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Mozo Microsoft Lumia 950 Wireless Charging Back Cover - Black / Silver Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This elegant black with silver rim wireless charging back cover with NFC is beautifully crafted in genuine leather with a slim look which offers protection for the Microsoft Lumia 950. Replacing the original back cover with a classy genuine leather design
  • Mobile Fun ID 55709
$52.24 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 287 customers

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Good service from Mobile Fun, and the Mozo Cover a perfect fit.
The Mozo Cover was delivered on the date promised, and fits the Lumia 950 like a glove. This is not a phone case, but a replacement for the back cover. The phone is no heavier, but feels like a new and more luxurious phone and the wireless charging works slightly quicker than the standard back cover. A useful upgrade for this phone.
Good one
It's the second purchase for Mozo cover. I love las
t one in red and this even more. Good design & good qualit. Highly recommended.
Good Case
Definitely a step up from the original cover of the 950
As previously written the silver look edge is plastic made to look metallic, if you need to take the cover off, it will get tiny nicks and dents from where you are leveraging the cover.
Wireless charging works seamlessly
This back cover fits into the Ghost-tek full cover as sold on this site.
The Ghost-tek cover still lets wireless charging work as well.
Great back cover for the 950 well worth the price
The look and the feel is amazing
Was looking for a replacement back plate for my Lumia 950 and purchased the Mozo Microsoft Lumia 950 Wireless Charging Back Cover - Black / Silver. My original one was a white plastic back cover, and was amazed at the difference in the quality and the premium look of the Mozo one. The look and the feel is amazing, given that it has the leather covering on the back which ensures an anti slip functionality. Haven't tried the wireless charging or NFC functionality yet, and hence can't comment.
Beautifull, love it very stylish and stands out from the crowd. I get lots of comments on it!
Beautifull, love it very stylish and stands out from the crowd. I get lots of comments on it!
Good quality, the phone began to look a lot more prestigeous!
Worst cover
Worst cover. Not worth. the colour from rims is coming out. Waste of money
MobileFun Reply
Hi Vinay

Sounds like you may have a faulty case. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
Nice enough case BUT-If you have a snug fitting car cradle,it's very unlikely your phone will fit with this case fitted.I had to virtually re-build my car cradle to make it fit.
What a flagship phone is meant to look like
Amazing how it only takes a little modification like a new back cover to change people's impressions of a phone. With the look & feel of fine leather craft & stainless steel it catches everybody's eye. I get compliments everywhere I go. Everyone wants my phone now. Even the kids! Charges just as well as the old dull composite cover. It fits like a glove with no added bulk. 3 weeks working out in the heavy rains and it still looks great. If you are one of the WinPhone faithful you must get this cover.
This item works great. The price was very reasonable. I will be using mobilefun again in the future.
Classy looks
Another excellent Mozo back for my Lumia 950. I can't decide whether I prefer the fold-over case or the simple back so now have both in a variety of colours to suit my mood!
Mozo Red & Gold - Oh No, Red & Gold?
Fits and works perfectly. It is an exact fit back cover replacement. The on/off, camera, and volume buttons work perfectly and the case takes up the exact same space as the original back cover. Olixar gel cases fit over the Mozo back just as they fit over the original cover. My only complaint - I really do not like the gold sides. I REALLY wanted an all red leather case. Unfortunately, they only made the all leather case in black. :(
Really well made, fits and works perfectly, the buttons and metallic look on the edge are excellent, the feel in the hand is top notch.
Better holding
This case is super nice quality leather. They leatherosclerosis case actually helps you grip the phone better. Works perfectly with the wireless charger and super fast shipping, happy I got it.
very pleased with looks.
The cover was very easy to install and it looked really great on the device.
Best in class
Classic and best
Love it
Elegant cover. Cheap price with excellent quality. Exceed my expectations.
upgrade to classy
this back cover is super classy, I recommend it to anyone with a lumia 950 (XL). the only thing I don't like is that the side is not actual metal but polycarbonate. I could do with a little extra weight and sturdiness :)
Great Product
Finally gives the phone the feel of the premium level phone it is. Buttons are better to the touch; back looks and feels top quality. I suspect that Microsoft would have preferred to skimp on the cover and not the hardware internally. This, of course, allows us happy owners to personalise the phone at our own will. Great product!
Awesome experience
First time purchase on Mobilefun. Good price, quality & service. Althouth the delivery was a little bit slow but acceptable. Definitely will come back again.
Right on!
I have to say that Mozo Microsoft Lumia 950 Wireless Charging Back Cover - White I purchased truly changes (improve) the look of my phone. Good quality product! The only thing is the white color. Gets dirty pretty quick. But it's me, not the product. I'm getting a black color this cover. It really makes you phone look more prestige.
A Fantastic Replacement Back , Great Quality.
So much to love about it, The first thing I love about it is the real leather, Everything is just perfectly made to replace the original back, It's %100 better,A lot more beautiful with a touch of Elegance and Class, All button line up exactly, An eye opener a must have, I am very happy with this product, Yes I will recommend it to anyone, You will be happy as well too . . .
Leather Lumia
The look and feel of my lumia is much better now. Almost perfect, if not for one flaw: those tiny holes in leather for the speaker and microphones look really messy.
3 thumbs up
4 stars because given that mozo is an exclusive case maker for the lumia 950, my red/gold still has gaps around the camera bezel in the back.

