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Mozo Microsoft Lumia 650 Leather-Style Thin Flip Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This elegant leather-style flip case in black from Mozo provides a slim look which offers fantastic all round protection for the Microsoft Lumia 650.
  • Mobile Fun ID 57538
$26.54 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 25 customers

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It covers the phone and looks smart perfect
this case is just the thing I needed, it covers the phone and looks smart perfect
Excellent value
The case is made to an excellent standard with pockets for placing peoples name and phone card's into, this looks very professional when you are in their presence and you can keep you're own their so you can recipicate and pass your own card to them without searching you're pockets.
five star product
Fits well and looks stylish. Arrived the day after purchase. All my friends want to buy one! I would highly recommend this cover and the service from mobile fun.
beautiful slim fit,shows phone design
This case fits well and allows you to enjoy the great design of the Microsoft 650. This is not a case to give huge protection to the phone, it offers protection in a slim fit and elegant case.
A non obtrusive or bulky cover for my ms 650, with good screen protection.
Neat and well made
Very satisfied with quality. Fits the handset perfectly and really doesn't add to the thickness of the handset. I wanted a neat cover and understood before i purchased that it didn't give protection to the edges. The handset without the cover would easily slip out of your hand but this cover helps to grip and prevent dropping.
Very good!
Very good!
I'm like it!
Great Case
Great little case. I would prefer it to not have the card slots and fit a little tighter.
I bought a really light, smaller than some, windows phone that was fresh on the market. I then decided...a little late... that I needed protection so that this phone did not have the same demise as my last phone (slipped from my hand too many times and then died). I Googled "Lumia 650 cover" and came up with this product. Though it came from UK is arrived within a week. It replaces that original back cover to the phone and thereby does not add weight or width. Also, by having the leather cover I don't need an additional screen protector.
Bottom line: It is attractive, and totally practical!
excellent features
I am very happy with the fit of the case to the phone and the case looks good

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