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Moshi iVisor AG Anti Glare Screen Protector for iPad 4 / 3 / 2 - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your iPad 4 / 3 / 2's screen with this 100% bubble free anti-glare screen protector with white edging.
  • Mobile Fun ID 29103

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$25.01 inc. VAT
 4.8 stars from 69 customers

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Very fast delivery, excellent product, i recommand it
Good quality product delivered promptly
Moshi iVisor Anti Glare Screen Protector for IPad 4
A great product, easy to fit and delivered within days, a little on the expensive side.
Granddaughter proof
Best decision I ever made buying the moshi screen protector for my ipad4.Will buy another for my kindle.My 10 year old granddaughter likes to use the ipad now I don't have to worrie about sticky fingers etc. we can have fun together,peice and harmony as been restored.
So simply to fit
once again Mobile Fun have come good, not only next day delivery, but the Moshi AG protector is so easy to fit and keeps the screen looking good. Yes, of course the clarity of the colours dims a little, but that is what I would expect from an anti-glare cover

First class !!
Brilliant, just what i needed
This has to be the BEST screen protector for your I pad. Very easy to fit and NO finger marks. FANTASTIC Product. BUY it.
Just so easy !
A protective cover which does the job without any air bubble problems.must be the easiest to apply!
Good Product
Have used this product for iPhone. The iPad version is just as good. Easy to fit. Absolutely no bubbles. Clean clear view. Touch screen facility unaffected. Highly recommended.
Great but....
This was shipped to me very quickly & came in excellent condition! I love the item. It was easy to apply & looks fantastic! Glad I bought it. I would have given 5 stars except that the other item I had ordered, is on back order & I could not reach them through their site. I tried several times to contact them & my email kept bouncing back. Thanks Mobile Fun!!
Best Screen Protector yet
Absolutely brilliant, fitted in seconds with absolutely no air bubbles, no problems with touch screen or vision.
The Smart Cover fits as before.
This is well worth the money
Perfect protection
Excellent product giving 1st class protection to the iPad screen, fitted very quickly with no air bubbles as previous reviewers reported. Would certainly recommend this product.
At last
Tried lots of anti glare screens and almost threw them away as I tried to put them on as its next to impossible not to get bubbles or dust.
Moshi ivisor does what is says on the tin. Brilliant!
very good but
it was very easy to put on but the antiglare does not work was very disappointed after spending 20 pound feel I was done
Saved the day and the iPad!
The best thing ever invented! Why more people don't use 8 do not know.
This was proved as I have a rather lively puppy who decided to jump on my lap when I was using the iPad. Result huge scratch across the front - the sort of scratch you dread!!
Moshi visor to the resue as screen unmarked! This was why I ordered another! I use on my iPhone as well !
As far as I am concerned it is a .cannot do without item,.
If you have not tried yet TRY NOW!!
This is easiest screen protector I have ever used, put it on in seconds. Easy to long up and no bubbles etc, well worth the money.
As easy to fit as they said
Very easy to fit and if you do manage to get a bit of dust under it very easy to lift the screen, wipe away the dust and replace. Does slightly reduce the clarity/brightness of that lovely retina display but not the responsiveness of the touchscreen. All in all worth the money to protect my beloved new toy.
Moshi iVisor
The "Ferrari " of IPad Screen Savers...........great service, highly recommend.
Easy to put on...
I have had many phones in my time and put on many screen protectors, none of them have been as easy to put on as this!

It is seriously easy - clean screen, peel off backing & put on the screen. Done and NO bubbles ;)
Really surprised at how easy the i visor was to fit. It took seconds and doesn't detract from the quality of the screen.
Moshi iVisor AG Anti Glare Screen Protector for iPad 4 / 3 / 2.
I was sceptical about the claims about easy to fit, no bubbles etc, but thought I would give it a try despite being expensive. I was amazed at how easy it was applied and indeed no BUBBLES, it just applied instantly and the response in use is fantastic. Expensive but it does what it says on the packet, definitely worth the money, would thoroughly recommend it, especially for those like me who never seem to get screen protectors to fit first time and then ruin them.
Moshi Ipad screeen protector
Good product easy to fit with the border pieces intact. Seems to work really well-quite thick but a good clear matte finish with little or no reflection and seems very durable
what everyone should buy
i first bought this ivsor for my iphones 4s and 5 so i already knew how great they are so had to buy it for my ipad 4 and it really does what it says no bubbles and take less then 10 seconds to put on so if you value your phones and ipads this is a must to buy
Ehh, no.
Moshi guarantee bubble free appearance (true), unfortunately they achieve it by attaching via the bezel area, thus a micro gap is created on the screen area... no bubbles (good), sadly this extra glass / air / film gap yields a low contrast image (Doh!).
Fits seamlessly.
Excellent cover that fits seamlessly with our Smart Cover adding a little more protection. There is a slight loss of clarity / brilliance on the screen with its matt finish but overall you wouldn't even know it was there.
Great all round, virtually no drawbacks
Unbelievably fast delivery from mobilefun. And as other reviews will testify, the screen protector itself is well worth the extra money. Was going to get something cheaper, but decided against it after seeing the reviews. Easy to fit (took me a couple of goes to get it lined up properly though!), no air bubbles at all, and a high quality cloth to remove dust/smudged fingerprints etc. And the protector is apparently washable and reusable! Great stuff. The only (minor) negative is right at the centre of the screen, the touch sensitivity seems to be very slightly reduced. It could be the way I attached the protector, or the fact it took me a few goes. In any case, it's virtually unnoticeable and has not compelled me to give this anything other than 5 stars.
Only the best will do
Loved this product on my iPhone so had no hesitation in my choice for my new iPad. Highly recommend this product. Simple to attach, goes on perfectly every time & unlike cheaper options this one enhances the touch screen. Thank you Moshi.
Protection without bubbles
The very best thing about this screen protector is that you simply will not notice it is there while it quietly protects your iPad.
I fitted it easily and quickly with no fuss at all.
It fits under a clear silicon back cover and below a smart cover.

