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Metal-Slim Sand Blast Protective Case for HTC One M7 - Grey Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Specifically made for the HTC One M7, this protective hard shell case will shield your phone from everyday knocks and features a unique textured surface.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38466
$19.71 inc VAT
 5 stars from 5 customers

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Simple but ideal
Fits great, nice feel with a non slip grip. Importantly, unlike other cases I've had, it doesn't add bulk and helps maintain the slim feature of the phone, so no problem if you carry the phone in your pocket like me.
The shell doesn't spoil the look of the phone and is tough enough to withstand knocks,
htc one metal slim sandblast case review
First of all this came quickly through mobilefun and it's great! The case fits very well, it does exactly as they say and is brilliantly slim, it leaves the a large amount of room where the buttons are so you don't actually have to fiddle and worry about fiddling about to find the gap in the case. It's perfect, the finish feel of the case was exactly what I was looking for and it's just right if you know what a sanblast feel is like, it gives you grip and it's smooth but at the same time it slides in and out of your pocket with ease, unlike rubbery cases that make it difficult and irritating. I think with a name of metal slim though it would be cool and appealing if it was like a thin aluminium shell with sandblast coating. Worth the money!
Great case.
Great Cover
unique texture.
rough surface doesn't make skratch because it's softer than metal.
fits perfectly.
it can protect corner of front side of your device.
really slim.

that's my style.

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