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Motorola Moto Surround Bluetooth Headphones - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Listen to your music in the most comfortable and stylish way with the Moto Surround wireless headset. They deliver powerful HD sound as well as 12 hours of playtime and are even sweat/waterproof, making them perfect for sports.
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 4.6 stars from 13 customers

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Excellent choice
Great quality for reasonable money. Seamless connection with all my devices, both Apple and Android platforms.
Great for active people and all day wearing
Very comfortable to wear running, cycling and sitting at your desk.

Amazing all-day battery life. Good sound clarity and volume.

I put mine on at 5am most days, go for a run, commute to work on my bicycle, play music (or audio books) all day, Turn them off for a couple hours when I get home, then pick them up again when I take the dog for a walk. I've not run out of power within the day yet, and I've had them for a year.

Just bought a second set because I broke one of the earbuds after getting it caught in my jacket.
Great product loved it
Excellent sound, batterylife and design. But i wish the volume could get lower.
Works very well
This headset is a very good one. It can connect to multiple devices at once which is a really cool feature. The sound quality is very good for a Bluetooth headset. Another nice thing about it is that it has very good noise isolation. The earbuds are small so they stay in my ears very well and never fall out. There is one thing the motto surround from the motorola store has blue wires and this headset has black ones which is really strange. The headset also never says how much battery it has. I am using an iPhone so if you have an android phone you can get the motorola connect app and tell the battery that way. Other than those things I love it and I use it all the time. I would recommend it over the LG tones any day.
Like em
I wear these all day. Flexible collar easy to take on and off. Sound on the warm side which I prefer so I don't miss any bass notes. Warm speakers can sound muddy until you get used to them which doesn't take long. battery lasts me until the end of the day. push button for verbal readout of battery time left. Buds stay in ears, are out of the way if you wear headgear, and sit on the collar conveniently when not in use. No Bluetooth connection problems. They aren't cheap but they are worth it to me.
Best bluetooth
In short best companion for galaxy s 7...
Both waterproof both black sleek and modern....
Moto surround has the best build quality of any wireless set I've had and I've went through skull candies and LG.... superior batter with moto surround as the app that goes with it play well with android.... only issue is buffering upon pairing and range isn't far but it gets the job done... over all the minimalist look and intuitive button layout makes a very easy product to wear and hold up to running and moisture well
Nice idea, but needs refinement
+ Neck band is a great idea, and is comfortable and leaves the buttons in easy reach.
+ Neck band vibrates when phone rings so you know you have an incoming call even without the earbuds in.
+ Magnets in the neckband holds the earbauds when not in use.
+ Good battery life
+ Good Range on connection
+ call clarity on earbuds is pretty clear
+ multiple sound profiles (you might find one you like)
- No noise cancelling on Microphone (other party occasionally had difficulty hearing me)
-cables for the earbuds could be a little longer.
- Earbuds do not stay in the ears easily (small/medium/large buds supplied)
- sound isn't as good as my £15 wired Sony buds, I found the treble to be a bit high, and none of the sound profiles were to my taste.

Overall sound quality wasn't as good as my old wired buds, but the lack of wires does compensate for that. There is a bass-y sound to the music but it can feel a little muddy (I mainly listening to Metal / Rock)
Great Sound. Mic brillent no more WHAT DID YOU SAY
To Wear ;very comfortable
Sound, Clear; Great
Mic; What a great Mic every time I have spoken to someone they hear me clearly. Really enjoy taking and Making Calls now. Skype and messenger
Use them with Mobile phone, Apple-TV; Computer. and Ipad
Motorola Moto Surround Bluetooth Headphones - Black
Good sound, nice Bluetooth, great battery life.
Thumbs up work great!
Brought these headphones for working out, they are great, good sound, nice Bluetooth range and great battery life,quick charge and vibration alert, i have a small issue with occasionally stuttering audio when connected to my nexus 5 initially, but a re connect solves it every time, probably an issue with the software which will probably be fixed in time. Motorola has a app that can update you on gps location where you last left the headphones as well as remaining battery etc. All on all a good buy!

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