Excellent Product
The Moshi iVisor Screen Protector was an excellent buy. It was extremely easy to fit and the anti glare is great. Would highly recommend this product.
Does what it says.
Easy to fit and certainly no bubbles. Screen now feels slightly less smooth but with no obvious loss of performance. On balance a good buy and in my view worth the money.
Just what I was looking for
Easy to fit no air bubbles does give a matt effect to the screen but still easy to see would recommend better to use your finger than a stylus though
What a wonderful screen protector. I spent hours putting a "normal" screen protector on and still ended up with more bubbles than a bubble bath!!!! I purchased the Moshi iVisor and it does exactly as it says on the tin. It was so easy to put on and not a bubble in sight! Done in less than 5 minutes, no kidding.
Ordered one day and received the next. First class service.
Just what I was looking for
It was as easy as it says to apply it without any air bubbles would highly recommend and it doesn't effect the screen in any way visual and touch.
So easy to use
Having struggled for ages to apply my first screen protector I couldn't believe how easy this one was. Not only that but it does want it says on the tin....it's anti glare and can be removed then reapplied after cleaning. Brilliant. Just annoyed that I wasted money on the original one. Delivery from mobile fun was excellent too. Good value.
Great product
I read the reviews before buying this & it doesn't disappoint. Easy to apply & does what it says on the tin! I shall now get one for my phone as well
Better than I hoped for
I looked at the reviews both here and on other websites. I saw that it nearly always got top marks. Five stars or what ever. I am also very sceptical when a thing looks too good. However I thought I would give it a try as my last screen protector was coming to the end of its life.

Yes it is expensive, however it is the best screen protector I have ever bought, and it goes on like a dream, and not a bubble in sight. I mean it takes all of about 20 seconds to apply and it's perfect. Also it can be used again so the cost therefore comes down a bit. I would thoroughly recommend it.
After spending hours reading reviews and watching you tube to find the 'perfect' iPad screen protector I was on the point of giving up....... Absolutely thrilled I continued as I found the PERFECT solution. This screen protector does what it says on the tin and more. Could have put it on with my eyes closed it was that easy. NO bubbles whatsoever and as if that feature alone wasn't enough the added bonus is it can be washed and reapplied and washed and reapplied ...... 1st class, 5 star, amazing, thrilled...........
Best screen protector for Ipad
The most important thing I wanted was a protector to be bubble free - no point in paid a lot of money for an Ipad to see nothing but air bubbles.
Was the Moshi any good? Hell yes, very easy to put on and it fits perfectly.

Yes it cuts down the glare a bit but as my kids will be using it - no big deal.

Does it get fingerprints? Yes not much but it's easy to wipe off (I use a microfibre cloth).

I have used many screen protectors on my mobiles but this is one of the best.

It's not cheap but neither was my Ipad and I wasn't going to let it get damaged, so it's worthwhile.

