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Mozo Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Wireless Charging Back Cover -Black/Silver Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This elegant black / silver wireless charging back cover with NFC is beautifully crafted in genuine leather with a slim look which offers protection for the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL. Replacing the original back cover with a classy genuine leather design.
  • Mobile Fun ID 55717
$59.73 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 258 customers

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like a child's cheap fake!
Very hard and tight buttons, the power button is almost impossible to press!
The frame "under the metal" looks as cheap, like a child's cheap fake!
The cover creaks around the edges, when pressed.
The cover is thicker than the native cover.

It is possible to get used, of course, but in an expensive lid this is unacceptable ...
On advertising photos everything looks much better, cases are very overpriced by Mozo (((
To pleasant pluses it's possible to carry only leather seems real and smells nice, Qi works.
Beautiful case
A great looking case with a leather back. The way it's designed it still keeps the phone very slim. I would recommend.
Polished and classy look for both work and personal settings.
This case has so many advantages over a traditional case, for the fact it is a replacement back cover (with wireless charging function).

I have read there is a .05gram increase in weight, but have not read about any added thickness . Either way, neither of these issues are noticeable in feel or appearance when using and holding the phone.

The look and feel are unrivaled, with the leather backing and chrome accenting around the sides.

The case was designed to be a perfect back cover replacement to Microsoft specifications. I understand there was an agreement or licensing between the two companies.

When I received my case, there was a bit of creaking in the middle section. I believe the case may have developed a fault during shipping. I used the standard shipping from UK to the US, and the package was not bubble wrapped and may have taken some abuse. In my reviews of the product I have not heard this being a problem. For this reason I would recommend selecting a better shipping method and incurring the additional cost.

4 stars only because my case creaks (not a tight seal/fit))
Love the quality of the case
Case is great looks good. One con on the case is the power button requires me to push a little harder to turn on or off. Will play with it to see if it will loosen up. Overall 4 stars
Not as good as expected
I bought the back cover mostly because the original one is too slippery, and makes it problematic to hold the phone with one hand. This cover is indeed less slippery and fixes the problem. However, it has 2 disadvantages. First, buttons are not as good as on the original cover, especially on/off button. They stick out less, and harder to press. Second - this cover is slightly thicker than the original, and is a bit wider and taller. Every time I take the phone in hands, I feel the rim, and it's a bit annoying.
This is the only Mozo case I've been disappointed in (I've had a few for various phones).
The case itself is very functional. It feels fine in the hand, inbuilt QI/NFC works fine.
It is very bland and the look comes across cheap and nasty though the build quality is good.
It really downplays the look of the phone.
Quality, classy looks
The cover has a perfect fit and finish, and has a quality and classy look and feel to it
Very nice
The quality of the cover is superb. It's elegant. It should be the cover delivered with the phone by MS
Better back cover
This one I like better than the brown leather, it fits better no creaking along the bottom of the phone and the buttons are more pronounced, feels better in the hand also, not as cold as the aluminum on the other
Quality products
My first time ordering from Mobile Fun! Will certainly use this website again! Great choice and good quality products. Service excellent, ordered my product received on time. All products ordered were of superior quality so very pleased.___
High Quality and Classy
I was after a cover with QI charging in it, and this came up. What a quality piece of kit. The polished bezel and leather back with stitching raises the classy level to 42 on my 950XL. Just love this cover.
Fantastic look and feel
The first thing I noticed was the premium look. The gold is a nice touch and the leather feels fantastic. When you open the pack, smell the leather; it's real! :-)
The only thing that the original case did better were the Off, Up & Down buttons. I find with this Mozo case I have to press the buttons harder/deeper for them to work.

