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Designed for the iPad Pro 12.9 Inch (3rd Gen), the white iVisor Glass Screen Protector from Moshi has been designed to protect your display while ensuring the iPad's screen maintains the highest possible level of fingertip sensitivity and clarity.
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excellent choice
Great fit and easily applied - looks durable but won't know for a while.
No bubbles, but don’t drop it
I bought this product after regretfully buying one of those stick on screen protectors claiming easy application and no bubbles (not the case for me). I felt totally ripped off. This screen protector really doesn’t show any bubbles behind it, however I would advise others to check that the suction cup is properly stuck on before picking it up. Mine wasn’t and I dropped the glass before it was even applied to my phone, leaving a one inch crack in the bottom right corner. Moshi offer lifetime guarantee though so I may contact them about that - perhaps they will replace it. The touch screen is slightly less sensitive, which didn’t bother me at first, but now is starting to get annoying. I may just go bare screen because I’ve already spent a day’s wages on screen protectors, none of which satisfied me, though this one is the best I’ve tried.
Excellent Screen Protector
I had the battery replaced in my iPhone 6s and during the procedure the store broke my old screen protector which had been on the phone for nearly two years and that one did not fill the screen. So I searched the mobile fun site and found this Moshi iPhone 6s white screen protector. Expensive but I thought I would give it a go. I am so glad that I did as fitting it was a breeze, no bubbles and it completely covers the screen. It is so good you forget that any screen protection is fitted. I was also able to continue to use my old iPhone case too.
Mobile fun delivery was very fast too.
Not impressed
Looks budget and cracked the first time it was dropped, not even a hard fall. Considering my old iPhone 3 took countless falls with no protection I doubt this is the toughened glass they say it is.
Just the job
Fits perfectly, if you are using a case, make sure you fit the screen protector first as the glass goes to the edges and the case will probably cover it
Top class
Good deal, well pleased
Have been a repeat customer for Moshi's products each time I upgrade my iPhone. Lots of fake products out there so buying from Mobile Fun, an approved supplier means you get what you're paying for, which is simply the best screen protector out there. Fantastically easy to apply and great protection for your iPhone
Second time purchase
Fits with both Apple leather and silicon case. Really easy to fit and cannot tell its on. Hardly reduces sensitivity, would recommend this as a screen protector
Brilliant! Best screen protector ever!
Took delivery of my new iPhone 6s a week ago and wanted to make sure that my new phone screen is protected. Ordered one of these and applied it today. Really easy to apply to the screen, no bubbles, much better than any plastic or film screen protector that I've used before. When this is on the screen you can't notice it is on the phone at all. The screen looks like the original phone screen.

Very slight loss of sensitivity, but really not noticeable at all. Swipe action etc is all fine, just have to press the screen marginally harder on some occasions. However, this is a very small trade off to have the screen protected and looking this good!

I would definitely buy one of these again!
Simply the best
I've been a fan of Zagg InvisibleShield screen protectors for a long time (since the original iPhone). This is my first Moshi and I have to say, it's the best I've ever tried. If you're looking for a glass finish, this is it. Application/fitting is unbelievably easy! The only thing I would note is that it makes the fingerprint sensor sit 1mm deeper than without the protector, but doesn't effect the performance of the sensor at all. 3D touch is also not effected.