after getting used to tracking anything i order online, you'll get paranoid after the 3rd day, lol, yes because i chose the no tracking option :D ...all is good, it just felt forever for the item to arrive.
Transformative & Substantial Upgrade
Let's face it, the bland plastic backing to the Microsoft Lumia 950 is just sad - a great phone wrapped in crap. What it really needs is visual appeal beyond its User Interface - cause when your phone is off, it can look like every other phone.

Mozo to the rescue!
I chose Mozo's tan leather case with metal trim. Now my phone looks gorgeous! Also, it feels more substantial - not heavier - it just gives off the tactile sensation of premium quality when holding the phone. Lastly, NFC and wireless charging are not effected by the replacement case.

In summary, having spent some money on a flagship phone, shouldn't it look the part as well? Go Mozo!
Almost Perfect
This back cover is fantastic. High quality, feels great in the hand and looks awesome! Wireless charging and NFC work like a jiffy, as they should. Price is a bit steep, but it's worth it.

Only complaint is that the camera button feels a little mushy, unlike the other buttons which have a great tactile feel to them.

The ring around the camera isn't quite perfect, but it's hardly noticeable on my unit.

Great product! Would definitely recommend!
Premium Cover
I love the Mozo cover because if feels like you are really holding an expensive phone, The color details are excellent and makes your 950 stand out.
They are of a high quality.
Beautiful product
The Mozo cover is beautiful and much more premium than the stock cover. It's more grippy, making the phone even more comfortable in the hand.
Excellent Products & Fast Service
Initially I was bit worried to spend the money for a mobile back case for my new Lumia 950. But I am very happy and i feel i took good decision by purchasing the same from MobileFun. Excellent customer service on time prompt shipping, secure payment and quality product...!!! This accessory changed my phones look , could be expensive but worth buying..
Thanks Mobile Fun...keep up the Good Job...!!!!
I would recommend anyone to buy this accessory for their phone
I brought the red leather and sides gold in colour for the 950.it makes it look very much better.it makes it my phone and the product is a high quality product.i would recommend anyone to buy this accessory for their phone
This cover is excellent
This cover is excellent, looks good and works great, wireless charging brilliant
Elegant- Gives the Lumia 950 a Better Finish
The Mozo leather back cover is an excellent replacement to the Lumia 950 cover. Wireless charging is a bonus. The leather finish speaks of quality, an excellent fit, and affords a better grip to the phone.
Exellent quality cover
Excellent quality cover. It feels like it's party or the phone and not an additional cover which makes it look even better. Excellent delivery time.
Great case, cheap leather
The cover replaces the lumia 950's plastic cover and gives it a very elegant look. Leather feels cheap, cover is made of plastic on the sides, not metal.