Other than that - I'm in love with this case and the feedback I'm getting from people is, "this is how the Lumia 950XL should've come from Microsoft"...and I agree! ;-)
beautiful cover
Awesome back cover, week made and gives my phone an absolutely premium look
Exquisite Craftsmanship
Beautifully crafted. Looks sleek. The rim isn't really metal but it's metal coated, so it still feels and looks metal nevertheless. Fits very tightly—way tighter than the original back cover of Lumia 950 XL, thus significantly harder to take off. Taking it off the phone is strongly ill-advised since doing so without care will likely result in bending of the back cover for the frame isn't metal but metal-coated polycarbonate. It is authentic leather, but quite prone to scratching.
Mozo case RULES!
This is, quite honestly, the best case I've ever owned for any of my Lumia phones. If you have a 950/XL device, you need to get one for it. The leather is good quality, the build quality is excellent, and really gives you a premium device once you get the crappy plastic back off of the phone, and replace it with a Mozo.
Excellent !
Satisfied with the goods delivered within expectation. Highly recommended for safe online shopping.
Feels great!
It fits tightly, but the lock button is bit mushy. Feels good and all no complaints!
Great product...
Mozo cover gave a new look to my mobile... It's durable and beautiful...
Great Product
This a great product at a great price + fast, fast shipment
Well I got impress for the product and I got for a perfect deal. I got really fast and I was delivery charged was perfect.
The only down side about the product for me is just the power button is harder to press than with the original plate.
Replaces the stock back cover exactly, has the look of leather, buttons work perfectly. No cons.
Polycarbonate was not good as expected, but the look is better than the original back cover. The home button on the side needs to be improved as it is so hard to press.
Anyway thanks for giving a new look for my phone
Better than the original back
The Mozo replacement back is better than the original. It fits better, feels great and the buttons are way better to use. Wireless charging works fine.
super premium
One of the great quality... And looks awesome for lumia 950xl..
All Black Mozo Lumia 950XL cover
I received my order in reasonable time from the day I placed it. The item arrived in good condition as well. So far, I haven't had any issues with it though I am yet to try the wireless charging to see if its better or is as good as the cognac leather cover I already own. I still feel it could be sold for less, but hey, if you want your Lumia phone to look prestigious, you cant go wrong with this.
The black leather back moulds nicely around the phone and hives it a good grip. It flows to the side into this rubbery rims that also enhance the grip. I am considering buying another cover as well, maybe one of the wood finished ones.
Awesome upgrade
I have been hiding my Lumia 950XL in a soft case because of its boring stock look. After reading reviews at various locations, including the rave recommendations from Windows Central, I decided to take the plunge and order this leather back. I was amazed at how fast it arrived, taking only a week from England to Atlanta by Royal Mail! I removed my soft case and the stock back from my phone and installed the new Mozo leather back. It is a perfect fit, and feels very nice in my hand. It greatly upgraded the look of the phone, enhancing its appearance to reflect the high-end phone it is. The workmanship is great, and the buttons work well. I like the fact that the power button is a little lower than the surrounding volume buttons. On the stock back I kept hitting a volume button to turn it on (or at least trying to turn it on).
Bottom line: Great look, great feel and great updgrade!
okay with a few problems
Case fits well, looks really good, still get a bit of creaking along the bottom and the power button sits to flush, I still have to look at the phone to make sure I'm pushing the power button.
excellent cover
I love that the item fives my phone a premium feel. Even better I was able to get it at 40% off the normal price which adds the icing on the cake. I recommend this cover to any of my windows mobile peers out there
Amazing product
The awesome battery cover for the Lumia 950XL is great. Leather looks amazing and fix perfectly onto my phone. I would recommend it to anyone with the same phone.
quality high class cover
This is one of the nicest covers i have ever had for a phone. It is high quality and very business looking. A very nice leather with great stitching. The aluminum siding is much better that the plastic that comes with the phone.

As am added bonus the cover also has wireless charging that make it great when I'm on the go.

