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Mozo Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Wireless Charging Back Cover - Green Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This colourful green wireless charging back cover with NFC is beautifully crafted with a slim look which offers protection for the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL. Replacing the original back cover.
  • Mobile Fun ID 59628
$46.46 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 13 customers

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Smooth Feel & Perfect Fit
I love my Lumia 950XL, but the cases and accessories that are available for it leave a lot to be desired. After a long search for nice looking qi charging backs, I decided on this one and boy am I happy! This cover looks a lot better in person than it does in the photo. The material feels smooth and the cover fits perfectly. In fact, I think it's better in quality than the original back. My qi charger works seamlessly with this and there is never any need for repositioning, or any lag in the charging. The color is bright and fun and sets my phone apart from others, and I love that it's a part of the phone, so it doesn't add any bulk. Of course this also means that it doesn't add any protection, so if you want something in case of drops, you'd better get something else. If you're looking for a high quality addition to your device though, then this one is excellent! In fact, I'm getting one in another color today.
Superior to the OEM cover
The Mozo replacement back for my 950 XL is a wonderful back that warrants an almost perfect score. I'll break this down by category for you.

Build: The edges of the cover are a rubbery grippy type material that make the phone not only easier to hold, but it also allows me to lean my phone against things to use as impromptu tabletop stands without slipping. The back itself is a linen-like quality to it that is textured and feels very premium. Moreso than the OEM cover. It offers just enough tooth to feel more secure in my hands.

Color: The color is vibrant and rich. Just not as rich as the original Lumia colors of old. My 1520 green was a much more vibrant almost neon-like green. But this cover's color is vibrant enough to make me happy.

Buttons: Volume rocker buttons and camera buttons work flawlessly. The power button is a failure though. It is almost flush with the case and requires extra effort to operate. Not horrible, but VERY annoying.

Features: Wireless charging worked perfectly and I can only assume NFC does as well.

Overall you will not find a better cover for your 950XL device.
Great. Not the best
The cover works well as intended and is the best cover you can get for the 950XL line. The only issue is that the power button on the cover now feels less than OEM. Wish they just did a straight injection molded cover with the colors instead.
great product!!!
These mozo cases are great. I have a few of them so far and they really fit great. This green one I've noticed kind of softens the speaker compared to the original as well as their other cases. Also the power button is more recessed than other versions and can take a little while to get used. Otherwise this is a superb product and I really love the color!
Great replacement back
The quality and style of the case is awesome! Wipes clean fairly easy if it gets dirty at all. Really like that it adds some extra flair to the device. Only thing to notice is that the case is slightly darker in color than the site shows.
Excellent case
This case feels really nice on your phone. It's smooth and soft with a gentle textured surface on the back. Built in wireless charging too, it is a lovely piece of work.
Easy to fit, colourful, slightly tactile. Perfect match for the perfect Lumia 950XL
Great Case
Already have the leather Mozo Cases for my 950XL which I love, but these take you back to the Nokia Days of the Lumia 800 etc. - fantastic - but only better as they have a very subtle texture to them to add to the grip and premium feel

Best case yet - for any phone

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