Good buy yet a bit overpriced.
Wonderful option
I have loved almost everything about my Windows 950 but one of the things I was not a big fan of was the plastic back piece. It was not horrible, I just wanted something nicer. Then along came this replacement back cover from Mozo. Genuine leather with a magnificent feel and it has transformed the way the phone feels in my hand. Not slippery at all, the pebbled surface feels and looks great. The fit is perfect, and I do mean perfect. The fact that it keeps the QI charge functionality is wonderful. I was impressed that it did not muffle the speaker. If you are anything other than a cheap, skinflint Dutchman (a poke at my good Dutch friend Gary), stop dithering and by one immediately. If you do, your social standing will immediately improve, your teeth will be whiter, your breath fresher and your food will all taste better. What more could you ask for? Buy.
Best cover for 950
I bought it expecting a premium feeling and this is what I got. All my expectations were fulfilled. The build quality is really good. The only difference from the original one are the buttons, that feel different to click. Leather is really genunie, including the smell, wich is something to not concern about. Overall, it's an amazing cover.
The shipping and site were both great.
MobileFun and Mozo, approved.
Great product
Overall the case feels good in the hand with much needed grip!
A must buy.
Bought the leather cognac Mozo case for my lumia 950 and it completely transformed the phone. I believed that the stock back for the phone was fine before I bought this case. But I wish I would have bought it sooner. I used to be almost embarrassed that I owned a windows phone before, but now I can't wait to show it off.
This case is awesome, makes the phone look and feel much more premium - the way it should be. A must-have accessory for any Lumia 950 owner. It's normal price is a little expensive, though I managed to pick it up on sale.
Все супер
Back Cover просто шикарен!!!
Big improvement on 'stock' but...
This isn't a case but more a replacement back cover. Fits perfectly and makes a big difference to the look of the Lumia 950. I must admit the leather back doesn't look just quite as nice in the flash as the product images I'd seen. The leather back is real leather but a bit shiny compared to examples and doesn't feel 'padded'. Being a replacement back cover only it doesn't seem to actually provide any protection if the handset was dropped. QI charging works perfectly and it also attaches to a magnet holder in my car without having to try and get the metal magnet back inside the cover (prob wouldn't fit anyway and would certainly stop the Qi charging working). If it had a slightly more opulent feel to the leather and more protection it would get 5 stars.
Big improvement on 'stock' but...
This isn't a case but more a replacement back cover. Fits perfectly and makes a big difference to the look of the Lumia 950. I must admit the leather back doesn;t look just
Premium product
I am digging my replacement back plate. I never liked covers, why get a sleek phone only to bulk it up with a case? This cover provides enough protection and looks fantastic. Leather back and metal like edging looks great. The feels great in hand.
This replacement shell really punches up the look and feel of the device. It takes it for boring, generic plastic phone to classy, high end looking and feeling smartphone.

It also retains all the qi/powermat wireless charging funtuonality.

