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Masterplug Surge Protected 8 Plug Power Block with Dual USB - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Increase your charging options with this 8 plug extension block by Masterplug featuring surge protection and two in-built USB ports.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40155
$33.18 inc VAT
 5 stars from 6 customers

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Are your precious electricals lacking in energy?
Mine usually are, totally starved and waiting hopefully in line for the next available socket. Then the mobile, tablet and Bluetooth joined the queue.
So I hunted for Something which would relieve the feeding-time at the zoo, sick of finding that every device was about to expire.
This neat power table hides away under a cupboard, safe and not a trap for unwary feet or curious kittens. The sockets have relieved the queue, and their design makes it easier to fit in those bulky transformer type plugs that like to take up two spaces. The usb sockets have solved the mini-problem, as they can take hubs (greedy) but best of all, the panel can be pulled out smoothly, no scratching floor, and then shoved away out of sight, or even mounted inside a cupboard if you are truly organised.
My favourite feature is that I no longer have to struggle to unplug or plug anything in - literally, as this sits flat on the floor, and it is soooo easy to push plugs home properly now! Removing the little beasts is easier too, just brace myself and pull, holding socket panel flat on the floor with my feet(truthfully). The usb cables sockets can be located by touch easily, as they sit neatly in the centre, and no tangled mess of cables, as the very design means that they generally spread out in spider shape, which also makes the panel very stable and much easier to locate the correct plug when needed.
I am one very happy person, my various gadgets are now able to find a space at the trough and I look at my old 'tower' versions with horror, wishing I had found these panels years ago. The lifetime warranty, well, The make is unequalled, the quality of the product, even the packaging, just make you know that it is going to be there for as long as it is needed, reassuringly safe and (relatively) tangle free, just getting on and helping with our tangled cabley homes.
To sum it up - BRILLIANT buy and whow, what value!
Masterplug Powerblock x 8 with USB and Surge Protected
Fantastic piece of kit. Enabled me to do away with two smaller power block adapters plus surge protected now. Can charge iPhone and iPad from the USB ports without using another plug, Ordering another today for office. Best buy in years an Easy 5 Stars *****
great piece of kit
this power surge is the best,its got 2 blue lights on the end,power and surge LED indicators,and 2 USB outputs so you can charge your mobile phone when working on you computer.and my iPad.this is a great piece of kit.it also has a very long cable about 6 foot,all my computer stuff is plugged in this 8 13 amp plug charger/ extension box I only had it one day when we had a big thunder and lightning strike and all the electric went off.my neighbors had 4 electrical this broke. destroyed burnt.So thank you mobilefun for a great charger/power blocker/extension.this is a true. review so buy it with confidence,don't buy heap stuff one last thing this really works.this review
Exactly what I needed
Space saving convenience that is practical and unobtrusive. Provides al the connections I need in a single place.
Exactly what I needed
My first time ordering from MobileFun; the item arrived super quickly. This item keeps all the wires tidy whereas before it was a jumble of them, all getting entangled. MobileFun will be my "go to" supplier for electronic/electric devices.
MobileFun Reply
Thank-you Rekha! We're glad that you are pleased with your purchase!
Essential work station cable tidying device
The 8 plug surge protected Power Block has replaced three separate extension blocks that previously cluttered the floor beneath my desk & provides power to all my work station equipment & portable devices.

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