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Mobile Broadband Antenna Adapter Cable - CRC9 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Don't buy a new antenna when you change your Mobile Broadband Dongle, just replace the antenna connector with this CRC9 Adapter
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 4.5 stars from 2 customers

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mobile broadband Antenna
I bought this item so if I had a bad/weak signal I could easily improve it as some broadband dongles are weak in my area and my workplace. I also had bought a high gain a High-Gain 8G Aerial for to connect to this item but the universal connector did not fit the Aerial so had to buy RC female connectors on fleabay buy now everything is alright, just be warned the so called universal connector isn't so universal.

regards John Paul
Mobile signal boost
I bought an outdoor panel antenna from this site and gained 2 bars with a universal connection to my mobile broadband. I had my old mobile broadband modem with a CRC9 connection, I bought this and now have a steady 5 bars even in these winter conditions.
Try to get a modem with a CRC9 connection for the best signal with any of the antennas for sale from this site.

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