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Momax U Charger for Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 / S4 LTE Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Momax U Charger for Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 / S4 LTE which simultaneously charges any compatible battery and mobile device connected via the USB charging port.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35937

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 4.7 stars from 15 customers

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Momax U Charger for Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 / S4 LTE
Fast reliable charger. Superb service once again from mobile fun. I will buy again.
Good device. I have 3 different sized batteries for my S3 and this great device charged all 3 with ease in no time at all. Best buy this month for me!
It is an awesome tool for charging my phone n spare battery at the same time. I just can't say if it takes less time than others as someone else mentioned but it definitely a great tool. Timely delivery n good value for money. Before that I had charging issues with my phone but I m happy with my purchase.
Does NOT do what it says on the tin.
This is a battery charger - and it does just that. However the instruction booklet says that a blue indicator light will show when it is charging and should turn to green when charging is complete, the charger then going into "standby mode". THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN. My S4 battery (the original supplied by Samsung) is showing 100% charge on the phone but the BLUE light remains on. This is the case whether I use the USB charging cable or insert the battery into the U Charger directly. Presumably this means that the charger has not gone into standby mode.
I cannot therefore award more than 2 stars - it is very disappointing that products do NOT perform according to manufacturers claims.
Excellent external battery charger
This charger is excellent. You can charge your spare battey externally, while you also charge your phone as you normally would.

The only down side to it are the ovely bright lights (blue while charging, then turns to green when done). I have had to cover these with electrical tape or it glows up like a Christmas tree.
This charger is what I always needed without even realising I did! As many probably do with slightly old Samsungs, I had a problem with battery (slow charging, and fast using). And I had literally gone through around 7 chargers in two years, with little success. Also had sent my phone to Samsung for repairs etc.

So when I found this charger, I thought it would be a great idea. I could charge my phone and spare battery at the same time. And I was right. I no longer worry or try to plan certain outings around my phone battery (seriously, I did!), because whichever battery is in my phone, the other is always ready at 100%... not to exaggerate, but life actually is more comfortable!

I'd recommend it for sure!
Just what I needed
I have found the charger to be a very useful item. It charges my phone quite quickly.
Inbelievable charger that has solved my none charging problem
I never take time to write reviews for anything I buy but I felt I had to about this charger as it has solved my phone problems. My Samsung Galaxy 3 stopped charging and I have been fiddling with the usb port for weeks wondering what the problem has been. I would put it on charge overnight and it would be 32% charged. So frustrating! I have been looking around for a way to solve it and read so much stuff on the Internet and I didn't want to return the phone as they would no doubt have to remove things I need off my phone. So when I came across this charger which had great reviews I thought I would buy it. I also bought a new battery in case this was the problem. I received the charger and battery in 3 days. I slotted the new battery into the charger and also plugged in my phone using the usb provided. Unbelievably it was fully charged within an hour. It turns out that I didn't need the new battery as my original battery charged with no m problem. However i'm going to keep the new battery just in case I need it. I guess you could save charging time by charging the second battery while you use your phone and when the first battery has run down you could just swop the batteries without ever having to put your phone on charge. This could be useful if you always need your phone to hand. This is honestly one of the best devices I've ever bought and would totally recommend it to anyone who has charging issues like had, anyone who wants super fast charging (fully charged in an hour) or anyone who could do without ever charging their b phone - although you would need to purchase a separate battery for the latter. I'm so pleased and have full use of my phone back without the hassle of sending it off. Five star product ... Buy it!!!!!
Good one
this is very useful specially when you can charge spare battery along with the main phone, i use it very often whenever i go on for cycling rides for more than 4 hours
A brilliant piece of kit!
The Momex U charger is just what I need to keep my Samsung Galaxy S3 running smoothly and coping with my busy schedule. With it I can charge a spare battery as well as the phone itself, and it charges the phone more quickly than the original adaptor! This device has very quickly become indispensable.
great device
Having bought other replacement chargers for my Samsung which took hours to trickle the charge in I was prepared for another disappoinment with this charger. NOT SO! It arrived promptly, and dies exactly what it claims to do. I charged both my phone and spare battery at the same time and was very pleased with how quickly this device did it. VERY happy with it! By the way, it also worked charging my partners HTC phone. Altogether a good buy.
better than old
ordered online and got the charger next day then put phone on charge and it charge my phone better than the old samsung charger that i had and also chargers the other battery that i got on the same day. just loving it
Does a great job
This product is very useful as I never have a dead phone (Battery life). Fantastic delivery as well. Ordered on weekend. Arrived Monday moning.
Best Charger
I bought this charger along with a new battery for my Samsung S3. Brilliant is all I can say. It charges the battery in your phone but, you can also mount a spare battery on it and charge it directly. No running out of battery power again. Great for going on holidays or long journeys, you just bring an extra fully charged battery. You can charge both together in a matter of a couple of hours.

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