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Mobile Fun Connection Kit for Samsung Galaxy S4 / S3 / Note 3 / Note 2 Reviews

Seamlessly connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 / S3 to various digital devices using the Mobile Fun connection kit which allows the connection of your S4 / S3 or Note 3 / 2 to standard USB, micro USB, SD & Micro SD cards.
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 4.4 stars from 53 customers

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Best product I ever bought!
Wow!! This product works great!!! For a 1st time user like me, it was so easy and quick to use. I love this gadget!!!!
4 in 1 comms kit
Very happy with product. Makes it easier to share files between phone and tablet. Much easier when on the move.
Just what I need
When using this item can I connect an sd card to transfer photos which are on the sd card straight on to my samsung s3 please.
obile Fun Connection Kit for Samsung Galaxy S4 / S3 / Note 3 / Note 2
Excellent service and product.
Mobile Fun Connection Kit for Samsung Galaxy S4 / S3 / Note 2
The product works wonderfully and I am very happy to have the unit as a part of my collection of gadgetry. prior to this i would have t load and remove everything from the phone either through email (sorry, not paying extra for a media account) or the SD card which worked, but it was clumsy. This allows me to plug a USB stick into a PC and then into the device and move it to my phone. So Simple!
Really diverse Item!
I really like this piece of equipment because it allows me to transfer or download stuff to and from my phone to any other device.
Great item!!
samsung galaxy 4in1 connecter
Great little gaget connects your micro sd , camera sd and usb flash to your phone or tablet works perfect for transfer of files .only down side won't run external hard drives but thats a problem with the phones.
H10A Connection Kit
H10A Connection Kit should come equipped with a 15cm cord attached.The protective case must be removed to use the unit.A micro to micro cord dose not seem to available.
The H10A Kit itself works fine
So much promise but......
The idea behind this little bit of kit is spot on. In theory it allows to to plug in CD card fullsize and micro,mina USB and fullsize USB. They all work just fine - BUT - it is almost impossible to keep the gadget plugged into either the S3 or the Nexus. It stays in after a fashion as long as the unit is laid flat which is awkward in most circumstances. So for the price and poor fit 2 stars is generous.
Mobile Fun Connection
The connector is perfect they read my phone everything sd card usb flash hard disk , is incredible....
I love it
it does exactly what it says it does.
I can view all my pictures and videos off a usb stick without having to download to phone. and i haven't even played with the other options yet.
i love it!
Very useful
Just what I wanted to expand my phone. Very useful.
Right Sized Travel Companion
The connection kit was puchased to interface with a Samsung S3 with the objective of downloading photos and avoiding having to carry a larger netbook while travelling. As claimed, it handles SD cards well but am not having any success trying to download Sony Memory Stick Pro pictures when inserted into a seperate card reader and inserted into the USB port of the Connection Kit. Connection Kit user manual was not written by someone with English as their first language, though it is very helpful. Mobile Fun website very user friendly (Compares favourably with Sony's).
Compact & Light
Perfect, user manual doesn't make much sense but you don't need it anyway.
Attempted to contact via email about this...
Bought this for my note 2, the fit is terrible. It is very hard to get into the phone, and it slips out very easily. If I don't hold it in tightly it disconnects. I have bought an extension cable to alleviate this, the adapter works, when it is plugged in tight...
As I stated, I did try to resolve this with customer support, but never heard back.
Awesome Addition!
When I discovered this product on YouTube by chance, there was no doubt that it would make a great addition to my Note II, which now feels like an Expandable Power House...Very cool.

I do hope this product will endure for a long time.

Thank you, MobileFun!
great product to get the most out of your phone
I purchased this adapter being skeptical since most adapters i have used in the past dont do what they claim... but gave it a try just to see.. it works really well everything in the video i was able to do on my phone no extra hidden steps or tricks... i love the item and reccommend it to anyone with the same phone as mine...
couldn't resist!
Bought this for my new Samsung galaxy s3,seemed such a brilliant idea I couldn't resist it. Works perfectly,opens files,pics etc. effortlessly from memory sticks and sd cards.However, when my phone's new Otterbox case arrived, I found I couldn't fit the connection kit,and the case is far too cumbersome a job to remove it! Am not giving up, am awaiting delivery of a short male to female micro usb extension cable which should solve the problem - from China! Will let you know!

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