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Moshi IonGlass iPhone 7 Glass Screen Protector - Black Reviews

Designed for the iPhone 7, the black IonGlass Glass Screen Protector from Moshi has been designed to protect your display while ensuring the iPhone screen maintains the highest possible level of fingertip sensitivity and clarity.
  • Mobile Fun ID 60896
$40.09 inc. VAT
 4.7 stars from 9 customers

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Great protector
This was purchased for my iPhone 7 and it fits perfectly. Covers the entire screen and was a breeze to put on, just clean the screen and fit it, there were no bubbles either. The thinness of the glass means that you can still use a case without any problems. I use an Apple one and a Tannc case depending on what I am doing and both fit with no problem. The sensitivity of the screen is not compromised and the fingerprint reader works without any difficulty as well. I would fully recommend this product and am considering one for my iPad.
Good product, good customer service
Had already used one on my iPhone 6, which worked a treat, so decided to go the same way for the iphone7. Product developed a split but could not identify the cause. Mobilefun sent a replacement under warranty so good service from them. Split was only on protector with no damage at all to screen so it did its job properly. Scoring a 4 and not 5 due to the split which would not have expected.
As clear as a bell in just a few seconds
I bought this because I wanted a protector that covered the complete screen and not leave a few millimetres unprotected all round. It was a dream to fit, and there were no air bubbles either. Just clean the screen and use the dust collector to ensure there are no unwanted particles on the screen and then place the protector on and press from the centre to the edges and there you have it. I could still fit a genuine Apple case without disturbing it as well. Excellent product, easy to install and no extra thickness or weight. I would definitely recommend this item to anyone.
not as good as touted...plagued by trapped bubbles...
Amazing product, easy to install. Happy for this purchase.
Great Screen Proctector
This is the nicest screen protector I have seen for the iPhone 7. Great fit, and the curved edges eliminate the raised look you get with other protectors.
Moshi IonGlass iPhone 7 Glass Screen Protector - Black
Unique product. Fits your phone perfectly. Installation is extremely easy. The face on the phone does not change at all.
Highly recommend this protector. MobileFun is very honest seller.
Best screen protector
Had these on my iPhone 6 which gave the phone fantastic protection.
Have now bought this for my son's iPhone 7 - cost more than others but worth it.

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