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Mophie MFi iPhone 6S / 6 Juice Pack Air Battery Case - Gold Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Mophie Juice Pack in gold is a 2750mAh 'Made for iPhone' battery case with added power and protection made for the Apple iPhone 6S / 6. Equipped with over 100% extra battery to make it through the longest flights or busiest weekends.
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 4.7 stars from 12 customers

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Perfect Gift For Young Or Old.
Not sure I should have bought this as a gift for my 16 year old daughter especially as I'm trying to reduce the amount of time she spends on her phone. Seriously though, it's a great gift that will prove to be really useful & eliminate all those arguments when I can't get hold of my daughter as she says she ran out of battery. I'm now thinking of buying one for my friend who travels a lot with work & my boyfriend who is on call 24 hours with work. Also it's simple to use & I know this as I had nothing to do with getting it up & running for my daughter which is what normally happens on Christmas morning. Looks great too.
Not good
This is not working properly so I am sending this item back for a full refund. It started off well but the battery life drains when not in use and makes my phone do things it shouldn't. I have taken the case off and the phone is back to normal. Sorry but I won't be recommending this item
MobileFun Reply
Hi Karen

Sorry to hear you have experienced problems with this item. Can you please contact our Customer Services team and let us know the problems you experienced in detail. Sounds very unusual.
Awesome product with awesome style
Love the look of this battery pack and it matches all my other Apple items perfectly.
The product is amazing and charges your phone super fast which is vital if you are out and about chasing after Pokemon !!!!
Brilliant....Couldn't manage withoutbit.
I find the Charger absolutely AMAZING.The Iphone charger doesn't last long when one has an amount of Apps.A lifesaver!!
Even Oldies need a little help now and then!
One could not call me technologically competent, so when I tried to order a Mophie Battery pack online from mobile fun.co.uk for by new IPhone 6S, I ordered 2 by mistake! Thank goodness, this company understands the vagaries of old age. they immediately made me a refund for one battery pack, no nonsense, no criticism, just honest down to earth GREAT customer service. I am incredibly happy and would use mobile fun.co.uk and recommend them to you for all your electronic needs! Delivered quickly, fuss free and with a sense of humour! Thanks mobile fun.co.uk!
Superb. Can't survive without it.
It has changed my life. I can go about my daily routine with confidence that my phone won't let me done due to lack of battery. An amazing product . Worth every penny.
As a fan of "Mophie" products, would definately without a doubt recommend
As a fan of "Mophie" products, would definately without a doubt recommend this product. Had the previous for my 4,5 now 6... You can't beat Mophie, from a site like "Mobilefun".
Great product
This is a great product it truly adds the the battery life like it promises and it has little speakers in the bottom that boosts your playback of songs and hands free calls - super loud and a great addition to an already excellent product. I love the gold color. Very pretty indeed!
I bought my Morphie for my iPhone 6 because I was so satisfied with the one I had bought for my iPhone 5. This one is in gold and the finish is spectacular. People regularly do a double take and ask me about it when they see it because it looks so attractive. I use my phone heavily and love the battery life! Great performance! Highly recommend!

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