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MightyBox Double Protection Case for Galaxy S2 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your S2 from damage with this two piece protective case from MightyBox
  • Mobile Fun ID 31944
$17.25 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 6 customers

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Perfect, just perfect
This case is the best I've found.
All the buttons now work better with the case on. Perfect wrap round fit. All edges protected, and no restriction on cable ports.
I ordered another in case they ran out!
Just light and Soft
I'm looking new case for awhile.
But not easy with my S2 right now.

Mobilefun newsletter guide me to this.

MightyBox look so thickness and massy at website.
But when I got my case it pretty ,light and soft touch.

Sorry for my English,
great case!
The overall quality of the case is almost excellent. Almost perfectly cut holes with small exceptions: the cut for the micro USB port is a bit small and will only allow you to plug the official Samsung USB jack as it's plastic protector is a bit smaller than the standard jacks. Mic cuts are about 1mm off, but it's not a problem. The plastic cover fits on the silicone case almost perfectly: there are small leftovers from the silicone mould on the edges of the rim of the
USB cut, which prevents the plastic cover from fitting perfectly. Can be easily fixed with nail cutters though. The last cons is that the silicone material collects dust.
Pros: looks sick ; nice soft touch(really nice grip) ; good protection ; great tactile feel of the buttons; protects both the screen and the camera of the phone due to the convex cut of the case ; LOOKS SICK!!!

I highly recommend it!
Value for money!
I bought this case, cause I thought it was beautiful and handy. It consists or two parts: a soft silicon case at the bottom and on top if it a hard plastic plate with holes.

The materials are exxcellent. The application is easy and steady.

The cuts are fine and the operation and usage of all the phone's functions are not obstracted.

For 15.49€, yes it is a value for money!!!

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