Top notch!
Must Buy
If you own a Lumia 950, this replacement back is a must buy. The fit is excellent! Makes the phone look and feel much more premium!
Beautifully crafted
Microsoft should be ashamed for not making this phone attractive Mozo did a great job making it happen
Awesome Quality
I thought this was a little overpriced originally so I held off for a sale and picked it up then. After receiving it though I can see why the higher price than most replacement covers. The quality is amazing and would have made the phone way more appealing had it come with the phone as an option originally. The QI charging works just a perfect as my original cover. The leather is high quality and has a great feel. The sides look like a brushed aluminum and the buttons feel better than the original ones. I'm very impressed and will definitely be looking for more from this brand on any future phones I buy.
Great case. Adds a little weight to the phone which I feel it needs. The original poly carbonate hell scratched to easily.and did not have a good feel. This case however feels fantastic. I bought the brown case however I think the black would be better in hind sight. The 950 has a black bezel on the time inner part of.the phone that looks a bit awkward with the brown leather and silver trim. No ragrets!
the perfect lumia 950 back cover replacement
This new replacement replacement rear cover in brown by mozo is what the 950 should have looked like straight from the box as it totally transforms a very good but boring phone into a high class phone, totally delighted!!!
Will not fully protect
If looks are all that matters to you then this case does improve the appearance. Protection is another issue. I placed a HEAVY DUTY screen protector on this phone. Despite the case and screen protector, there is no protection for the edge and corner of the glass. I dropped my phone yesterday )like I have many of my previous cell phones protected by a standard MUCH CHEAPER case, and it stayed protected. My phone dropped from a kitchen table to a floor and viola I got my first cracked screen ever, my first in 20 years of owning a cell phone. Many people are happy with the looks but I must say this is the worst protection for a case.
Lovely quality, much better than i expected. Completely changes the feel. Phone is now the premium device that it should have been from the factory. Leather is awesome, and is actually looking nicer now its a week old.
mozo case
the case is a nice as I thought it would be, but the 5 stars is for the shipping. I ordered the case on sunday and it arrived at my home one Tuesday in new York.
Fast delivery, great product, everything as it should be in serious business.
Excellent product, excellent transaction
The case is awesome, just as described and showed in the pictures. It gives my Lumia 950 a Premium touch that was lacking before.
About mobilefun, I can just say thanks for a fast and proper transaction. The experience has been the best, I will repeat soon.
Poor Protection - Worst
If looks are important to you then this case is for you. It appears as if appearance is the most important thing to Lumia 950 owners. I bought this case and it is impressive looking however it will not fully protect your phone. The edges of the screen are exposed. I dropped my phone yesterday and it is the first cracked screen I've had in 20 years. I've always used a protective case and screen protector which I did have on this phone. MOZO cases will not fully protect your Lumia 950. The money spent on the upgrade is not worth the price.
A Whole New Phone!
I finally broke down and bought the case that I knew I wanted on my Lumia 950 months ago, and why did I wait! It honestly feels (and obviously looks) like I have a whole new phone. I like that it adds a tiny bit of heft to the phone, It feels better protected now, and the heft is easily worth its weight for protection since its far less slippery now. The leather looked great, but looks even better now that it has softened a bit from use. Not sure if I needed to, but I used some shoe polish day one to protect the leather itself (Looks even better!). The buttons on the case are WAY better than the stock Lumia buttons, they fit tighter and don't wobble around. It makes the phone feel like one piece now, which the stock "plastic" back never did, it always felt like a back piece that was meant to be removed. Awesome product, awesome customer service, and awesome shipping. I'm in the US and was initially worried about shipping, but I got it amazingly fast. Grab one, easily worth the money! I hope this was helpful to someone!
Good case
The product has a very expensive look and feel while still being cheap enough to afford. It is sturdy and can withstand plenty of bumps and knicks, but the metal lining will chip. The built in NFC and Qi charging is very useful for around the house.
Personalises your phone to look unique
Gives your Lumia a complete new look.
Integrates to all of the services including Qii wireless charging
Fantastic Quality
I absolutely love the way the Mozo cover looks and feels in my hand. 10/10. Would purchase again.
Looks very premium
I have 950xl and got it for 950 as well. It looks very premium and perfect fitting to the mobile. It leather or leather-like material that does not capture fingerprints. Also has got some lips around the camera so can place down without getting the lens glass scratched.

The metal ring around the phone looks great but its bit slippery. People complaining that it's blocking the reception but I have not experienced on either of phones.