While this is not a feature for everyone it doesn't hurt that It's San Francisco Giants Orange either. *wink *wink
Good Quality
The quality of the Mozo black leather case back was really good. The only issue with it is the power button is hard to press because it is indented compared to the volume and camera buttons.
This will be my second purchase of a Mozo leather case. The luxury speaks for itself, it literally brought my phone to life. People cannot stop gazing at it. Ty for your dedication to windows phones...
Nice, almost perfect
I love the leather back of the replacement cover and how it improves the grip on the phone. (The original case was slippery.) However, the power/wake screen button requires much more effort to push now to wake the screen versus the original back cover. I'm keeping it on the phone for now, but find it annoying each time I have to press hard to wake the screen.
beautiful case that transformed the appearance of the phone to one of a high end premium phone.
The item came faster than expected. It had a couple of minor cosmetic blemishes (a couple stitches were a bit loser than the others, some marks on the leather) and the leather was a uniform color. It was not the same as the ones I have seen in some early reviews that had a more marbled appearance to the leather but it was not worth the hassle of returning it.

The side trim is a bit more "chrome" than I expected. The cover installation was flawless and the recessed power button was much appreciated as my fingers would always accidentally press it when trying to adjust the volume on the phone.

Overall I am satisfied with the product despite some of the minor blemishes that were overlooked during quality control as the case itself is still a very large improvement over the stock back cover. The leather absorbs finger grease and the daily wear and tear add a very nice patina to the leather that gives it a very personal and unique appearance that is completely reflective of the individual and their usage.
Great Replacement Back For The 950 XL
Love the new back. I had the same back with the silver metal edge treatment but it wore at the corners and began to look bad. We'll see how the black edges wear. I love the upgrade it gives to the phone and the fact it has Qi charging and NFC built in.
Love the case
I love the look and feel of the real leather, and the sticking gives the case a real premium look, and feel.

The Case fits better than the one from the factory, but it is a bit thicker.
Fits perfectly
Its fits perfectly. Quality of the product also good. But it's little thick and the color is like maroon color not red as in the picture.
Looks good, feels good
I have several other Mozo backplates for my Lumia 950 XL (black leather, blue PU, black walnut wood) and I'm happy with all of them. The brown leather gives a premium but casual look to the phone, where the black leather is a bit more sophisticated. My only concern is how it may wear over time. I have sweaty hands and the brown leather actually absorbs the sweat at the edges and this has led to a bit of discolouration. There's also a bit of discolouration where my fingertips rest most of the time. None of that is evident on the black leather. Given the style though, the discolouration doesn't especially detract from the look as the leather has some visual texture anyway. If you're concerned, go for the black but I'm quite happy with the brown too. The silver rim has worn well and the NFC and Qi functionality have worked flawlessly so far.
Great product
Great product. Fits super on my LUMIA 950 XL/DS and the delivary was superb, 24 hours to my location in Greece!
Bravo my friends..!
Fits Perfect
The black-rimmed Mozo cover fits my 950XL perfectly, charges wirelessly as I had hoped and looks really good with the leather backing. Very pleased with my purchase and would purchase from MobileFun again.
As promoted
Cover arrived on time and is of a quality that is high.
The white leather back for my Lumia 950 XL is gorgeous
The white leather back for my Lumia 950 XL is gorgeous. I was a bit worried about wear, but it's been about three weeks in and it's been good so far. I might want to invest in leather cleaner later down the line, though.

Overall impression: the back feels good in my hands, and everything fits together perfectly! Shipping was also extremely fast - less than a week, and I live in the U.S.
Great Case!!!
Perfect Back Cover!!!
Great materials and looks great.
Excellent quality
Fully satisfied the both covers, but too pricey.
great product and value.
Great upgrade!!!
My new back cover to my faster than a laser phone 950XL form microsoft is a great way to make my phone's cheap stock back look like it's ready for Las Vegas!!! It's solid, with a Old World leather back to give it that sophisticated I'm better than you Mojo appearance!! MobileFun is always a Fun Time!
Fabulous, changes the whole feel of the phone
The Lumia 950 and 950 XL don't have the best physical feel in the hand, but these Mozo cases are so superb, feel so great and make your phone look really unique, they're almost mandatory! Qi-charging and NFC work well, but they are so well made, it would be silly not to get one to make your Lumia even more classy. The silver band really sets it off, and the luscious black leather just gives it a wonderful business look, like the old BlackBerry phones from a few years ago. I highly recommend these fantastic back covers without reservation.
Mozo case for lumia 950xl makes my 950xl feel like the flagship phone it should be
Mozo case for lumia 950xl makes my 950xl feel like the flagship phone it should be, with the leather back which makes it nice to hold & the silver metal bumper surround this is one premium case .
Leather Phone Back
The Mozo Leather Back Cover is majestic and catches the eyes of those that see my phone. I also contains the NFC and QI Wireless charging integrated into the back cover.
Highly recommend this back to make your phone a custom phone.
quality product
It finally arrived after many week. The Mozo back-cover looked great, fit well and seems to be well constructued.
Feels luxurious to hold and love how it fits on the device. Doesn't add much weight and wireless charging is a breeze.
Nice case
Great materials and looks great. There was a defect with mine where the leather wasn't cut right for the corners and overlaps the metal. Mazo however offered to replace it with a couple of emails. Great customer service. it took a while to receive the cover but that's probably attributed to the fact they ship from abroad.
Great case, fast shipping
Good product. Fast shipping, great price.

