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Microsoft Display Dock for Continuum Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Attach your Windows 10 Mobile device to your television or monitor to experience a Windows-like desktop computer experience, using a USB keyboard and a mouse so you can use your phone for the ultimate productivity experience.
  • Mobile Fun ID 54959
$92.94 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 7 customers

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Great Concept, Flawed Execution
*Note for US buyers, does not come with power adapter for US but you can use the power cable that came with your phone.*

So the product itself is very sturdy, has metal sides... has a bit of weight to it an the bottom has a non slip kind of material to keep it in place. It's a great design. Feels very premium, not cheap at all. Built to last.

In terms of actual function. Well it works but not as well as it should. This will not replace your PC. All the native apps work fantastic... minus Edge Browser, it forces desktop sites which is great in theory but I've found a lot of big name sites are just too heavy (mostly due to ads), the device just can't handle it.

A good number of 3rd party apps lack support for continuum at this time too. For apps that do work though it can be a pretty fantastic experience overall. PC replacement it is not, but as long as you go into it with that mind set... it's pretty nice!
Totally impressed
Before buying this product, I read a lot of reviews and articles about it. I can say that, even if I already knew everything about it, when I first used it I was totally impressed about this new experience. If you are a business guy that uses a lot word, excel, powerpoint, you do not need a laptop anymore... Just connect your phone, a monitor or a projector, a mouse and a keyboard and you are done. While using the phone still works. You can also receive Skype video calls in the phone while using the dock as well...
Great addition to Lumia 950
This is a great addition to my lumia 950 phone. I use my phone as a pocket computer during the day, then plug it in as a desk computer at night. Bought a HDMI monitor and a wireless keyboard and mouse. Easy setup. Not all of your phone apps will work with this, mostly those written for universal windows 10. Sometimes a little slow, but not a problem for me. I did receive it with a non-U.S. power adapter but had a USB-C power adapter available.
I used this dock and it's such an amazing device as it gives users the option to use their phone like a a Windows 10 desktop. I love it!
Spot on
Great bit of kit, works exactly as expected. No delay using it wirelessly on a smart TV, very happy. Few delivery problems (due to MS not MobileFun) but Mf kept me updated and once released in the UK had it within a few days.
works great on 959xl
Works great on 950 xl.
UK Plug
Ordered two - both included UK plug. Should work with an adapter, but not disclosed in product description.

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