Highly recommended.
Premium case
The original back cover for the Lumia 950 is too flimsy, the Mozo cover is much better for the look. A must have for the phone.
Excellent! Definitely worth the extra money.
Love the look and feel of this back cover. Solves the minor issue with the stock plastic cover which seemed occasionally made creaking sounds when the phone was held or picked up a certain way. Definitely worth the premium price tag.
Perfect Fit
This looks great on my phone, it fits perfectly like it came with the phone originally. Love the metallic look around the side.
Best compliment for Lumia 950
I really excited when I know this mozo lumia 950 cognac for the first time. so thanks to mobilefun UK for shipping this case worldwide, including to my country. the case is vary good, snap fit with the phone (no click click sound like OEM case), and boost my appearance of my 950. the leather is very good and well made. My only complaint is the colour is a little bit different than what I see in the website. maybe the one I received is new production one from mozo? but after all I realy satisfied with the product
My Lumia feels like a completely new phone
This should have been how the Lumia felt like out of the box. it's a shame that it makes the phone slightly thicker, but it's not a huge difference.
I've had it for a few nights now and I've had some issues with the wireless charging. It still "works" but it's not as sensitive to detect the phone.. The phone needs to be placed exactly in the middle for it to pick it up and sometimes it randomly stops wireless charging.
must have accessory
This is honestly a must buy if you own a Lumia 950. The case has a better fit than the stock back with no loose areas. The feel of the rubber edge is fantastic compared to the gross plastic of the stock and the leather is awesome. The leather was tougher than I expected it to be, but that will help with protection and I'm not complaining. The buttons also have a more sturdy feel than the stock and have a good clicking feel. Would recommend to any Lumia owner.
Incredible case.
The Mozo cases are second to none. They are not only attractive, but with their full replacement of the stock back-cover they offer excellent protection of they phone without adding unwanted bulk. They truly look like they are part of the phone rather than a protector of it. The included NFC and Qi charging antenna aren't a requirement if you don't use those features, but they are priceless must-haves if you do and perfect examples of how Mozo goes above and beyond with their cases. Not only would I recommend this case to anyone, I'd suggest it to them as a nearly-required upgrade. I couldn't be happier with the look and function.
Must have!
This is a MUST HAVE accessory for Lumia 950. Had Microsoft released the Lumia 950 with this back cover, I am certain the blogs sphere reviews of the 950 would have been totally different.

This a quality item; fit-finish is OEM! Nice work Mozo!!
Looks Great and Fits Perfectly
I love the case especially the aesthetic of the leather and its red color complementing the gold trim that gives the MICROSOFT LUMIA 950 a much more premium look and feel. Speaking of feel, the leather feels excellent but the gold trim is actually made out of harden plastic and not metal but still descent after all. The case fits perfectly like a glove with no creek whatsoever. The wireless charging and NFC works perfectly as I used both technology. My only advice is to be careful with the case since even though I am extremely careful, I still accidentally dropped the case and the gold trim actually peels easily. But overall still an excellent case especially if you are looking to boost aesthetic look of your LUMIA 950.
This case adds a nice level of elegancy to my Lumia 950
This case adds a nice level of elegancy to my Lumia 950. I am happy with the look and feel. The leather back is very nice. My only request would be to have aluminum sides instead of plastic. The plastic is a hard plastic and cracked on me at the thin section to the left of the volume rocker.
The Mozo cover is the best looking that I have seen for the Lumia 950!
The Mozo Charging Back Cover is Awesome! It makes Your Lumina 950 / 950 XL Look like the Premium Elite Phone that it is! Highest Quality! Perfect Fit!
Look of luxury
The fit and finish of the cover is outstanding. It definitely gives the phone a look of luxury and class, as well as protection. i have the Cognac color and a friend of mine has the same one, but his is a little darker than mine, which is okay, different leathers. He and I are considering buying another color, and I told him if we did, we could just swap our initial cover colors.
More than satisfied
My original order was for the cognac back cover, with an estimated waiting period. The shipment didn't arrive as planned even the second date given. I ascribe this confusion to the supplier, not MobileFun.

When I decided to switch to the black cover, MobileFun staff was right on top of getting the revised order shipped to the US, and it arrived a mere 4 days later.