So glad I found this for my Lumia 950XL

Quality Cover
Highly recommend the Mozo cases. Dramatically transforms the Lumia 950XL to another league. Differentiates the phone from other "Me too" metal bodied phones.
Leather and Grip
The case is what you would expect: it's essentially a stock case but wrapped in leather.

One thing to note, is on this model, the side are a grippy rubber material (I originally thought it was black metallic). The rubber sides make for better grip, but I'd prefer metal for aesthetics.
Awesome Back Cover!
At first I was a little skeptical of the leather back covers, especially with the metal looking sides, but when I saw this one with the black sides I decided to go for it. This thing feels great and way more sturdy than the OEM backs. I definitely recommend it!
Premium fit, finish, & finesse by Mozo!
I was second time lucky. I got my back cover replaced after i found a small damage. This time Im satisfied. Tight fit! No creaks! No gaps! Premium fit and finish!
Not bad, "good", actually
I'd give it ~3.5+ if I could... Solid...

Not as premium as I hoped it'd be for the price (in AUD inc. shipping), but leather seems real & smells nice, Qi works, haven't tested NFC, I'm happy.

Definitely room for improvement though, lets see what Mozo does for the "Surface phone"!
The design of the back is great. Gives the phone a luxurious feel. The custom back however is slightly bigger than the original and will be a tight fit in a protective case. So be warned.
The Mozo replacement back for the Lumia 950XL is spectacular
If you are the owner of a lumia 950 or 950XL there is no better accessory than the Mozo Accessories Replacement Back Covers. I purchased the brown leather for my Lumia 950 and the white leather for my wife's 950XL. First thing you notice is the quality of the product, it is flawless, it installs on the phone perfectly. Once you put it on the phone it takes it to a new level of elegance. The best part is that it replaces the OEM back cover so it doesn't add any extra bulk. This replacement back replaces the slippery factory back with leather and retains the wireless charging. This replacement back should come with the phone and I will say again, It is the first thing you should buy for your LUMIA 950 or 950XL.
Fantastic product
Makes the Lumia 950XL look and feel even more high end. Beautifully designed and made, the real leather smells great too. Seems to fit better than the original cover, plus includes wireless charging and NFC! Highly recommended.
form, function, style, perfect
Excellent back cover, love the gold band around the red leather. Wireless charging works. Best one I've ever bought
Excellent quality and fits perfectly.
This Mozo replacement back cover for the Lumia 950 XL is awesome! Fits as good - if not better - than the original cover. Buttons work great. Adds another level of quality to this great phone. I love this new cover! Even though my case took a while to get here, Mobilefun were very good at keeping me informed of the status of my order.
Good quality, good fit, replacement phone back
Good quality phone back for Lumia 950xl, item arrived in good condition and fits perfectly. Delivery was delayed by a couple of weeks due to manufacturer production which was disappointing, but I was kept informed of delays and the anticipated delivery date. Overall, I am happy with the service received.
product is good
Its looks ok not impressive as looks in pictures.its good for optional back panel.i recommend for black with silver rim.
Absolutely gorgeous
REALLY nice. Absolutely improves the look of the phone. The stock cover is fine, but the metallic trim and leather on the Mozo cases is next level. I strongly recommend grabbing a screen protector though, since this will only protect the back and sides of the phone. Or, if you want to be super protective, there is the flip cover, but it doesn't look as nice IMO.

