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Motorola Moto 360 Sport 2nd Gen SmartWatch - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Check out Facebook posts, catch up on tweets, texts and email as well as play music using the newly designed Motorola Moto 360 Sport 2nd Gen SmartWatch complete with a stylish and robust black strap.
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$232.26 inc VAT
 4.9 stars from 53 customers

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Good Product
Overall happy with the watch in itself. It works well and does what it is supposed to do. I don't really have anything to compare it to (do not own another smartwatch) but what sold me on buying this one is the classical look and the round face compared to the majority of square smartwatches on the market. I really think that the technology of smartwatches is still at its early stages though and there are still basic options to be desired. Such as having a built-in speaker in the watch that will let you listen to the person at the other end of the line (not having to use your phone on speaker). The ability to reply to a text message (not a predefined text) without having to use your phone and without having to download custom apps would also be welcome. As for the moto 360, I believe it's a great watch and been using it everyday since I got it. I swapped the original band with a black steel and I think it looks better and more like a classic timepiece. More than most on the market at the moment. Pity about the "Flat Tyre" Design though.
Great Watch
I recently bought this watch and paired it with a Galaxy S7 Edge so far i have been very pleased with it. The watch faces and watch face apps all free allow me to change the look multi times a day if required or to to how i am dressed. I have the black strap 42mm watch and it is very stylish, no bigger than some of my other watches but does much more. All in all so far an excellent buy--
Great Companion
I am a technophobe! I admit...

I was rejecting a need for a smartwatch, as I have a reasonable collection of classic mechanical watches and did not feel the need for one more thing I need to charge, what I thought every night...

However, given the price drop and my need for a heart rate monitor and activity tracker for walking/running/biking companion, I decided to plunge into the SmartWatch waters. And I think I did a right thing. Moto360 2nd Gen is excellent and packs all the sensors I was looking for. Integrates well with Android (Samsung S7, in my case) and charge holds for days with Always On Display switched off, 3 days on normal use or 2 days with some reasonable GPS tracking and stand alone use. After few weeks, I found that I rarely reach for my old watches. Watch is well designed and all my 22mm straps are compatible, so variety is guaranteed...

The only shortcoming is "flat tyre" of the otherwise great display!

MobileZap communication and expedited deliver helped in overall satisfaction high ratings .
Great watch and very fast shipping Uk to Australia in 3 days Thank you again Mobilezap.
Can't go without it
The watch is awesome. I walk to work, so I get shown what music is playing, can adjust the volume, change tracks, choose other music. Its great around the kids as I don't have to spend time typing a quick message to friends on the phone - I can use my voice with the watch and be done in seconds. I change the watchbands with what I wear, the heartrate monitor and moto body is giving me data on my averages which keeps me thinking about my health and fitness. I practice Japanese flashcards while I'm waiting for Coffee with AnkiWear. I get AFL updates to my watch at the end of every quarter for every game, I'm saving phone battery by not having to check it. The watch looks good. Best tech item I've owned & mobile zap are awesome too.
so happy
so happy with my watch and happy with this service even i ordered close to easter period but my watch still arrive not late very very happy thanks again
Very happy
The watch arrived on time and was as described. A great product and a fantastic price. Very happy to buy from you guys again. Thanks!
Good price and nice delivery
Great looks and quality
I am really enjoying the new generation of the moto 360.
The lugs now give it another life as it is now easy to change straps without the need for an adapter. The battery life is pretty decent for my use, taking me easily through a day+.
The only downside is the prominent glass, which requires extra care not scratch, but it is flat enough for a hardened screen protector.
Pretty good value overall
Couldn't be happier with my purchase. Paired with an iPhone for a short while which alone was exceptional. Now that it is paired with my S7 Edge - it's become an imperative tool in my commuting lifestyle.

