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Mozo Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Wireless Charging Back Cover - Zebra Wood Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This zebra wood wireless charging back cover with NFC is beautifully crafted out of real wood with a slim look which offers protection for the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL. Replacing the original back cover with a classy design that offers a natural feel.
  • Mobile Fun ID 59625
$53.10 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 42 customers

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good design
Feels great in the hand and was shipped very quickly, the cashing is bored slightly on one side but it doesn't affect the buttons at all.
Great cover case!
The wood material is really good!. Makes the phone look great.
It i8s a must have for every Lumia 950 XL owner. You will not regret. It gives a premium feel to the device.
I like the Mozo Tiger Wood The Best!
I have had the Mozo Cognac Leather Case. I now like the Tiger Wood Case the best! Will most likely order one for my wife's Lumia 950...she likes the look too!
Nice upgrade!
The wood mozo cover is a very nice upgrade over the standard back on the 950XL (my MS logo came off!). The wood back provides a premium look and feel to the phone. The buttons take a bit to get used to with the power button is a but mushy but very far from a deal breaker.1
Everything Great
That cover is great. It can fully fit of my Lumia 950 XL and real wood feeling really fantastic!

Also thanks for MobileFun that they help a lot when this cover failed delivery
Good back
As with all Mozo covers, build quality is great.
Functionality is really good - QI/NFC work fine. Cover is good to hold in the hand and doesn't feel slippy.
Wood finish looks pretty good though doesn't quite pull off the 'natural' wood look.
Excellent stuff!
I had already been using a Black Mozo leather cover for 6 months now, wanted a change, so got this one.

Although it cannot match the leather cover in terms of grip comfort (the edges are sharper), it more than makes up for it in looks and the sheer quality of the wood.

The edges are nice and rubberized and the back has a nice Scandinavian feel to it. Also, doesn't feel as bad as the lather one, when hot.

I would (and already have) recommended this for anyone with a Lumia or an iPhone.
Mushy Power Button
The replacement back by Mozo looks great and feels great. Where i am disappointing is the mushy power button. Every other button has a nice feel but the power button just seem flimsy. The top sinks into the case and only the bottom sticks out to press.
This case is excellent
This case is excellent. Works and looks good
Very good back cover.
I love this cover. It made my phone look so much more premium. It feels really good too. If you have a lumia 950 or 950xl. Moto cases are no-brainer.
Good buy!
I have changed the back cover approximately 2 weeks ago. perfect fit. Flawless QI charging. Very good quality. Looks very nice.
a looker
I didn't think it would look so good on my phone. it adds elegance to the phone and feels great to the touch. people keep asking me what type of phone I have. I'm thinking about buying the other two wood finishes
Great Case, some gaps.
I really love this case. It looks great and feels great in the hand. It's not slippery and the rubber sides aid in getting a good hold on the phone. My only gripe (minor) is that there's a small gap between the plastic edge of the phone (less than a millimeter) and the case. Others have expressed concern over the "low profile" of the volume/power buttons, but I found that I got used to this in a matter of about a day. I'd recommend this case to anyone.
Nice stuff
Nice cover, like it. Great to feel wood in hand. Now my Lumia has a beautiful premium look. Power button is a bit shallow but since there is double tap to wake- it's not a big problem.
Great Cover
One of the best back covers for the Lumia 950 XL in the market today. It looks really elegant and feels great in the hand. The only gripe I have is with the buttons. They are too firm and pressing them requires quite a bit of force. Otherwise, this cover is awesome!
Good looks but bad button design
Natural Wood, Good looking

Bad power button. Need to press really hard in order to work. Sometimes with nails.
Natural wood is very rough and cannot easily slide into pockets until it is used for 2 months..
Scandi feel
Gives the phone a cool Scandinavian feel, draws a lot of attention (almost as much as my yellow 1020). Also makes the phone less likely to slip, as the wood is textured (the sides are rubberised). Overall thinner feel than the leather back (also feels lighter). One star off because of imperfections in the wood (which is also very slightly wavy), but I guess that's also the beauty of natural wood).
This back cover makes the phone feel premium.
I definitely would recommend getting a Mozo cover for any Lumia. It is better than the original.
Nice case
It's a nice case that feels great. The only complaint I have are the side buttons. They don't feel as clicky/tactile as the OEM case but other than that I have no complains. It is not slippery and easy to grip.
Great Quality and look. Love it
Love this cover, I was going to get a Leather one for my Lumia 950XL but when I saw the wood ones coming. I, luckily waited.
It's REAL timber. not even highly polished, you see and feel the grain. The black edging adds to the effect (it wouldn't look good with shiny metal) There's a slight lip around the camera hump too, that helps keep that off the flat surfaces that should help prevent scratches.
Cool cover!!
A really cool cover.. It feels like having a real premium and prestige Phone. I recommend it! :)
looks and feels great
I had the leather mozo case before this and really enjoyed it but this wood look is so unique and the rubber bumpers are a huge improvement. Highly recommend this case.
Creaky Case Issue Solved
I have the Microsoft Lumia 950XL. Originally it was white and the case creaked. Then I bought the MOZO Cognac leather case and it's awesome. Not that I didn't like the original but it was creaky. After about three weeks the new leather case started to also Creak! It didn't creak as bad as the original but it was still there in one or two of the corners typically on the bottom of the phone. A little while later I saw that they had introduced the new oak design and I thought it looked classy so I bought it. After about two weeks it also started to creak! Bummer! So I thought about it and realized what do you do when something creaks? Well you lubricated of course with a compatible lubricant!!! Since the contact surfaces were black I used a black Crayola crayon. The problem is absolutely solved with all three of my cases! And personally I think all of them look great! The old white case I use when I'm working outside. The MOZO cases I use when I want to dress up my phone. This is about the "Oak Case". It's gorgeous and doesn't darken with moisture.
Wood style classy upgrade
This replacement cover is really great and adds value to the 950 XL. The actual thin wood sheet on the back is rugged (not soft or varnished) this adds a bit of texture to the phone. The rubbed paint on the side is also nice to the touch.

The only thing that is not right is the power button, it is now very hard to press. Maybe my cover is defective, I don't know. I hope the double tap to wake will come to the 950 XL very fast to compensate.

Otherwise, I'm very happy with this cover. It set my phone really apart from others.

Note: it does add some weight to the phone.
Brilliant Quality, Awesome look!
Fit and finish first class. Stylish cover for your Lumia although a little expensive but the look is worth it!
Beautiful design
Amazing replaceable back cover! Makes my Microsoft Lumia look beautiful! I just wish the power button would protrude out more. Other than that, amazing product.
looks and feels great
I have wanted a Wood back cover since I saw it on a Moto X. I have to say I really live the cover. The only thing to get used to is the power button which is slightly more recesses than on the original cover. But its not bad. I would recommend this to anyone.
Awesome cover!!!
The quality of Mozo products never cease to amaze me. I originally purchased the leather back cover and was really impressed. So I also purchased the Light Oak Wood back cover. It's simply beautiful!
It's a very cool product! It's made of prestige materials and it feels like a premium phone in the band! :)

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