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Mozo Microsoft Lumia 950 Wireless Charging Back Cover - Coral Reviews

This elegant back cover with wireless charging and NFC in coral is beautifully crafted to have a slim look which offers protection for the Microsoft Lumia 950. This case replaces the original 950 back cover.
  • Mobile Fun ID 59622

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 4.4 stars from 10 customers

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fantastic colour and fit
This is without any doubt the best fitting case there is. It replaced original battery cover, difference in thickness is really minimal. Buttons are working perfectly as original buttons. Wireless charging works without a problem. Back of the case is not a simple plastic, It's really interesting textured surface, feels great in hand, but... as it always is some but, it seems to be slightly imperfect on the edge around the phone, where flat back joins sides, almost as they not entirely joined. I wouldn't mind if it was smooth and finished. Anyway altogether out looks brilliant. I want to get green colour next
Great Replacement Back
Nice quality and certainly a compliment to the device! Can get dirty from color on your jeans or just laying around, but easily wipes off. The only thing I noticed was that the color is definitely darker green than the pics on the site show. Overall, very nice though!
Great Product For A good Phone
The cover is really great for a Great phone . I like the fact that its does not add any extra weight to the device but includes the NFC .
Sleek Design
The case i got for my 950 is exactly what I was looking for. The colors and the textures are best. It's exactly how a phone like the 950 should be treated.
Great color, slim fit, feels great in the hand
These covers take great advantage of the Lumia 950's replaceable back cover. Quality materials and finishing give these a high-end look and a nice, grippy feel - but they preserve the thin, contoured fit that makes the original factory cover so comfortable in the hand. The use of a second material overlaid onto the back adds subtle visual and textural interest to the bold monochrome style. Buttons all work great and offer a good tactile response, and the wireless charging works flawlessly. Only a couple of quibbles - the silver Mozo label on the case could stand to be a little more understated, and the finishing on the edges around the overlaid back panel looks a little wonky on close inspection. The white edge of the material shows slightly and there's adhesive peeking out in places (FWIW, for my two cases in particular, this is more apparent on the blue one than on the coral). But don't let that stop you - these are the best of the Mozo cases IMO (I'd give 'em 4.5 stars if I could). It's probably only a matter of time before I break down and get the green one to complete the set!
A little pricey, but still worth it. Green plastic is actually 2 tone and textured on the back. Looks great. Way better quality than the cheapo back that came with this phone. I was on the fence due to the price, but have no regrets

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