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Mozo Microsoft Lumia 950 Wireless Charging Back Cover - Light Oak Reviews

This elegant back cover with wireless charging and NFC is beautifully crafted out of genuine wood with a slim look which offers protection for the Microsoft Lumia 950. Replacing the original back cover with a classy design with a natural feel.
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 4.7 stars from 31 customers

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Smart and stylish
Smart and stylish , fits oerfectly.
Looks nice and functions well but the wood is not as smooth as I expected and I thought there would be a protective coating over it. Unless you get a cover to protect the wood surface I don’t expect it to last more than 6 month.
Attention getter
My wife never likes anything new or different. However, with this phone case she has gotten so many compliments she is very happy with her new case.
Top Quality
The Mozo is by far the best quality case I've ever seen. It fits perfectly and looks great, can confirm the wireless charging works perfectly. Only issue is the case back is thicker than the stock plastic one and my magnetic phone holder is slightly less effective. Overall happy with it.
A great company to deal with. The product works great.
Great product
Normally I purchase a leather case for my phones yet as a friend had a similar Mozzo product on his 950 XL I took the punt and purchased this one for my 950. I must say it is the most attractive case I have ever purchased.

The case covers the sides and back well and fits very well. The wooden back feels good in my hands and has been a talking piece with those who have seen it.

The cover is a tight fit in that it feels barely there so a little more care is obviously needed when handling and ensuring not to drop. In the pocket it is slim as the phone so again barely there.

None of the phone externals like the power socket and headphone jack or camera/flash is covered and the design makes them look good too.

Overall, if you want a barely there cover Mozzo covers are a good choice, well made and look great.
Best case for the Lumia 950 period.
These wooden cases from Mozo are the absolute best option I have seen for the Lumia 950. The quality of the cover was even better than I expected, the finish was nice and smooth and the rubber sides make holding on to the phone that much better. That and the fact that the cover is just about as slim as the original, without sacrificing NFC or wireless charging make this a no brainer. Mobile fun was quick to ship out my order and it was at my door in under a week(shipping from UK to Texas). All in all a great case and a great experience shopping on Mobile fun.
Good build quality, great fit
After taking its time to arrive, I was able to install the Mozo wood back cover onto my Lumia 950. Immediately evident was the snug fit that it held around the phone. The contoured wood of the back sloped into the protruding poly-carbonate edges that also protected the camera (a small raise around the camera allows for this).

What wasn't as immediately evident, however, was a small chip that had fallen off the middle of the black walnut finish. Over time, it looks like it may get worse with regular wear and tear, so I'll have to use it with caution.

That is one unfortunate downside of an otherwise brilliant (and somewhat pricey) product.
Beautiful except the mozo logo and letters are too pronounced.
Excellent cover, the wood is absolutely beautiful. The black mozo logo and letters though really detract from the look. The logo and letters should only be imprints into the wood to be far more subtle. Now I am researching ways to remove the black lettering without ruining the wood.
looks great
Case give the phone a very luxurious feel in comparison to the standard.
Amazing cover
Very nice cover :-) my 950 is very smooth now and good looking..
It's fit perfectly and have a good grip, so just buy it:-)
Very personal
Very personal cell phone shell,
I really like it,
The company is very service credit,
The first mailing missing, then reissued once,
Although the time to wait a little longer, but eventually very satisfied
Great but..
The wooden back is certainly unique and eye catching (I have more people asking about this cover than the leather!), but the grippy matte frame makes it hard to slide in and out of pockets.
Simply beautiful!
This makes my Lumia 950 look as good as it should.
This replacement back for the Lumia 950 looks amazing. I love the black edges, the buttons work great and the wood is beautiful - perfectly cut and beveled with a nice curve around the edges. The wood has a nice "woody" texture and feel. Its not slick or finished smooth. Wireless charging and NFC are also there, so no loss of features. I had the Mozo brown leather back, but I prefer the new wood back now.
great quality product
Wonderful product. It makes the 950 seem like a new phone. It gives a nice texture that helps keep the device in your hand and feels more substantial. I prefer more of a finish on the wood (linseed or mineral oil). It didn't take long to get Scuff marks; but it's there for that purpose.
AWESOME experience!
Have to admit, at first I was a little skeptical seeing as I never heard of this website before, but as always I did my research. I ordered a case for my phone... Real wood came in beautiful and in perfect condition. I only payed for the 2.99 shipping which doesn't have tracking, but they said 10-15 days and it was here at exactly 10! Great company, good products, will be using them again.
No complaints whatsoever
This cover turns the utilitarian Lumia 950 into more of a fashion accessory. It looks just as it does in all the photos. The wood is unfinished and feels a little rough. I wonder if it will slowly discolor unevenly from being held in my grubby hands. I briefly thought about applying a wax or a sealer, but ultimately, I like it as it is. There’s quite a bit of ink spread on the logo at the bottom. Whether or not this is intentional, it makes it seem a little more rustic. The surface seems to be a bit flatter than the original cover. The buttons are almost indistinguishable. All things considered, I love it.

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