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MiPow Playbulb Candle - 3 Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The beauty of a candle, yet the wonders of digital - the 3 pack of MiPow Playbulb Candles feature LEDs to create a huge variety of colours to suit your mood and can even be blown out like a real candle. It is handy, smart and more importantly... safe!
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 4.7 stars from 41 customers

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Delightful Novelty Candle
Product description very accurate by Mobilefun. Packed very well and delivered on time. Very easy to set up, unit needs 3 X AA batteries (not supplied). Candle easy to operate from App installed on my android smartphone. To make the Candle work there is a little black switch inside the Candle which needs to be turned on. I really love the variety of colour control provided from my smartphone. Well worth buying it. Go on you know you want to!
Great Fun
I gave one of these to each of my nieces and they loved then so mission accomplished, Cheers!
Great Fun
I gave one of these to each of my nieces and they loved then so mission accomplished, Cheers!
i have not tried the item it has been brought as a christmas present but have rated the candle 5 star because i have herd good things. and might i add the service of your company is excellent.
It's really great it could be a wee bit brighter but very easyis to use
Great product, very useful and easy to use
The delivery was way faster than I had expected, although it's a international mail. The product was so fun to play with, or actually use as a household device like night light or for decorations. By using the app, the level of brightness and the way it displays can be adjusted, and you can also set the timer, for how long you want it to light up. I like the way it uses batteries because it is much safer. I especially love the way it turns off by just a blow. Very creative
I would recommend this candle to anyone who likes gadgets that are fun and quirky
I purchased this for my 11 year old daughter as a present and she absolutely loves it. It is a great product and well made. There are loads of different colour options and it is really easy to set up with the apple app. It is also a great night light as there are colour choices that are not too bright not night times. The candle can also be blown out just like a real candle which is a great novelty and it can also be put out by putting your and over the top. We haven't tried the scented disc which are supplied with this candle yet but from what we have seen of this product so far, I and sure they will be a lovely extra to it.
I would recommend this candle to anyone who likes gadgets that are fun and quirky.
Great idea...easy to set up...does exactly what it says it does....
Refer short review
Great idea...easy to set up...does exactly what it says it does....
Refer short review
Great Fun and Great Price
Bought for my partner's Daughter's 13th Birthday and she loves it. It takes seconds to download the free app, which gives you control of the type of light, i.e. Static, Flickering etc..and you can set whatever colour you like, there are so many options. Makes a great night light and you can literally blow it out, like a real candle, but obviously 100% safer! Buy one, you won't be disappointed!
A Burning Success
A great little gadget, you need the app to use it's advanced features like rainbow fade and candle effect, can control the brightness and colour and even set timers for when it should turn on and off. A very cleaver little candle thats sure to not catch alight.
Great fun, can be used inside or out
Purchased two Playbulb Candles and sinked the with ease, they can be operated via your smart phone to create many lighting effects, great fun, can be used inside or out.
Excellent product quickly delivered
The playbill is a fun and very versatile piece of lighting tech. Wonderful to use and helps set interesting and diverse moods.
Excellent product quickly delivered
The playbill is a fun and very versatile piece of lighting tech. Wonderful to use and helps set interesting and diverse moods.
Cleaver little light
This is a clever little bulb which you can control from your smart phone . It has loads of different colours and setting you can choose from . You can make it flicker like a real candle or just change to every colour of the rainbow . I bought 2 for my daughter and she loves them . One of the candles got lost in the post so I emailed Stuart at mobile fun and he posted a replacement the next day , which I thought was very kind of him . Thank you
Creates nice atmospher
Great way to set a nice atmosphere without the worry of candles burning. Interchangeable discs to change the mood and can be used inside or outside. Like the connectivity with iphone
Great product
A very nice product that looks great in the home. Love the way you turn them on & off by blowing. Worth checking that you can download the App before buying.
Great item
Great item , fast delivery ,can't stop playing with it know I have downloaded the app for it , sits on my coffee table everyone that see's it comments on it , you must download the app to get all the different effects from it my favourite part no fiddling around to turn it off just blow it out like a normal candle
Delightful gift
I had never used Mobile Fun before and was impressed by the ease with which I was able to place my order and the short length of time taken to receive it. The service was impressive. The MiPow candle light also impressed our granddaughter as a fun present which she could link up with her iPhone. Within seconds she had downloaded the free app and was experimenting with all the colour options - we also discovered it could play music! A successful gift. Thank you.
Fun Lamp
Fun lamp and you really can blow it out
Fun Lamp
Fun lamp and you really can blow it out
Lovely xmas present
I bought this recently as a christmas present for my Grandaughter and she told be it was brilliant and liked the way she can control it with her smartfone changing the colours to suit the mood,fast delivery as usual and it was reduced in price which made it a bargain
Its Fantastic!!!!
Love it, its so safe and looks great. You can time it to come on and go off when you want to. Colours are fabulous, mix them or have them seperate or just plain white, fantastic.
Great fun.!
I ordered this as a present for my 11 year old grand daughter.....and she loves it.....She thinks it's really cool to have a light on her bedside table that she can switch on and off and change the colour from her phone. The app is easy to,download and works really well.Very successful present.....and now I've got one too !
Bought the Playbulb for my 10 year old Grandaughter and she uses it beside her bed.She is fascinated being able to control it with her iPhone .
One of the best little gadgets I have seen.
I have know bought her the LED lightbulb with the Bluetooth speaker which is even more impressive and she thinks I am wonderful.
Keep the little gadgets coming.
Doug Gordon
I bought these on the spur of the moment because they were on offer and had relatively good reviews.

