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Mobile Broadband Vehicle Antenna - CRC9 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Boost your Mobile Broadband signal while you're on the move by upto 5dbi with this magnetic 3G signal booster for Broadband dongles with CRC9 connection.
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 4.5 stars from 6 customers

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Works a treat
This little bad boy was superb. Got it to make sure we had good 3G connection on our road trip from Bristol to Yorkshire and it worked brilliantly. At one stage it took is from 2 bars to 4 bars so really made a difference. It also cling firmly to the bonnet even on the motorway. A good investment! :)
No perceptable improvement
Based on the reviews here I decided to purchase one of these. I'm on O2 & without the antenna the signal level on my Huewei E169 USB stick keept swapping between 3G & HSDPA, with the a signal level of low/good.

Plugging in the antenna made no difference at all. I tried altering the position of the antenna, but still no improvement (but to fair, no detriment) in signal level.

However, eventually I did find that using a USB extension cable to get the dongle close to the window (without the antenna!) improved the signal level to 'very good'. Hence, I should have bought a USB extension lead in the first place, rather than the antenna.
Mobile Broadband Vehicle Antenna - CRC9
Its made all the difference to my vodafone dongle, gone from gprs signal to 3g+, I live on a boat and it sticks on the roof with its magnet and has transformed my internet browsing, great product.
Mobile Broadband Vehicle Antenna - CRC9
I bought this primarily for use in my caravan in areas of dubious reception. I first tried this antenna in my study. My dongle detected no service, no bars showing for signal strength. I connected the antenna with it in the same location and got 3 bars out of a max 5. Next tried over a weekend away in the caravan and even with torrential rain got max signal strength and good connectivity. Results so far look promising. Only gripe, other suppliers provide this antenna with a metal bracket with suction cups for fixing to a window. My supplier didn't so this is something I will have to source.
Ordered on a weekend delivered on Tuesday. Can't ask for me than that.

Indoors our T-Mobile dongle had 1 bar of signal on the web'n'walk.

Adding the attenna and running it outside, the leads about 2M, the signal went up to full 3G strength.

This is going to be so useful in the tin box that is our caravan.

Product works as stated and delivery was as prompt as it could be.

Very Pleased.
A product that works!
If you have any problems getting a decent signal with a mobile wifi dongle - buy this product. I live in an area that seems to be a mobile signal blackspot. I've tried the 3 network, Vodafone and finally in desperation O2. The last one gave a signal of sorts (20% Low) but on attaching the Vehicle Antenna the signal rose to 60% Good straight away.That was in lousy weather conditions and I'm hopeful it will rise further. So if you want to wave goodbye to signal dropout etc, do yourself a favour - buy this product today

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