The cover looks great and it fit perfectly. I've protected it with a clear gel case, and the two go well together.

Highly recommended.
This is Awesome!
My God this is awesome! I got the Mozo Cognac back cover for my Lumia 950 and it looks great, solid, excellent quality.

You got to be aware that the white stitching will get dirty easily but not too bad in my case. Other than that this is great!
Excellent Case
The Mozo replacement for the stock Lumia case fits perfectly and adds a premium look to the phone.

I'm quite pleased with the look.

The delivery was prompt and although the first shipment went awry Customer service quickly sent me a second order at no charge.

I'm very satisfied with the product and the service.
Love the feel
The default back cover for the Lumia 950 is too plasticky, the mozu cover quality is excellent and it feels good to touch too.
quality, great finish
The product met expectations.
Quality leather and finish. The fit is phenomenal just like OEM.

I would definitely get another product like this. Don’t settle with cheap stuff get quality
Perfect fit
Well made. Looks great on my lumia 950.
Perfect back cover for Lumia 950
Perfect back cover for Lumia 950 and really the best...
A must have
This back cover makes the Lumia 950 feel like a totally new phone. Would have been nice if this was how the phone came in the first place but it didn't so it's nice to have this as an option. I got the black case but the red and gold is calling my name. If you have this phone, this upgrade is a must. Only thing I don't like is the price. If that's not an issue then snatch one up.
First-class cover
It is a guaranteed satisfaction after patiently waiting for this cover for 2 months. The customer service are very helpful; replied quickly to my inquiries while providing sincere alternatives. Top notch!

Everything about this cover looks is perfect; the leatherness, prominent white stitches, brown classy color and plastic-like metal that contributes to it's lightweight! a worthwhile investment for people who are willing to personalized their lovely phone. I have been getting nothing but compliments once this classy cover goes unnoticed. A definite eye-catcher and conversational starter!

My first order all the way from the UAE.
Awesome product. Compliments galore. Best one, it looks like you got a new phone
Love the leatherback!
The cognac-colored Mozo leatherback for the L950 is beautiful. It fits perfectly, the wireless charging works like the original back and overall it really improves the look and feel of the phone.

Mobile Fun had trouble receiving stock... The original ship date was postponed multiple times and the wait stretched from a week to nearly two months. My guess is that Mozo wasn't shipping this product as promised; Mozo's own site was also out of stock.

I give Mobile Fun a lot of credit on how they handled the situation. I received regular updates and offers to select another product.
The back cover looks great and makes the phone feel better to hold
Service was great, my item's arrived within the time frame promised. the back cover looks great and makes the phone feel better to hold, and the cover fitted perfectly. I would recommend this cover to anyone who's looking for that extra look, as the original cover looked a little cheap. I am still waiting for the brown cover to arrive, which is the one I really wanted, but it's on back order from MOZO still.
Outstanding, classy, wirelessly-charging case!
The Mozo back cover turns the Lumia 950 into a truly gorgeous device. The cover snaps in place easily, creating a tight, professional fit. It adds a brushed metallic edge around the phone matching the camera bump-out, and the back material is real leather with attractive stitching. In the hand it feels like a luxurious product with great grip, replacing the uninspired plastic back of the original phone. The volume and power buttons work great (and perhaps even better than the default cover). And, of course wireless charging works exactly as expected; the inside mechanics of the back cover are identical to the default back.
High quality
This replacement backplate (including sides and buttons) was a perfect fit, and made the Lumia 950 feel more solid and improved my grip on it. I have yet to buy a wireless charger, but I appreciate the fact that I won;t have to worry about compatibility since it's built-in on this product and it doesn't add any discernible thickness to cause issues. I had originally ordered the tan leather version, but due to a backorder at Mozo I swapped to this red one and am glad I did. It looks and feels great!
A very high quality product, beautifully presented and beautifully made. Perfect fit as a replacement for the standard back. The stippled leather - genuine cowhide - I personally find a little old style and could be stepped up with a broader range of colours and patterns. Other than that it turns the look of the Lumia 950 into the truly unique, high quality device that it is.
Improves the overall quality
I note that Microsoft approves of the cover so why not include it as part of the base product.
An excellent cover
the Lumia 950 is a premium smart phone let down by the quality of the case / back. This product provides the necessary feel and looks to make it a phone to be proud of. I had been holding out for availability of the brown (Cognac) leather back, but in the end I was glad I went for the black leather.

