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Mozo Microsoft Lumia 950 Genuine Leather Flip Cover - Cognac Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This elegant flip wireless charging cover with NFC in Cognac from Mozo is beautifully crafted in genuine leather with a slim look which offers fantastic all round protection for the Microsoft Lumia 950.
  • Mobile Fun ID 55621
$53.10 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 53 customers

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good product but require minor changes
Very good product improves the look and feel of phone... But product needs minor improvements like for charning thru wire flap remains open. Also its difficult to put in holder while using it as gps while driving
excellent case
I love this case the only thing I would change is the opening to flip open to the side instead of down. Other than that the quality is great.
Beautiful and functional
I have had a Lumia 950 for almost a year and have been eyeing these Mozo cases for nearly as long. Main hesitation I had was the price but finally decided to buy one when I saw they were being discontinued. Overall I really like the case and it is pretty much what I had imagined. It replaces the back cover of the phone perfectly and fits even better than the original case. By this I mean that the speaker, camera lens, and flash appear embedded within the leather and sit flush with it. The flap also has very precise cutouts for the earpiece and microphone so that one can make a phone call with it closed. There are 2 little magnets in the top edge of the case and another magnet inside the leather flap. The case closes with a very satisfying click. When the case is open, the front flap can fold all the way back and lie flat against the back of the phone; in this case the magnetic flap does not latch onto the magnet on the top because the 2 don't line up. Overall a beautifully crafted product which completely transforms the phone! Highly recommend.
Really good quality with a premium feel
Really good quality with a premium feel, the silver edge definitely adds to the look of your phone. Fits really well, replacing the back cover of the phone. No problems with wireless charging when fitted. Really happy with this and will definitely look for Mozo accessories in the future. I am very satisfied.
Fits Well
it fits the 950 like a glove, gives full protection, slim fit and fits car holder without taking the flip cover off. All that remains to be seen is how long it lasts. I look after my things so I can not see why it would not last me the life of the Lumia 950.
awesome products
This notebook flip cover for lumia 950 with build in Qi wireless charging n NFC is really excellent product, I love it product, and finally my phone looks more Premium than company plastic cover. It makes my phone luxurious one, great product from Mozo, and excellent service of Mobilefun which sales this product.
Very happy now my phone has a cover
The assistance I received as I didn't realise I had to take the back cover off first...haha
Top Notch
Really good quality with a premium feel, the silver edge definitely adds to the look of your phone. Fits really well, replacing the back cover of the phone. No problems with wireless charging when fitted. Really happy with this and will definitely look for Mozo accessories in the future.
Good flip cover
Fits perfectly, however leather is stained on the corners when i hold phone in the pocket of jeans. Apparently, the back leather is more practical than cognac
Love it!!
I love this cover. I bought 2. The brown for my son and black for me. I love how cover replaces phone back making it very secure and also protects phone face. easy to use to talk and text. Slides in and out of purse and pocket easily while still giving protection
Nice lookin' case
I ordered the case on 08-Apr-2016 and received it on 27-May-2016. A long wait due to everyone wanting them I suspect and the supplier running out. Mobile fun kept me in the loop as to where they were at in receiving the goods which is always good to hear.
So the case is smart, very tidy and looks to be well made. It looks as though one can use the case closed when talking on the phone which is a nice feature, rather than having the flap hanging down or folded back.
I like the way the case looks almost flush with the camera. It give the case a look and feel of thinness.
The magnets that keep the case closed seem strong enough to do their job.
The leather allows for a better grip than the case that the phone comes with. I was sure I'd drop my phone using the "pre-installed?" Lumia case.
Not bad. I think maybe a little too expensive but it does have the Qi charger and NFC built in so that's probably the reason. I'm never going to use these so think about that before you buy.
Good case, very long wait
The delivery date for the case got pushed back three times due to a supply issue from Mozo, but MobileFun shipped it to me using a much faster method than the one I originally selected. The overall time was about two months from purchase to receiving, which I can't hold against MobileFun because of the excellent customer service and the fact that it wasn't their fault.

The case fits perfectly. I like how the black of the phone looks against the faux gold (and that against the red). The red leather feels a bit less cushioned than I expected but the grip is very good and much better than with the default back or my old wallet case.

There is a slot for a card and it really does only fit one card; I put my transit card in there. As a package - phone, card, and of course case - it has a nice weight distribution and it looks really nice too.
The leather is good and the fit is good. However, the edges are disappointing. I have the cover that is the leather back only, and it is better quality. The edges are smooth and classy on the back-only, but on this one with flip cover the edges stick out, like it is unfinished. So nearly great. But now just ok.
well worth the price
This is not a cheap case, and it was backordered for 2 months. That said, it's totally worth the price and wait. It looks and feels like a $100 case, offers a good amount of protection, and all features work like normal. The aluminum rim looks great and improves the feel of the side buttons. The stitching is worthy of Lexus leather seats. Magnetic closure is great.
The only downside is the case needs to be flipped open to charge the phone by the usb-c port. Still, just use wireless charging.
Overall, I'd buy it again with no reservations. Most impressive phone accessory I've ever seen. It's that good.
I like the way it looks and feels and the color is great..
really good
Really happy with the case. It looks great and makes the phone look completely different
Great flip cover
Fits perfectly.

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