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MU Classic Foldable USB Mains Charger - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
MU classic in white is an award-winning folding plug design. A higher powered 1A folding USB mains charging adapter with 1 USB port, which reduces to 70% its size for pocket-sized portability. Charge your smartphones and other USB powered devices.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38360
$22.20 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 11 customers

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Wow, this is a MUST for your handbag Ladies
Wow, this is a MUST for your handbag Ladies it is so compact and versatile.It is also just as good for Students, Travellers and all who need to use a charger which is just about everyone now days. Great as a Stocking Filler too, Thanks
Perfect item for charging while out and about.
This item is great. The plug prongs fold away, meaning the plug packs flat in my laptop bag and doesn't scratch my laptop. Use with any USB cable to charge.
Clever but not perfect by any means...
I bought mine in March 2013 and by September it is broken. The plastic that the two live pins swivel on has cracked as has the plastic that it swivels on. I believe that the plastic is not as durable as it could be and that it has been damaged merely by the act of plugging it in over the course of 5 months or so. It certainly hasn't been damaged in the folded position. At north of 20 pounds I shall not be buying another until a MkII arrives that addresses the durability issue that I have discovered and sees the pins completely inside the body when folded. I think the swivelling pins need to "click" into position to make sure they are perfectly aligned before the unit is pushed into the socket.
The design has merit and being able to pack it flat is very useful to me. MkII needs to be tougher and less costly.
Verdict: it isn't fit for purpose if it breaks this quick.
Clever bit of kit.
I needed something that would lie flat in my iPad case without making a bulge. This is the perfect solution, it folds down from a three pin plug, to a nice compact flat bit of kit. Excellent buy!
neat tidy and so cute...
i love this... its just what ive been looking for... this is brilliant because its so light and small because of the it is designed and it does what it is supposed to... i have no complaints... its out put is 1A but it would be good if they offered one that works at 2A... brilliant product... GET IT...
Foldable usb
Light and compact. Ideal for briefcases. Expensive.
Doubts proved unfounded
I was doubtful that these would work well, but just plugged in both adaptors and was able to use on my TV straightaway, even though both were plugged into cable extension sockets.Should have bought them much earlier.
Slimline charger plug
I love my new charger. When I go away I'm usually loaded up with oodles of chargers for my gadgets. This lovely slim charger plug has made my life easier already. It's brilliant.
So very neat
Wow this really is so compact that you can pop it in a small pocket or bag with no trouble. It seems to be well made and strong and it worked perfectly.
A good first attempt (could have been much better)
I bought the MU Foldable USB Mains Charger Adapter for travelling as I wanted something without the sharp pins sticking out and hence easier to pack.

The MU is well made and has a quality feel (for 20GBP it needs to have).

The MU could have been so much better however with just a little extra thought, as while it is slim and rounded at the back the edge of the lower power pin is proud of the case by an annoying 1mm of sharp edge however worse the earth pin is still proud of the unit when the sides are folded by about 5mm.

Will I use it yes until it either breaks or gets binned for breaking something else.

Would I buy any Mk2 that is produced to rectify these faults, only if the price was much lower like at least 50%
Brilliant but beware iPad users
Wish I'd seen this promo before I bought this at full price couple months ago. But it is just brilliant. Folds flat so doesn't bulge a laptop or tablet case. But beware - it doesn't appear to have a high enough output to charge an iPad from flat or near flat and I had to use the Apple charger. It's OK for a top-up but not for a full charge. No matter, I'll buy a spare at £19.99

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