Would I recommend this....Yeh, go for it.
Easy to apply, and bubble free, washable, amazing product'
An amazing product, although you still get some fingerprints and smudges which are visible, but definitely no glare. I applied the I visor as soon as I unboxed my IPad and thought I got all the dust and odd hair but I can see that one little blighter managed to creep in, so I will be removing the cover, giving it a wash, and will re-apply it to test the manufacturers claim. I look forward to doing this simply because it is so easy to apply. I might even purchase another, just as a backup. Fantastic speedy delivery from Mobilefun, meant that my IPad screen was protected from my childrens grubby paws whilst on holiday!
Moshi ivsor just what i have been looking for !
Fantastic works brilliant ! you must get one! ordered at 4pm came next day by 9am. What a good service. So pleased. Thank you so much.
Moshi Ivisor
An absolutely aesthetically pleasing superb screen protector which can be applied so easily. It is so good to receive items which are exactly as described. Well done Mobile Fun and keep up the good work.
Having been given an iPad2 for Xmas, I wanted to ensure it stayed in pristine condition, so I started my LONG search for a good quality screen protector. I had been advised to try Moshi, but initially had trouble locating it. I was delighted, therefore, when I found it on your site. I fitted it as soon as it arrived today - just a few seconds for a totally bubble-free finish - FANTASTIC!! I also love the anti-glare finish and the ease with which one can swipe the screen, as is so vital when using an iPad!! I wouldn't hesitate to use Moshi again and would certainly recommend it to everyone. I don't think you would regret buying one of these!!
After trying some of the "bubble free" screens for ipads (They never were free from bubbles) to find this screen was absolutley great it is just perfect and does the job how its advertised well done..
Just so easy
Just purchased two Moshi anti glare screen protectors. After two failed attempts with another make, bubbles everywhere and a lot of swearing, I opened the packet with doom and gloom appearing on the horizon. It said on the packet that it takes just 5 minutes. Well it took about 3 to put on one!!! No bubbles, no swearing and a very satisfied customer. Can't thank you enough. Not only did it do what it said on the packet but great service too. Ordered Thursday came Friday. Thank you. Would thoroughly recommend this product, forget the others try Moshi.
One word ... Quality.
Fantastic piece of kit - easy to fit and superb feel. Buy this and you won't be disappointed. Item well packaged and delivered quickly as is the norm from MobileFun.
Ideal item
The price is superb so is the item,would'nt use any other screen protector.
Love it. Superb product.
I've been looking for one of these or something like it since I got my iPad start of this year. Apple shop had nothing. A few other places had some weak examples.

When it arrived I was a bit sceptical due to the size of the screen it has to cover. But it is a breeze to fit and smooth out without a single bubble. And what a difference.

No loss of clarity. Great reflection elimination and no finger prints. So easy to wipe clean too.

Can't rate it highly enough.
First class product and at a great price too. Takes seconds to fit. Perfect results. Beats all the others hands down. No hesitation at all in recommending this.
The Best ever
This Product does what it says it will do, I just put it on after cleaning my screen and did not have to wipe one single bubble away it is fantastic, If ever I need another one this is it
Moshi iVisor AG Anti Glare Screen Prot for iPad2
EXCELLENT!! I had a nightmare trying to fit another screen protector, the fiddly one with the spray, which in the end had to be thrown away because it was ruined while trying to apply it. I asked in the Apple store, and the associate recommended the Moshi. I have to say that fitting it was a dream. Its perfect.
Does what it says on the tin, no problem to fit no bubbles excellent I have tried the rest now buy the best !!!.
a screen protector thats easy to put on and works.
May not be the cheapest around,
no bubbles,
easy to put on
and does actually reduce glare and fingerprints

so yeah, it's worth the price. If you in the market for one of these this is the one to get. Don't bother with any of the others. (i'd tried 3 others in the past - all where a nightmare - bubbles, more reflective, more finger printable). This one however is the real deal.
I wasn't going to bother buying a protector for my ipad 2 until a friend spilt red wine on hers!! I did lots of research and finally decided on this one, at first I thought it was a little expensive but after reading other reviews decided I'd give it a go and I'm so glad I did, it is fantastic, fits perfectly, you can fit it in seconds (literally), no bubbles, it's removable so you can clean and re-fit. Doesn't effect the quality of the touchscreen. Definitely worth the money. If you're looking to protect your screen, buy it!
Works really well! Reduces screen glare, goes on easily, and gives that extra bit of protection without any real loss of visual quality.
Good purchase
I bought this product after reading numerous consumer reviews and seeing it recommended.

It was easy to fit and is almost invisible once in position.

Having been paranoid about getting sticky fingerprints all over my iPad and polishing it up every time I switched if off I now don't have to. I will try the manufacturer's recommended monthly clean (I've only had it for 3 weeks) although it doesn't look as though it needs one just yet.
So easy to put on,it takes seconds,no bubbles no hassle.
The best screen protector yet
What a product, after trying to mess around with cheap protectors and failing miserably with not getting rid of air bubbles this is perfect. This goes on so easily and with not an air bubble in sight. If your thinking of buying cheap don't , buy this and you will not look back.
Just what i needed for the ipad 2
Great product, easy to install, no bubbles at all. Does what it says on the 'tin'.
Very easy to apply,with no bubbles whatsoever.
Takes about 10 seconds to install,no joke!!
I've tried cheaper ones but all you get is a load of bubbles.
I can highly recommend this product.
10 out of 10 to mobile fun for speedy delivery (as usual)
Great Product
This is a great screen protector for the iPad 2. It cuts glare and is easy to wipe clean or remove, wash and reapply.
Better still, it is simple to apply to the iPad. It took a minute or two to line it up and then it just falls into place. - No dust, no bubbles. fantastic!! Highly recommended.

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