This case becomes a part of the phone, and makes it look like the expensive piece of technology that it is. Defs recommended.
Outstanding Quality!
The Mozo red Leather with gold trim replacement back for the Lumia 950XL is simply awesome! Not only did it add a level of visual elegance to the phone, I feel that it actually fits better than the stock case that came with the phone.

I thought that the red might be a little much, however it looks great! I have received many compliments on the phone now that it has the Mozo cover.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone that wants great looking sophisticated accessory.
Very Happy, Good service
Item better than expected. The speaker grid could be improved.
Best back I found yet.
Gives my phone a totally new, beautiful look!
Great...exactly what I was searching for the last month. Thanks.
The Finishing Touch
Just simply replacing the original cover has transformed the device to a super premium handset. As this case doesn't add to the phones dimensions, it highlights just how much tech is within such a sleek device.
Simply put it's the case the phone deserves, watching other typical phone users wrap the S6 or 6S in silicon protectors highlights the pointless build quality levels of a device that will always be covered up. The mozo case leaves the phone protected, aesthetically pleasing and looking good.
Very happy with the product fit really nice the luck exceptional
Buttons Sloppy
The back cover is a great concept and I love it rather than putting a bulking proactive cover over the whole phone. The only problem I have is that the main button in the middle of the volume control buttons doesn't stick out as far as the volume buttons and when pushed, doesn't always activate. It is "squishy" feeling. I believe it is a defect. I will verify when my brother gets back to town as he purchased the same one so we can compare.
The black on black looks amazing. Really this should have come standard with the phone. It's the same size as the existing cover. Fits perfectly with a small 1/4mm gap all the way round, just enough that a protective gel case wont properly fit. This does not look cheap at all and i give it 5 out of 5. So much so have ordered the white leather one too.
Love it
It's very impressive. I love it all my friends are jealouse that I have it and they don't. Would def purchase another one. Very fast shipping and great service. Will def purchase other items in the future from mobilefun.com
Love this case
The case is holding up very nice. I just love the way it feels in my hand. the power button is a bit croked, but I can live with that.
Perect Fit
It fix snugly with my phone giving it a more expensive look and feel
Awesome fit and finish
It took a little while to receive my cover, but it was WELL worth the wait! This looks nothing like a cover but looks like the original manufacturer had a little taste and a lot of quality control. I couldn't be more satisfied with the looks of my now NEW phone. I get compliments on the phone all the time.
A case that fits the phone and has leather and shinny sides
It's a case for the 950XL that is made with a nice leather back, fits perfectly still allows NFC and Wireless charging to work and feels lovely. Great service from Mobilefun and delivered as promised.
Perfect Fit
Great case, made by a great company. Specifically built for the 950xl, this case fits perfectly. Includes QI Charging & NFC. Great Quality and looks amazing. 100% better than the factory back cover and Makes the phone feel like a flagship device.
Great product! It adds so much to the look of the phone.
I recently purchased a Microsoft 950 xl and read about the Mozo leather back cover. All I have to say is wow its build quality is great. It fit's perfectly and adds to the looks of the phone. Also you keep your wireless charging. I definitely recommend this!
Great phone case
The product is beautiful. The customer service and product status was great.
Very nice Mozo!
The mozo cover is the one that Microsoft should have released the Lumia 950 XL with (bundled). It is awesome, looks very premium, feels nice and overall a great buy.
Turns the Phone into a True Flagship
The Lumia 950's have been knocked because of their "plasticy" cheap look & feel. My Lumia 920's polycarbonate enclosure felt more substantial (some thought it too heavy, but not me).

My Lumia 950XL is thinner & lighter than my 920, but with the Mozo Lumia 950XL wireless charging cognac back cover, everything is changed -- the 950XL suddenly feels & looks luxurious with no loss of function from the original back.