This is not my first purchase from mobilefun either, the guys here are sound.
It all looks great
I bought the Moshi Visor glass screen for iPhone 6. I ought the black one but was putting it on a white screen. I wanted the rose gold phone but not the white front. The black screen is really good on it, but the actual part that lights up is slightly paler black than the top and bottom,there's a slight edge you can feel around the phone but a bumper takes that away. I bought a separate black sticker for the home button. It all looks great but it you were putting black on black screen and white on white it would be perfect. But I like having a change of colour so I would recommend it
Great product
Easy to fit, no air pockets, no smudges. Easy.
Excellent Product * * * * *
Only had this a few days so can't comment on how it's going to stand up long term. However what I can say is this is an extremely well made product which fits perfectly on to the iPhone 6 without any fuss. Once fitted it's pretty much impossible to tell it's on there until you place a finger on the home button which is very slightly deeper due to the thickness of the protector. The cut out for the home button is very precise and the edges are rounded so even after only a few hours I was unaware of the difference. Fitting was easy, clean the screen, place the supplied suction cup on the protector, peel off the backing and place the protector on the screen. I used the home button cut out as a reference point, made sure the sides of the protector were lined up and just placed it on the screen. That was it no fuss no having to re-position and NO BUBBLES. It was so easy I can't believe it and it took me less than a minute most of which was preparation! There is no loss of sensitivity or clarity once the protector is on and like I said earlier it just looks like the phone doesn't have a protector fitted. Hopefully it will stand the test of time but at this point I have no reason to think it won't.
Certainly not the cheapest screen protector around but I'm really impressed with the quality and fit and have ordered a second on for my wife's phone.
Highly recommended product and of course as always I received fast and efficient service from MobileFun!
Far too brittle
I reviewed many screen protectors before choosing this one for its curved edges to fit the iPhone 6. I was initially very pleased with the Protector as it is easy to fit, has no air bubbles and resists scratches well. There are two problems; firstly the screen loses it sensitivity and requires more pressure; secondly, and far more serious is a crack across the top of the protector. I have had this protector for less than one month (with the silicon Apple cover) and I carry it in my trouser pocket (where the crack occurred). Unfortunately this protector is far too fragile and therefore poor value and failing with such light use. Back to the 'drawing board'.probably go to a simply higher quality plastic cover and accept the odd scratch.
The best screensaver
This was and easy choice I did my research and this came up time and time again.
It's very easy to fit just take your time and you won't go wrong. This screen protector blends into the original iPhone with ease I hardly notice it. I just bought one for my iPad mini hope this helps you make the right choice.
No bubble screen protector
It goes on easily and you have no annoying bubbles.
Unfortunately they break very easily I had my iPhone three weeks and had to purchase two in that time, the first time it broke I have no idea why as I hadn't dropped my phone or anything it just broke.
The second time I dropped my phone from a sitting position and that was it, so I really spent a fortune on this product and both went in the bin.
I'll be going back to the plastic ones.
Do not recommend!
after less than 24 hours the Moshi iVisor for iPhone 6 cracked from the top while it was in my pocket!
Another friend of mine who bought it had the same experience. His iVisor cracked 2 days after he installed it!
This product does not worth "any" money. Total Fail!
Top notch
This protective screen protector is of high quality easy to put onto phone and it fits like a glove I recommend it to anyone who wants to keep there phone screen from scratches and bumps its top notch .well worth the money .
Crystal clear screen saver
Really easy to apply, fits well with Apple silicon case, cannot even tell its on, would strongly recommend and definitely worth spending a bit more
The best way to classify this screen protector would be to post a picture of mine applied on the Iphone 6, it fits perfectly inch by inch... my congratulations to Moshi.
After having tried numerous screen protectors and them failing miserably I have eventually found a protector that does what it says on the tin it applies in seconds with zero air bubbles it also comes with a handy suction cup if u happen to miss align it all in all I think this protector is amazing and as always promt delivery from mobile fun
The perfect iPhone 6 screen protector
I had fitted this glass screen protector to my iPhone 6 within 10 minutes after it dropped through the letterbox. It fits the shape of the phone perfectly and totally without any bubbles. I use an Apple silicon case on the phone and the screen protector fits perfectly within this case. I can recommend this product to anyone with an iPhone 6. It looks fantastic and the phone is armour plated. There is the very slightest loss of sensitivity with the protector in place but you quickly get used to it and can type without any difficulty whatsoever. It's not cheap, but neither is a Rolls Royce - and this is the Rolls of screen protectors
Does the job
Easy to fit with a small microfibre cloth and suction cup provided. Went on exactly and protects screen completely since I have dropped it accidentally several times with no damage. Slight reduction in sensitivity but to be expected not so much to be annoying and can be overcome by adjusting where you tap and how. Slightly raised edge but fine with a case fitted. Home button is recessed with the screen fitted so need to push it harder to get it to respond. Overrall maintains the clarity of the screen, provides full protection of the front screen and is a true fit.
Very good
Had plenty of other screen protectors, but this one is by far the best. A lot easier to apply then other types and no bubbles at all!!! Great that it look just like the front off the phone too you would never know its on., would definitely use again and recommended 10 out of 10. Great services from these guys too at mobilefun
Must have
Fits nice on the phone no more bubbles looks good
Very tidy star rating 10
Excellent Protector
I have used various screen protectors, but this, although pricey, is well worth the money. High quality item and so easy to fit. Excellent sensitivity. Highly recommended.
This is top notch, reliable delivery on time, would buy again,
Having had many a glass screen protector i would have to say this protector is awesome. Not only does it cover the whole screen (including the curved parts of the iPhone 6) it also is a great fit for all the cut outs. On first appearances it looks thicker and feels thicker than others i have used but most importantly it covers the whole screen. Once i attached the apple leather case to the phone it is completely flush and feels ergonomic in the hand now. Would definitely recommend to others!!!
This screen protector is the best I've had so far, will be buying this product again for future phone s, great delivery as usual all in all brilliant

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