The only down side is the long wait for availability of Mozo products, but in this case the wait was worth it
I recently ordered the Mozo red leather wireless charging back cover for my Lumia 950. I love it! It is slim and doesn't slip out of my hand. I love the feel of the leather and the red is such a rich color. The gold trim of the cover adds to the elegance. I would highly recommend this cover!
Huge improvement over original back cover!
It seems wrong to have to pay to get a decent back for my phone, but it is worth it. The original back cover with the AT&T logo had to go. It does make the phone feel more substantial and classy. The NFC and Qi wireless charging work without issues, too. When I first unpacked it, the cover looked a little shiny. After a week of use, the shine has worn off and it looks very nice. I'm very happy with my purchase and the shipping -- I didn't realize that it ships from the UK. I paid a little extra for the expedited shipping and it still got to me within a week! That's impressive. I would definitely order this again -- I'm eyeing the Cognac one, actually. I would, also, recommend anyone with a Lumia 950 to get one.
Worth the Wait.
They do say that everything comes to those that wait. Yes, myself and lots of others had to wait a long time for these back covers to be sent to Mobile Fun. Yes, the product itself is a truly classy product but I'm afraid I don't think it's worth the money that I paid. I was definitely afraid to tell my wife what I paid for it!
Excellent Quality
This case is so nice it's almost hard to describe without showing it in person. Exceptional quality. This case makes the Lumia look and feel way better than my iPhone in rose gold. The leather also gives the back of the phone some grip and security in your hands as well as a nice leather scent.
amazing build quality but a bit pricy
Arrived on time, switched the old back plate for this one and now it looks and feels like a premium device.
Excellent featues and Service
I ordered the Mozo Microsoft Lumia 950 Wireless Charging Back Cover - Black, and can not be more thrilled with the Finnish workmanship and fit! It replaces the original Microsoft production, plastic cover with ease, and adds both stability and class to the device...
Excellent !
It fitted like a glove!! Not only looks great, it feels great on my hand and reinforced the strength of the the phone with the metal edge. Thank you so much !!!
Excellent quality. Love the leather
This was by far the best case I've bought for any phone, when I purchased my Lumia 950 I was a little disappointed by the way it felt in my hand for a flagship phone, it felt cheap. Well that all changed when I read an article on the new mozo leather cases. So I opted for the red leather with the gold edges, because I'm a flashy kind of guy. I couldn't be more happier. The leather feels great and genuine in your hand, and people are constantly in awe when I pull this bad boy out. Now my Lumia 950 feels like the flagship phone it was meant too be. If I could change one thing, it would be to have the windows logo some where on the case. Other than that I am extremely happy, and mobilefun carries it at the cheapest price and delivery was extremely fast! Thank you MobileFun and thanks Mozo for making this extraordinary case. If you're on the wire about buying it just do it! You will not regret it.
Adds Some Needed Style
The Mozo Black/Silver leather back cover adds some style to the mundane plastic rear cover on the Lumia 950 and looks and performs like a factory cover. It also adds some extra texture from the leather, which I feel gives it a better feel as well. It is worth the extra investment if you want to dress it up to look more like the higher end phone it is.
Wonderful back cover
I wanted something different for my Lumia 950 to dress it up a bit, but keep it classy. The White back cover with its aluminum sides looks great. It really makes my phone look like the expensive and excellent phone it is. I highly recommend Mobile fun for your cell phone needs. Excellent service and products.
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