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Moshi IonGlass iPhone 7 Plus Glass Screen Protector - Black Reviews

Designed for the iPhone 7 Plus, the black IonGlass Glass Screen Protector from Moshi has been designed to protect your display while ensuring the iPhone screen maintains the highest possible level of fingertip sensitivity and clarity.
  • Mobile Fun ID 60897
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 4.2 stars from 11 customers

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Worse screen save from Moshi
I have always had Moshi protectors since iPhone 5 and loved them. Had privacy screens on my 6 and 6s but sadly not available on 7+.

Would give this zero stars if I could ...This has to be the worse screen ever made doesn't stick, has so many air bubbles that actually ruins the display and I'm a pro at putting these on. Thankfully Mobile fun were fab and refunded me for one, but the 2nd one I purchased in case it was just a faulty one went straight in bin after 5 mins so £30 wasted.

Wouldn't recommend this at all.
love this product
This protector has saved my phone so many times. I've dropped it on concrete and the phone screen is fine. Having this protector screen crack instead of the iPhone screen is a money and time saver!
Simply The Best
I've used Moshi screen protectors before on both my iPad and previous iPhones. They are expensive but well worth the money. So I bought one for my new iPhone 7 plus. The screen fits beautifully. The edges are curved so you really wouldn't know it's there. Moshi screen protectors are easy to fit. This one was no different. I had a few trapped air bubbles which disappeared on their own in a few days. Fingers prints are easily removed with a soft cloth. My phone is black, so I bought the one with black edges. This made it even easier to put on correctly first time.
All in all this is an excellent product which I would definitely recommend.
Moshi ionglass screenprotector iphone 7 plus
best people,

I use this screen protector since February and I am now in India and the heat of summer here is the screen protector completely broken at the sides and the glass is cracked without falling on the gound

this screen protector I do not recommend it waste. money
PERFECT Screen protector
I recently purchased an iPhone 7 plus and was shopping for a screen protector. I decided on the Moshi IonGlass model and am extremely pleased with my decision. It fits perfectly and resists fingerprints which is a common problem with screen protectors. You really don't even know the screen protector is on. VERY PLEASED with my purchase from MobileFun.
I love my screen protector for my phone! It looks brand new and people think it the original face plate. My secret it's not it Moshi Glass Screen Protector.
Great product and prompt delivery
100% satisfied with Mobilefun for prompt shipping and fast delivery. Although the screen protector only lasted one day for I forgot the phone in my shirt pocket when bending down :-(oops), it did protect my phone. It fits beautifully as if it'a the actual screen with exception that the upper and lower right corner couldn't be flat against the screen leaving two small air pockets.
Excellent fix, smooth, beautiful surface, amazing protection
This is one of the best screen protectors I've found, installation is simple, the extra screen wipe and instructions make it clear and simple to follow, while the protection is outstanding. It's even thin enough to fit under an otter shell, whose clear laminated surface provided little protection for. I can't even tell the difference now beteeen the screen and the phones actuall surface.
Easier install than Non full coverage protectors.
Ordered the Moshi edge to edge protector because the other standard protectors are harder to line up since they align exactly with edge of the viewable screen space. This protector dropped right on exactly where I needed it to be. At first the edges did not want to hold down right away. Over time of letting the phone sit, the bubbles underneath went away. This protector has a hard time sitting underneath a case. I tried with a Supcase Unicorn and an Otterbox Commuter. With the case applied, the added pressure down the side edges of the phone would lift the protector and start the bubbling again into the edges of the screen. With the Otterbox I was able to get the protector to lay flat again after messing with rubber interior layer that lays against the phone edges. As far as durability goes, time will tell. Hopefully I don't have to find out. Overall, so far this protector will fit the bill and what it needs to do, break before the screen does, while not even noticing that it is on there.

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