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Motomo Ino Metal Sony Xperia Z5 Case - Red / Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Featuring a premium design, the Ino Metal Case from Motomo in red and black, keeps your Sony Xperia Z5 protected and looking fantastic at all times.
  • Mobile Fun ID 57366
$19.89 inc VAT
 4 stars from 10 customers

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Brought new life to my Z5
Excellent case adds style and weight to my Z5. Feels great looks great its lije gaving a new phone. Definitely recommend it hope they do a version for my next phone thr XZ premium.
NOT compatible
NFC is disabled due to the steel plate, left side cut-out for sdcard/sim are too small making it imposible to access.
It is very difficult (near impossible) to take off again.

I would say that this cover is NOT compatible for Xperia Z5.
Delighted with product and service, thank ypu
Not very good
Case seemed nice at first, however once it was on I had trouble charging the phone, and note that my phone is brand new and so is my charger.. When I tried to take the cover off, it almost peeled all my nails off as it was impossible to remove. When I finally was able to start pulling it off, the metal part bent and became unstuck and now is actually unuseable. I don't like leaving bad reviews but seeing as I only had my phone case for about an hour before it broke I feel like it wasnt worth the trouble. Hope other people had a better experience with it.
Cool looking and practical case
Modern looking, good quality feel and confidence in case protecting my precious phone
This is a very sleek and stylish case
This is a very sleek and stylish case.. Looks great and is very snug fit so it does not add 'bulkyness' to the phone. (Which is big anyway' Nice mettalic finish gives it a proffessional looks for very low cost.
Only downfall is that it can get
Great case
Great case and excellent service!!!!!! Love it
Most excellent
Very great case, a little snug around the phone but otherwise, protects the screen with a raised bezel. Looks like a $50 case for less than that and is a little shiny as well, perfect for anyone sitting on the fence about what kind of case to get, best one I've found
Strong, stylish case
This case is so stylish and strong but with it being a shiny black it does show fingerprints quire well. It does however grip the phone really well and provide support everywhere including the corners. All the access cutouts are just the right size and it doesn't add to much thickness or size to the phone. Recommended. Only got 4/5 as could be cheaper and shows fingerprints.
Would order again
Fast delivery and great product. Completely hassle free, no issues or complications arose during the transaction.

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