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Mobile Phone Tripod Holder Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Now you can easily mount your mobile phone onto a tripod. Adjustable spring loaded mechanism allows for virtually any phone size.
  • Mobile Fun ID 21391
$17.86 inc. VAT
 3.2 stars from 20 customers

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great holder with cheap tripod
I found the phone holder to be exactly what I was after, I like the fact it has no screws or locking mechanism, the spring action of it & rubber grips hold my phone safely in place & the standard tripod thread mean I can use it on my existing tripods & even hook up to a monopod for shooting at some pretty crazy perspectives. It's a very simple device that does the job better than some other more complicated holders I've used in the past.

The tripod that came with it, will work, but it's pretty cheap & with enough use it, will eventually break/fall apart. But If you are like me, & own a few tripods, this won't be an issue..
The tripod lacks weight to stabilise the iPhone.With more weight and a lower centre of gravity this item would be totally functional.
is it compatible with nokia 808?
MobileFun Reply
Hi Mani,

Yes, this tripod should be compatible with the Nokia 808 - the dimensions of this phone are 123.9 x 60.2 x 13.9 mm. The tripod is compatible with dimensions up to 65 mm in height and 20mm in width.

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Useless for anything except a very thin phone
This mount is pretty much useless for all the mainstream phones around at the moment, the phones which would fit in it won't have a decent enough camera for you to want to mount them.

It really needs to be updated to take larger phones
This holder will NOT fit 'virtually any mobile phone'. It has a maximum opening of 60mm which rules out all the main smart phones except the iPhone. The spring used is so powerful that polycarbonate-bodied phones could distort enough to cause damage.
Complete waste of money.
Not quite what I thought
The mobile phone tripod is a handy tool for those who have mobiles that are unlike the 4.3 inch smart phones that we get today. The part which holds the mobile is kind not something that you can adjust by turning a knob. So if you have say a Samsung Galaxy S2, you wouldn't be able to hold it using this. But a Nokia X6 fits right. It is ideal for holding phones that are up to approx 3.5 inches wide. Wider than that I doubt if the holder would break. But for the phones that can be used with it, it is actually very firm and sturdy. height of the tripod can also be adjusted. It would be around 2 feet if fully extended. Probably if the holder had a knob to adjust its clamp to hold wider phones, I would give it a full 5 on 5. But i'm happy with it as I have phones that aren't very wide. Nokia X6 and Nokia N82. So check out your phone's size first before you buy this.
Would not recommend for Galaxy S 2
The holder has to be stretched to slightly beyond maximum to fit Galaxy (with no case around th phone). The tripod is flimsy and the mounting hole on the bracket is threaded plastic and would be very easy to strip the thread.
just great
Item was lovely
small and compact
just what needed.
mobilephone tripod holder failure.
This mobile phone tripod holder is good only if it is being used as stationary. I have mounted this to my road bike handle bar ta take video while I was cycling,unfortunately the the thing snap out from the set of the holder and fall from disgrace including my sony ericsson xperia. It is not secure to use in mounting to your roadbike.
Great Item
This product seems to fit most mobile phones and holds the mobile nice and steady to take video or a delayed pic.
OK, but not great
I only wanted the head of this gadget to fit on a tripod I already have, and to hold my Nokia N8. The head part detatches easily from the tripod, and the N8 fits (only just, although I guessed it would be tight). I had hoped the head unit would be of better quality but it feels a bit plasticky and cheap; time will tell how long it lasts! It does the job, but doesnt feel of high quality.
Ideal but tricky
The tripod Stand is ideal for the purpose it is intended for however a little tricky at first to get used too After a few minutes and a few easy adjustments its fine. The top holding bracket is spring loaded and is of high tension which for obvious reasons is necessary but as stated can be a bit tricky to get used to
Fail, Fail, Fail.

The only thing actually worth getting is the bracket on top, then add your own tripod, because this one will fall apart within days. It's flimsy, badly constructed and very, very pointless.

The bracket is great though, as it will fit on all normal tripod heads (1/4" threaded screw mount).
adjustable mobile holder AND tripod for cellphones
Useful item for my N97 smartphone. I am now able to shoot pictures more steadily and self shots too. The object is as reviewed, sturdy enough and easy to handle for the purpose. A good thing - I didn't know before purchasing - the holder itself can be unscrewed from the tripod and maybe used on another one or just used standalone to provide the smartphone with a flat side on which to let it rest horizontally when taking pics.
Does exactly what it says on the tin. Has fit for 3 different phones so far, great for selt-timer photo shots, or doing stable video footage. Would be nice if it folded up a bit smaller, then it would be perfect, but that's just nit-picking.
Reasonable quality, excellent value for money
The mounting bracket of this tripod is very good - decent quality and works well. The actual tripod itself is sligtly less solid but make no mistake it works fine and for the price is great value. Recommended
Not suitable for a Nokia N900
The spring loaded top restraint pushes down on either the power button (hard enough to switch the device off) or the snapshot button. It's a bit brutal also.

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