Couldn't have been more impressed with delivery, it arrived in four days! Thanks guys!
Great service from MobileZap. Delivery within 5 days of placing the order.
I love it.
It looks nice and works well. It lags sometimes but I think it is ok for all the smart watches these days.
it came in time and I am happy with the shopping and the delivery
Brilliant.. Wished i had purchased earlier
Great Price.. Very quick delivery.
Been watching this Moto 360 for some time , best price on the web..
The watch , Brilliant.. Wished i had purchased earlier.
Excellent service
I ordered a Moto 360 smart watch. The item was delivered expressed in 3 days. Item is the original Motorola product, fully sealed and operational. In addition, the price was excellent, better if watch was ordered from USA.
On the bad side (minor) the power pack needs an UK to AUS adapter - delivered with the product.
Good job Mobile Zap.
Very happy with the purchase.
Excellent service and product very hapoy
Great product and service
Good purchase
Good value product, prompt shipping. Would have been good if they could have supplied an Australian power adapter as it was an Australian website for an Australian shipping address.
Fantastic gadget
The watch is fantastic. Battery is within expectations. Usability needs some time to get use to it. I found it very convenient to use it with my watch and very handy.
Highly recommended for purchase.
2 very happy gentleman in our family
My husband has the smaller bezel Moto 360 2ng gen watch which is the 42mm, his is black. My father in law who is a much bigger man has the 46mm and has the cognac and silver. Both look amazing and work really well. The 42mm is much better for a smaller man or someone who has a smaller wrists, where as the 46mm is perfect for the bigger man or someone who has a bigger wrist. My husband has had his a couple of months now and he loves it, he's always playing around with the features of it and always changing the watch faces via a 3rd party app, the watch even comes with a dock so that you can charge it up and use the watch face as a bedside clock at night times. My husband is always in meetings and can't always receive incoming calls, but with the watch he is now able to see when someone is trying to contact him and can even read his texts/ messages while in the meeting.
Really Happy
The watch is working perfectly, delivered on time, and really happy about it
Very nice watch
Works like charm with LG G3. In my mind watch is useful with messages when you are in meeting etc. Very solid build quality.
Cheap Price and Great Service
To be honest I didn't know what to expect of this website. I went online with the intension of buying a smart watch. I searched for the Moto 360 v2 all over the web and could not find the product available anywhere in Australia. After finding the product on the website I was still skeptical of purchasing as I could not believe the price of the watch and also the fact that they delivered to Australia for cheap. I was still not convinced until I went to pay and they different methods of paying such as PayPal and MasterCard. In terms of the product, I would say that the item is genuine and as described on the website. Lastly any one looking to purchase the Moto 360 v2 from MobileZap or something electical from this website your in safe hands. MobileZap, in my opinion has a lifetime customer, as I will purchase all my electronic goods from here now on.
in my words
I sent for this Android were watch because I had been looking on the internet for the best price and I found it at Mobilefun.co.uk it came to my house in 12 hour's I was so over the moon about it now about the watch it is the best watch I own and I have got 40 watches a lot was a lot more money then this one. But I use this one now because I get all the different watch faces I want and I get my emails and my texts and my WhatsApp as well I get breaking news as well I could go on and on but if you want a watch like this one get one from Mobilefun.co.uk that are great give them a ring I would send an email the phone call can be expensive if you want to no a lot about the watch.Mr j Hogben. PS have fun.
All good!
Everything I expected it to be.
Good customer service
The leather strap should be of higher quality on the Motorola 360 watch for the money that I have paid.
OK but needs a few more generations development
A bit more like a 1st generation product than a 2nd generation product > Watch face turning to battery save mode in 5 seconds drives me crazy and will lead me to an apple watch.
Excellent Service
Excellent service. Fast service and good product
Prefer it to the Apple Watch!
I work in IT and we develop apps for all platforms. So we all have the latest gadgets. Up until recently I was an Apple iPhone and Apple watch owner. It just wasn't doing it for me. Locked down, "this is what we think you want" mentality.

So I switched to Android and bought this watch after a lot of research. There are many watches a=out there but to me this is top of the Android pile. Firstly it looks like a watch! I have had comments on how nice it looks. I have put my own worn Italian leather strap on (It takes standard 22mm straps) however the strap that comes with it is great.
Secondly as this watch uses Android wear (Some "Android" watches have their own software) it is potentially unlocked to put any watch face you can findbuild or buy.

thirdly it supports gestures. Not only does th watch face com on as yo raise it, you can flick your wrist to go through notifications.
It supports Ambient mode so you can have an always on screen.
Battery life so far I can't fault. If I just use it as a watch and read notifications I go from 100% at 6am down to 74% at 8pm. Fantastic. Obviously if I use Ambient mode or fitness apps etc this drops.
The face is sharp some dials have a £d effect (Some even have a live shadow as you move your arm) far surpassing the square watch I used to own.

If you are on Android then I highly recommend this watch over anything that is out there. The price here too can't be matched on any other UK site!!

