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Moshi SenseCover iPhone 6S / 6 Smart Case - Pink Reviews

The Moshi SenseCover for the iPhone 6S / 6 in pink is a unique case with a touch sensitive cover that allows you to quickly view the time/date as well as answering calls without the need to open the case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 49195
$46.44 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 25 customers

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Not very useful and falls apart within a few months. An expensive mistake
Pretty in pink
I was influenced by reviews I'd read about this item but feel quite disappointed in it
It's quite weighty, which I wasn't expecting. With the " high tech" specification of this case, I was hoping that it would also turn off the phone when the cover is closed-doesn't happen.
I think it's overpriced for what it is
What an awesome case
This is the 2nd case I've bought for this phone, and by far the best. From the perfect fit, to the fact it has a stand incorporated. The best feature for me is the ability to answer the phone without opening it first. All in all excellent value for money for a top quality case
Looks good looks tough on website but is it? I was dismayed at how flimsy the flip cover is. The back and surround are well made and fit snugly and are robust but I feel the flimsy flip cover makes it poor value for money
Great Case
I good case which although is more expensive than some is well worth the money. This is the second of these cases I have bought this one was for my Wife!
The fact you can see whom is calling and answer the phone before opening the case is great and very handy. The case is well made and quite tactile, you can see who is calling answer the call and hang up without opening the case all the ports are accessible but the headphone socket only accepts iPhone headsets due to the small hole.
Lovely case
This case looks very classy not at all blingy which is just what i wanted. The colour is perfect not too bright and shocking. The window allows you to view callers and you don't have to open the case to answer a call you just swipe across the silver lines at the bottom. The case has a magnetic closure so you don't have to worry about it coming open in your bag/pocket so you know your screen is safe from scratches. Very pleased.
Slimline yet offers full protection including corners. Some screen protection with prominent edges. Magnetic closure so clip/press-stud. Viewing window and call answer system whilst closed. Soft inside surface smooth outside surface no pocket snagging.
Smart, sleek modern look.
Mixed opinion
The mosh I case feels like a quality product, the phone is well protected. Unfortunately the metal logo part on the case has fallen off after only a couple of weeks use. This keeps the front cover closed in conjunction with a magnet in the front cover.
Great quality
Just as advertised
Cool Case
After a lot of searching I decided on this case due to a couple of its unique features. The main one being the caller display window as well as having the ability to answer a call without opening the case. The case is well made and is tactile with a sort of metallic finish and feel, it is well constructed and well made and comes with a lifetime limited guarentee. I liked it so much I got a pink one for my Wife. The only problem has been if you fold the case round onto the back of the phone I believe the noise of the case rubbing makes the mic cut in and out on a call. My Wife discovered this with hers but I as yet cannot replicate the effect with mine. If you leave the case closed there is no problem and all ports are accessible with the case on, the headphone port could do with being larger as can restrict some headphone jacks.
A gorgeous Monochromatic case
I recently bought this stunning case for my iPhone 6 for its style, convenience and protection. It even has a very clever swipe bar at the bottom to answer phone calls with the front cover still on!
It is extremely nice and is targeted at a person with exquisite taste and the rectangular plastic cover at the top of the phone clearly shows the time
I recently got an iPhone 5s and have bought many cases without satisfaction . This case is excellent well worth the money and looks so classy and really expensive . I have been looking for this case for a long time
Highly recommend this phone case
this case fits like a glove, protects the phone all round and is slim and light without adding bulk to the actual phone . It`s elegant and well made with a window so you can see who`s calling and a strip which you slide your finger across so you can answer with the case closed . Highly recommend this phone case
Absolutely love, just what I needed
Brilliant cover. Protects the phone so well yet lovely to use and look at. I don't like covers normally but this one is just what I needed. The sensor works really well and the window is great. Good feature that the window isn't just a whole but has a screen over it so you don't even need a screen protector. I have a 2 year old who constantly drops my phone and this cover does a better job at protecting it. Would highly recommend to anyone. I bought the beige I'm very picky with non matching colours but it looks great with my white iPhone.
Poor fit
The cover is very poor, doesn't seem to fit well, materials used for cover look cheap. Compared to moshi cases for other iPhones I am very disappointed! The case has already been consigned to a drawer & am back using my cheap case
In summary a load of rubbish for a load of money!
Because you're worth it
This iPhone cover is worth investing in. Good fitting cover which protects your phone all around, handy stand function, and best of all, its design really does let you see who is calling through that window and allow you to answer the phone easily without having to a) open the cover to answer or b) impeding any of the sound / voice quality of the call..
A very good quality phone case
This phone case is a very good quality it provides all round protection of you phone and I find it helps to hold the phone in one hand.
The window in the front cover allows you to see who is calling you with the finger slide band allowing you to accept a call with the case remaining closed.
I would highly recommend this phone case
Really love this
Such a clever case, answering calls are just so simple now, and it's super slim, and the pink is colourful enough to see in my bag, but not to girly, (I was worried it was going to be barbie pink ewwwwwwww) But no this pink cover is really cool.
Brilliant invention
Really pleased with the moshi case.
It protects your phone with the added bonus of answering your calls without having to flip open your case unlike most phone covers.
also acts as a stand.
Would highly recommend it.
Smart cover for a smart phone
The cover is neat, stylish and fits snugly protecting the phone well. It does what is says: calls can be answered by simply swiping the case although it is quick and easy to open. Very pleased with my purchase.
Great Case
Excellent case and great service

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