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Mozo Microsoft Lumia 550 Back Cover Case - Orange Reviews

This Mozo back cover case in orange protects your Microsoft Lumia 550 while giving your device a bright new look. The case is also 'Designed for Microsoft Lumia', so you can be sure of a perfect fit matching Microsoft's high standards.
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 4.3 stars from 18 customers

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This was the first time of using this site so didn't really know what to expect.
The image, description and process were clear enough so I placed my order and hoped for the best.
Everything was seamless after that point and the case was with me 2days later and my son was extremely happy with it.
Adds colour!
This simply replaces the existing (black or white) back cover of the Microsoft Lumia 550 phone. So it doesn't offer significantly better protection from drops & knocks, but adds a splash of colour. Mozo is officially licensed by Microsoft to produce this case so it fits as perfectly as the original. I bought mine better to differentiate my personal phone (the 550) from my work phone (a Lumia 830) and I'm not disappointed. I really like the bright colour!
Breaks very fast
This cover case is very pretty and gives a nice feel to the phone but it cracked on the second day even without dropping the device... After the first drop it became obvious that the material is very easily breakable.
After two weeks of usage, I can say for sure that this case is worse than the original.

However, thank you for the fast and correct delivery.
good quality item.
Good quality,fast delivery.
Nice feel
The cover has a nice rubberized paint that feels soft to the touch, but unfortunately the edges are rather sharp. The rounded curve on the back is not as pronounced as the original cover that came with the phone which causes the sharper corners on the edges. This reduces the ergonomics for me, as I like to use the phone one handed and I've since replaced the Mozo cover with the original cover. This is unfortunate as I would really like more color for my phone and Microsoft is no longer continuing the Nokia color design language.
Exactly as Pictured
There are no issues with the product, just a bit lengthy on delivery. That is to be expected when Royal International Mail Sort is used. I will continue to buy products from these folks. An accessory pack is next on the list.

All items appear to be top quality and there is a tremendous variety.
Sleek but is it any more effective?
Fits well, but hard to see how it offers any more protection than the cover it replaces. Not dropping it to find out though. Have since purchased a wallet cover anyway, because I like to carry phone with cash and credit cards in one item.
Feels amazing, gives the phone a real premium look and feel. Fits really well. Hopefully the colour and rubber texture lasts. Definitely a must buy for this phone.
Shipping was maybe 4-5 days more than I was comfortable with, but worth the wait.
Official accessories are the best
This case is superb. While not manufactured by Microsoft it is the 'official' case for the Lumia 550 as Mozo in Finland make it on license.

You swap the back of the phone for it, so unlike an iPhone bumper case it does not any bulk or weight

The volume rocker and power button are proud of the surface and give a satisfying click when pressed.

It has a matte finish which is good, as fingerprints and marks do not show easily. There is a very subtle Mozo logo on the back but is barely visible and does detract from the design.

All the cut outs (earphones, usb, flash, lens and speaker) are millimetre perfect.

If you buy one case for the 550, make it this one.

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