this a few times and your set to go!
It helps
Purchased this because HTC notoriously undersize their batteries causing their phones to be power hungry. (Phone comes with 1450 mah.) It does help, but not to the extent that I would really like. Don't expect a miraculous change in charging habits. Still have to charge every day, but I haven't been out all day and suddenly found my phone about to go flat like I did with the original battery. Glad I purchased it but it is a bit pricey (all quality phone batteries are from any website). If you don't mind carrying and using a charger all the time then don't buy it. If you're like me and hate it then it is probably a worthwhile investment.
no better than standard... but no worse either
I bought this in an attempt to improve the battery life of my desire s. As a second battery, it is great. It lasts no longer than the standard battery but as it costs the same, I can't complain too much. Basically it's exactly the same as an original htc battery despite the claims of longer life.
mugen power battery
I bought this as a replacement for the standard battery, and to have as a spare, and its the same name as Honda tuners - mugen :-) it works and seems to give marginally longer performance than the standard one. Maybe 10-20% longer..
the battery case on the phone doesn't fit quite as well.. all in all okay product....

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