Great service and I can't fault Mobilefun!
Very quick delivery
Got a very nice looking watch before its been released in Australia! Quick delivery too!
Happy with the service
When I purchased it the site said it would be in in 2 days. But the next day this changed to 10days. Not happy. Price cannot be beat though.
Really great watch and it was delivered to Australia from the UK in under a week. The best thing about this smart watch compared to others is that it looks like a normal watch so you don't have to look like a tech head whilst secretly being one. It connects great with my samsung galaxy note and keeps me constantly updated with all kinds of notifications including messages, facebook, email and sport updates and news. The use of Ok Google in the car is an awesome help. What I haven't liked as much which I think is very important is that it doesn't have great integration with calendar and my google calendar - I would love it if it showed my my upcoming events constantly as well as the notifcation it has now right before it happens (only on the events which I've set to have alerts though).
Nice Watch
Placed the order last Sunday night and got it shipped yesterday, took less than a week to get it arrived. Easy website to deal with and have absolutely no trouble at all.Highly recommended! The watch is very easy to use and it just fit my wrist which I was worried about if it was too big, after wearing it I would say this will be one of the best buy for me for 2016!
Best present ever
I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas. I settled on the Moto 360 2nd edition because it seemed to be the best around. After a week of research, this was the only place in Australia that sold it with a warrenty. The product is amazing and he absolutely loves it. Easy to use and the bigger screen is better for men's sized hands. Looks amazing and you can also buy straps from other stores to fit it if you don't like the brown leather. Highly recommend!!!
This watch is awesome
Although the 42mm version looks better, the personal experience with the 46mm version is better for me. The larger screen lets you put to use some more watch faces with a lot of information on it. The watch is elegant, and I am very happy with this purchase. This is an upgrade from the Lg G watch.
The "flat tire" black ambient light sensor (black area on the screen at the bottom) is a little obvious when using a non-black background and draws a little negative attention when showing others, but all in all it has been getting a lot of positive vibes from everyone I show.
If you're thinking about getting a smart watch I would not hesitate in getting this one. Really simple to operate but gives so much. If you're into how healthy you are this watch tell you it all, calories burnt, steps you've done, heart rat - the lot! Been a real bonus for me at work pushing email notification, appointments, text messages to your wrist with just a subtle vibration to let you know it's arrived. All configurable (so you can turn a particular notification off). Buying MobileZap was easy, the price is exceptional and the service great. Buy one and enjoy!
Great watch, great service.
Ordered a Moto 360 watch from mobilefun as they were the best for price, the watch was delivered within 36 hours by courier so had it in time for Christmas. Great watch, great service.
Great product so far
As everyone knows the Moto 360 watches have the 'flat tyre' design but for me it just wasn't an issue just genuinely don't notice it. I will say I do prefer a dark face with the brown leather so its less noticeable if you do like white faces then it will be more prominent. the design of the match is very premium looking with the buckle top and bottom which I like. I have noticed the leather can wrinkle a bit but not really noticeable. Really easy to set up and pair with my phone and very responsive when sending things like texts. I generally get 2 days battery so has a decent battery. In terms of ordering from Mobile Fun the product was out of stock when placing the order but I received it within 5 days so a lot quicker than I expected. couldn't find the product cheaper anywhere else and as the sight is Google Certified I bought with that extra bit of confidence. A site I will use again in the future.
Excellent product
Excellent product.
Better deal than Motorola itself.
Better customers services and delivery than Motorola itself.
Btw this is my first ever review.
Thanks guys!
Reliable and Quick Service
I bought a Moto 360 v2 (2015) smartwatch online from MobileZap, since the product had not yet been launched in Australia. I found this to be a great deal since the price was attractive and the cheapest compared to all other online websites. The watch was shipped from UK and came with an adapter for AU.
The delivery from DHL was quick as well and reached me within 3-4 business days. I'm very happy with the product so far, and extremely happy with the service of MobileZap. Would definitely recommend buying from them.
Moto 360 2nd Gen on iOS.
Unbelievable speed in the delivery of my Moto 360 2nd Gen by Mobilezap and DHL Express. Ordered Friday and got it the Monday. 4 days from order to delivery. Wow!

The watch itself is beautiful and works like a charm on the iPhone 6S. The only negative thing I'd say about it is not being able to connect the Moto Body run tracking information to Apple Health of any other app. If Motorola bring the Moto Body app to iOS it would be perfect. All notification pop up. I don't need all the other fancy stuff so I'm happy. The wireless charging dock is so convenient and looks great once the watch is in it.
Overall I'd give the watch 8/10. Obviously the Apple Watch has all the connectivity which the Moto 360 doesn't but the styling of the Moto 360 is so much better.
Super fast and super cheap
This was the fastest ever online purchase. I bought the item on Friday, and it was with me by mid day Monday. And I'm in Australia.
This wasn't still available in Ausi local shos so had to buy from here. It was the cheapest price I could find online.
Very happy customer. Thanks guys.
Christmas Present
I've been researching smart watches for too long now and believe I have found 'the one'. My boyfriend has an android phone so will find it easy to connect and use. The delivery was very quick and I am extremely happy with the quick service.
Great Android Wear Smartwatch!
This is my first smartwatch, and so far I'm very impressed. It's not small, but it fits very comfortably on my wrist with a soft leather strap. It works well connected by Bluetooth to my Nexus 5, and it receives texts, emails, FB messages, weather, calendar events, and notifications from the Moto Fit app etc. You can reply to emails, texts and messages from the watch using your voice, and it's pretty accurate. (Be aware that you might get strange looks when talking into your sleeve whilst shopping, but hey, the FBI do it!) Several watch faces are included with the software, and there are many more on the Play Store. This is actually the best part, downloading lots of different faces, and changing them to match your mood (and your outfit!). I'm a woman in my 60s (don't let this put you off!), and I absolutely love this watch!
Fast delivery and great priced product
Love the look of this watch.
Its "ok google" function was a bit of a hit and miss
Otherwise it works very well with my android phone!
Item came from the UK with an adaptor

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