It's a terrific add-on to the Lumia 950 line.
A Must Buy
As much as I love the Lumia 950 XL, the back of the phone and trim are just very uninspired, which is why this back cover is so indispensable. This makes my premium phone look the part, I have received several complements on the looks of the phone with this cover on it. The back cover also improves how good of a grip this phone has which helps me to be comfortable without having a case on the phone.
Nice, excellent Quality
This is a nice replacement back for the 950XL. I was having difficulties with the charging port, but after fitting this my problems seem to have disappeared. Much better, and much classier than the stock Microsoft back, worth every cent.
The best cover available including OEM
The design and quality of the materials is very good, its a little expensive but the quality is good.
High class product
This has completed the look of the phone, most friends cant comprehend that its a replacement back not a case.
Cant fault it.
This Mozo custom back cover is perfect. Fit, look and function is as if the phone came that way out of the box. Classic leather makes for a beautiful product. Charging is flawless. I recommend this product.
I bought the Mozo Black leather repl. back cover due to the rave reviews, and because they are licensed through MS. I love the looks, the feel. The feels sturdier in my hand, and the fitment is basically surgical. My only complaint is that with normal use, I've noticed a corner beginning to peel slightly. I plan to glue it with a toothpick. It's leather, so some wear is expected. I'm happy with my purchase, and with Mobile Fun. Thank you.
premium feel, as it should be from the start!
Great feel in the hands, side buttons are better than original, with this case, my Lumia feels just like it shuld've felt from the start. Premium and special. Only wish, that there was Windows logo at the back. Strongly recommend!
Better than OEM back cover
This is the best cover for the 950 or the 950 XL, I personally bought it for my 950 XL and it fits perfectly. It's side buttons are more tactile and feel more expensive than the OEM. The leather back looks awesome and feels soft to the hand, makes my device feel like a $650 device and look like it too! I bought the brown leather one as well, but this red one is better IMO.
real flagship
What Microsoft should have done...
Great feel of the leather, classy metal-look rim...
Wireless charging still works well.
Adds good personalization to the phone.
The case looks and feels really good. The thing I like the most is that the case provides additional weight to the overall device. I personally like this, as the device is really light. I haven't tried NFC yet and Wireless charging appears to work, although I think I have an issue with my charging base. I'm still debugging this issue.
Gorgeous Back Cover
This Mozo red back cover and gold trim is something every 950XL user should own. It adds a completely new and awe-inspiring dimension to this phone, bringing it a pop of color and a entirely new level of sophistication. The item itself is very high quality. The red leather like material on the back of the cover is very soft to the touch, easy to grip, and appealing to the eye. The gold trim along the side perimeter of the phone has a metal like appearance which gives the 950XL a high caliber look. This Mozo back cover will give your 950XL a very distinctive look that will make you stand out from all of the other phone owners out there. I have received many compliments while using this Mozo case on my 950XL, it is definitely an attention grabber. I would highly recommend this back cover to anyone who is looking up to jazz up their phone with something that is visually stunning, superb quality, and extremely appealing. You will not regret this purchase!
Great Quality.
Premium back cover
The Mozo back cover for the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL is perfect. It fits good and gives a premium look to the device. It's easy to install. It also support Wireless charging and NFC like the original one. I am very satisfied.
Brillisnt but not perfect
The fit quality of the buttons is fantastic. The leather doesn't feel cheap like other phones or cased. The wireless charge works a dream.
The one thing that lets it does is the metallic finish around the edge is to thinly coated. I managed to scuff it on a wooden floor after 10 minutes and it is scuffing around the wired charger port too.
Fantastic price, superb accessory
The new Mozo back cover for my Lumia has really classed the device up. Previously you couldn't really tell it apart from a Lumia 640 XL (no disrespect to proud owners of what I'm sure is an excellent device) and now with this gorgeous pure leather back cover, the phone now looks like the premium device it should have been all along.

Best of all is the price! Which somehow was less than what Mozo themselves where charging. Hey, I'm not complaining, my phone's styling now!
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