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Metal-Slim Bumper Frame for Sony Xperia Z1 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect the corners and edges of your Sony Xperia Z1 with this stylish flexible Bumper Frame from Metal-Slim in black.
  • Mobile Fun ID 41877
$17.25 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 14 customers

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Rather great!
A bumper frame that fits snugly to the phone and protects it quite well. Bonus points for being colour coordinated to the purple phone! The only con is that the phone does not fit on the DK31 charging dock and cannot be used with other magnetic charging cables with the frame on. Otherwise superb fit and protection.
Just received mine and it's in great shape. I've yet to comment on the quality, but it fits the Xperia Z1 phone perfectly. Buttons are soft and makes pressing real easy.
Great case, that works and looks good
Great case, it protects my phone very well, has an edge that is high enough to protect the screen and back panel if the phone were to land flat, I also love the look of the case, and it has just enough colour, and doesn't hide the look of the phone, the Z1 is a very nice looking phone, but i would never using my phone without a case, this case doesn't hid the phone anyway and looks great.
Sweet case
This case is a classy case. Perfect fit for my Sony Z1. Best of the current cases for this phone. Shows off the beauty of its design.
Great bumper
This bumper is made by Metal Slim. It is a Taiwanese company and i think this bumper is really high quality. this is the second time i purchase this bumper from Metal slim. Last time i got a purple one. it protects my xperia z1 very well with its thick rubberized finished material on both the front and back. i'd definitely recommend this bumper to people who own xperia z1 and who are looking for a great bumper. also it looks nice in my opinion.
Great case for the price
Got this case in a little less than a week. It's great for this phone. Hard to find my favourite colour for the Sony Xperia-z1. I wanted a case without a back because of the water proof-Ness of this phone. I did not want water sitting behind my phone if I were to take it in the pool and let it sit there to dry. Buttons on the side are a little hard to get used to but it's not difficult. The only problem with the case is the flap for the charger. But that would be with any case you find.
Protective case
I wanted a case that still allowed the phones quality to show through and this seemed to meet the requirement of protection plus phone visibility.

First off, this is a bumper frame - it does not protect the back or front of the phone other than by the raised surrounds - this is what I wanted.

It seems to be well made (being fairly rigid off the phone) and fits very well, all openings are quality. The black frame suits my black phone perfectly.

The frame has clear sides - a very neat touch.

The rubber bumpers project more than I thought they would, better for protection, but makes the phone a bit fatter than I would like - though it is still slimmer than my Galaxy Ace with its cover on!

I'm sure it will provide good protection when placed or dropped on a flat surface, but be aware that on a uneven/bumpy surface it will not if falling on its face or back

I really like the looks now, its definitely grown on me!

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