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Momax iPower Pro 8500mAh Universal Portable Battery Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Give your phone or tablet much needed charge when you are out and about with the iPower Pro - capable of charging most phones 5-6 times per charge.
  • Mobile Fun ID 33032
$66.39 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 5 customers

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useful for those of us on the go
I'm using this power pack with my nexus 5 and nexus 7 devices. As well find from time to time you head into London or where ever for meetings and end up spending a lot of time on the train and between meetings on your device and the next thing is your battery is flat. Or you forget to plug in your phone the night before and its flat when you need to get going. This power pack allows you to charge two devices at the same time and quickly too. It takes about an hour to charge my nexus 5 from flat on this battery. Its a little bulky but does dit in your jacket pocket. Very useful.
Great help
Had to wait for it to come into stock, but well worth waiting for.
The build quality is excellent, charge capacity is very good. I have used it with map tracking which takes up a lot of power when using GPS. Would recommend it.Great product.
Stonking purchase
This bad boy, whilst being quite an expenditure for an accessory, has become an integral part of my modern day technological experiences. Both my SIII and Nexus 7 have a micro USB port, which this particular battery pack uses to charge. This allows me to only have to take one USB lead with me anywhere, and this battery pack, allowing me to charge all of my devices when necessary. A superb addition to my already well stocked gadget inventory. I've yet to use it for my primary reason for buying ie at festivals, but I doubt this good looking silver fox will let me down.
A very handy gadget
With the new generation of mobile phones eating up battery power like volts were on a credit card,I decided I'd had enough!I looked at some mini chargers,but I wanted something with plenty of power that wouldn't let me down.The Momax ipower Pro is just the job. 8000mah is unbelievable..that is enough power to recharge my phone 4 times..that means I can use my phone without any worry of it running dry...and it's will recharge 2 gadgets at the same time...and it will recharge netbooks,satnavs,laptops etc..this gadget is REEM !

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