After setting them up and installing the app, I set them to candle effect. And was impressed indeed.

They're about as bright as tealight candles, and do the job of them really well.

Highly recommended.

Oh... And the wife thinks that they are great too!
Mipow playbulb candle
Easy to use, lovely colours so I ordered another one the same day I recieved the first one
Small and powerful
Really nice and small light but dont expect it to light your room.
Nice product
Really good product that kept my partner entertained on Christmas day.
App does need a bit of improvement as grouping the candles is a bit faffy and blowing the device out needs some practise to get working correctly but all expected as a first generation product.
Nicely packaged and simple to use. definitely recommended.
Awesome little thing
The playbulb candle is just awesome. Using your iphone you can make it light up as any colour you want. You can do effects too, like making it flash, phase, or flicker like a candle. They have so many uses too, not just aesthetically, but they're great as safe nightlights for kids, or for gentle lighting during the night-time loo visit. What's more, you turn it off by blowing it out.
Honestly, this item is fab, and even better grouped with others. And you won't find a better price online than at mobilefun. Trust me, I tried. 100% recommended by me.
Brilliant (in both senses of the word)
Excellent, fun little candle. Download the app and off you go... I still can't figure out how it works, but when you're done, just blow it out!
Fantastic even for non tech people
I bought this for my wife for Christmas.
She is the least techy person i know and i usually have to set this sort of thing up but she not only managed to set this up by herself, but managed to find that it had scented discs in it as well.
I didn't know it had these when i bought it but won me extra brownie points as i pretended i knew all along.
As you can link multiples of these together on the same app on your phone, she is now dropping hints that she wants more.
They are good quality and easy to use what more could you want
Here is a tip for you; if you turn these upside down they can be used as a colour changing tea-light candle holder, this feature is approved by the manufacturer so it is perfectly safe.
I am now a Mipow fan and will be changing a lot of my lighting to Mipow adjustable lights.
Poor Value for Money/Quality
The batteries were not included and had to buy six AA batteries.

The quality of the product does not justify the money.

Poor product quality and poor value for money
Great device
It is simply joyable to have in your living room, while relaxing or just enjoying the moment.
This item is brilliant and I haven't found it cheaper anywhere. Delivery was quick too.
Good and bad.
Goods OK. But cannons download the APP to run them. Not a lot of help from MiPow.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Peter

For Apple devices:

For Android devices:

Hope this helps.
i bought this as i like gadgets and its really very good and my friends have admired it also
Let There Be Light
This candle is a never ending focal point of my front table now. It looks chic and the ability to control the range of colours and effects from my phone is a great utility. It has been on all day and evening for 5 days now and is still going (glowing?) strong on one set of batteries. Strongly recommended.
The video looked great and the candle is great!! I bought two which you can use at the same time and the colours change at the same time when you use the app. Simply download Playbulb X in the app store. To blow the candle out is really cool - i've never seen anything quite like this before - Amazing!
Missed opportunity
Just received 9 candles via the Kickstarter campaign. A professionally made product but not everything they advertised.
Firstly, there are no instructions beyond-> download our app.

There are issues with my products ( or at least I can't figure out how to use them as, again, no instructions). The equalizer doesn't turn on ( to sync with light shows). Plus the candles don't blow out, as they're supposed to.

Now these issues might be relegated to my shipment but one thing I can't stand is that although, in the video, they indicated that groups of candles can be set up to create interesting patterns, to give you control of your new bluetooth devices, the design of the controls are terrible. No save feature, no timing numbers, just unlabelled , tiny slide rules subsequently not programmable as they have to be set every time you turn the candles on. The only thing these candles are good for is identifying your epileptic friends in the crowd as all they do is blink at different frequencies; 1 second intervals or fractions thereof.

Real missed opportunity.

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