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Mophie Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 4S / 4 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This ultimate iPhone 4S / 4 power user accessory more than doubles the battery power of your iPhone and provides the complete protection of a soft-touch case and shock-proof band.
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$68.73 inc. VAT
 4.4 stars from 16 customers

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Decent but irritating
Charging the case is very irritating because of it being on the side so its awkward to hold whilst on charge and the charger had many issues... otherwise its not a bad case charger at all.
Excellent product
Search no more, if u want a solo accessory to your iPhone , this is the one . The people working I mobile fun are so convenient , they respond very fast & the battery arrived in good condition as described.
I like my Mophie, Just wish i got more than 1 charge out of it.
I reviewed other sites, as I wanted a more powerful battery. Alot of reviews on other sites had bad reviews. There were alot of good reviews about this battery. This helped make my decision. I found I was charging my iphone4s, up to 3 times a day. So, I wanted a high powered battery, Now I only charge it up once a day, I am pretty happy with that. Wish it could be better.
The essential accessory for professional iPhone 4S users
Like many iPhone users I have always been disappointed with the battery life. I decided not to upgrade to an iPhone 5 as the battery performance did not appear to have been significantly improve. Instead I purchased the Mophie Juice Pack and my battery problems have disappeared. It is, in my view, the essential accessory for iPhones.
With the general, relative to character is just good
New product use it for the first time, the battery of my iphone4s from 12% to 80%,and the changing is end. Still feel into, may be it is the new one,it have not filling CLP, the products inside the electricity shortage causes.
Just the best you can buy
If u want a battery case to keep u always "alive" this is the best product u can buy ever!!

i've tried 4 different (cheaper) battery cases and no one did what they said that it could!!!

this awesome product is much expensive than any other,but believe me,is the only one that is doing wright what it promising!!
it doubles the iphone battery very easy and it's battery technology,is far away from similar other products. Your iphone battery is safe because of the way this case,handles it. Tha only thing I regret is that I didn't take it from the very 1st time!!.
Absolutely ideal for busy people!
This is a great battery pack, i've had several cheaper versions over the years and got fed up with poor quality or the fact they just dont work very well. I decided to go for the more expencive Mophie Juice Pack Plus and i'm really impressed! i've been using it for 2 weeks, used it, droped it and given it a good beating and its still going strong. Its quite large but if your on your phone all day its a life saver.

Pros: excellent battery life, tends to extend my battery about 24hrs!

Cons: very large in the pocket and the ruberised material sightly sticks to your pockets getting it in and out! If you dont need as long a battery i'd go for the Morphie Juice pack Air.
Great product, sturdy design. Very pleased with purchase
It really does double the battery life! a little more so if you use it to charge a depleted iphone battery rather than use it in tandem - ie. It runs out first, then switches to the phone's battery (there's a small switch on the case to determine which method it operates in). It charges both the phone and the case's batteries and can sync to itunes using a standard micro usb cable. The case is well made, fits with absolute precision, is well designed and feels quite tough. The battery status indicator on the bottom of the case is a really nice touch. Against:-
There's no getting away from the fact that it is a bit expensive, even when you weigh up what you're getting. And speaking of weight. It does make the phone feel bigger (although not unacceptably so) and heavier (although that might be more down to perception of added size rather than the case actually adding any real weight). Front protection is there but minimal. Cut out for the headphone socket might impede some phones' plugs. And the cut out for the mute switch might frustrate if your fingers are on the 'chunky' side. Verdict:-
This is by far the best accessory i've bought for my iphone 4. I'm very, very pleased with it. My girlfriend - who isn't easily impressed by this sort of thing - thought it was brilliant and immediately ordered a white 'air' version for her phone. Despite it's relatively high price, I would highly recommend it. 5 stars.
The most useful mobile phone accessory I have ever
This accessory has transformed my iPhone :-) Not only does it act as a protective case but it extends the battery life by 100%. Very well designed too so that there is no need to remove it when charging / sync'ing the phone.I can't say enough good things about it.....
A Must have for all iPhone 4 users!
Everyone i show this too is amazed as to what it does. Leaving home with your battery at 30% would have been something that you would have never even dreamed about but with this that is a thing of the past.

Plug in the Mophie Juice Pack Plus in and not only does it protect the phone from bumps and drops but it can easily charge your phone from 20% all the way up to 100% even after making a few phone calls and using the internet on 3G. Plus has some extra juice for a little trickle charge! Totally worth the money
Excellent Product!
This product is the best accessory I have purchased for my iPhone to date. If you don't mind the weight increase and the slightly larger size (which isn't much) it provides both a very good protective impact case as well as double (almost triple) battery life.

1: Full iPhone battery
2: Full charge (or about 90% if phone is fully discharged)
3: Another iPhone battery discharge

The best feature is that it has an On/Off switch on the charge for the battery. It also has a led display at the bottom showing the extended battery charge level. The case also has a micro USB connection to sync with iTunes and to charge the phone as well so does not require the proprietary apple cable.

This case however does not allow to be used with any iPhone docks or accessories with the iPhone connector.

The only difference between this and the "Air" model is that this has a 2000 vs 1500 battery power.
Good but faulty
Worked fine for the first month and then I would have to fiddle around with the wire to get it to charge, a few days later it would no longer charge..
MobileFun Reply
Hi Leon, We are sorry that you are not happy with your purchase. A member of customer services department should be in contact with you shortly to arrange a refund or replacement. We hope this does not deter you from considering us for future purchases.

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