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Mugen Google Nexus 5 Extended Battery Case 3000mAh - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
More than double your Google Nexus 5's original battery capacity, with the Mugen Extended 3000mAh Battery & Case featuring an integrated kickstand.
  • Mobile Fun ID 44386

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 4 stars from 3 customers

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Good Build - Poor Practicality
The build quality of the device is excellent and clips to the back of the phone firmly. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is going to charge the battery in your phone wirelessly, you will need to attach the short built in USB link cable, and there is the problem. With the cable attached its very easy for the link to get bashed about in a pocket or bag, this is going to put a strain on the charging port of your phone. Also worth noting that this is in no way a case that protects the phone, there is no protection for the screen or front area to the phone. Drop the phone with this on and you’re running a real risk of cracking your screen. This could have been an excellent product just given a little more thought.

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