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MHL to HDMI Cable TV-Out Adaptor Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Connect your MHL-equipped mobile phone or tablet to your HDMI TV for HD playback of videos stored on your device with this adaptor with built in HDMI cable.
  • Mobile Fun ID 32845

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 3.8 stars from 5 customers

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Does what it says
As the title says it does what it says. Tried other cables that either didn't fit or wouldn't work. Can now watch videos from my phone on tv. excellent product
Good Cable but....
I decided on this cable because it's length was what I needed. However, I did wonder if the extra cost was worth it. It proved to be ideal, but I keep losing the signal and have been considering returning it. It seems there is an intermitent connection fault because moving the lead about brings the problem on and off. All in all, a good cable but not sure of the quality.
Much better than separate adaptor and HDMI cable
This cable has one enormous advantage over a separate MHL to HDMI adaptor and HDMI cable: the power connector is at the HDMI end. With separate adaptor and cable, the phone is tethered by the power lead to the adapter as well as by the HDMI cable which is a real nuisance. With this cable there is only one tether, a huge improvement in convenience. On top of that, it works perfectly.
works ok with a dock
Thought this looked like a really good idea to leave an HDMI cable and power connected by my TV but the connection just flickers in and out. I bought a dock aswell and found that this connection works much better if plugged into a dock. The dock I have is Part No: LX4A-SGN

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