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Masterplug Surge Protected 4 Plug Power Block with Dual USB - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Increase your charging options with this 4 plug extension block by Masterplug featuring surge protection and two in-built USB ports. In black.
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 4.8 stars from 118 customers

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Excellent purchase.
Fast delivery as usual with Mobile Fun. Works well to charge both personal and work mobiles using just one socket and gives 2 extra sockets. Thoroughly recommend.
Fantastic! Incredibly useful
I purchased this for my daughter who was travelling around Asia for 5 months. She found it one of her most useful items she took with her. Quite often in the rooms she stayed there was only 1 power outlet so this used with her travel plug for the appropriate country allowed her to charge all the gadgets she needed for day to day use. 4 additjonal sockets and 2 USB outlets, compact and lightweight for not a lot of money and from a very trusted manufacturer. It's a win win as far as I am concerned.
Great Space Saver
Imagine - Bedside table. Lamp - Clock - iPhone Charger - Kindle charger. Needed a BIG 4-way which wouldn't also fit on the top. Now this neat little unit takes the place of two chargers, accommodates two plugs and I've got two spare sockets. This is a truly great space saver
Space saving extension lead
I had a mass of plugs, chargers and cables on the floor and wanted an extension lead that would solve the problem and the 4 Plug power block fitted the bill perfectly. I now have a tidier floor and my phone charges from the block with no problems.
Practicality !!!
This is a well made item,,,, and looks good till you plug in four cables.
Not so nice with the cables up in the air. Looks like more thought could
Have been put into the shape. Spoils a really good adaptor...
Also I think all adaptors should be individually switched.
Thank you.
Surge protected plug sockets and usb ports all in one
I purchased 2 of the masterplugs. I am about to order 3 more. I have found them so handy as I no longer have to reach down to sockets in the wall or clutter my twin sockets with usb hubs. This has it all. Surge protected plug sockets and usb ports all in one. The only downside I have found is that to turn off you have to unplug from the wall. It would have made the perfect score if it had a switch to turn it off. If you are considering the purchase of one of these, just think where you will be using it and I assure you, you will find a home for more than one.
Very good
Great compact And light charger. Easy to use.

The best I've had and used.
Very good
We have very poor signal strengths where we live.
This product has made life a lot easier.

We do not have any broadband or public signal system - so this is what we really needed.

We hope in time that improvements on this machine will help us further rather than struggle
To get outr messages in and out.

But is a great start. The best we have had in 17 years we've been here!!

Thank you
Well made but not great design.
Position of 13 amp sockets are not ideal Cables should not be up in the air when in place.Also it would be much better if individually switched.... Its well made ,but not suitable for many placements.
A Quality Product
Very impressed with the quality and finish of the product. It has 4x13 amp sockets and 2xUSB sockets, which is obvious from the advert and the main reason I purchased it (to provide a "charging station"), but it is more compact and convenient than most other power-blocks with similar capacity. It is also surge-protected and can be wall-mounted if required. The indicator-lamps are perhaps a little too bright and in use I find it fine for ordinary 13 amp plugs or charger-units/time-clocks with wires exiting below or with longer bodies which hang down below the pins but not so convenient for other units which project above the pins or with wires which exit upwards. This is more of a problem if the unit is to be secured to a wall or work-surface. A minor niggle maybe but it might be better if the sockets on at least one side were capable of being rotated through 180° to enable different shapes of unit to be accommodated.
Good Price.
Very Good Product,very usefull when mains power points are limited,dual usb ports are very handy
Solid piece of kit with a decent glow light to indicate it is on
solid piece of kit
with a decent glow light to indicate it is on.
Brilliant Device
This item arrived in double quick time and am really impressed with it's functionality. It is of excellent quality, charges my phones and I pad rapidly. Can be wall mounted or sits very nicely on floor or table top. Would certainly recommend it.
Worth taking with you.
Found it a very useful item at home and decided to have another to take with me when away from home. There are never enough power sockets for all the our chargers in an hotel room.
Nice compact extension unit. Like the two USB ports I can se to charge stuff and use a USB LED light. Just wish the two lights on it were a little less bright. But other than that nice unit.
Excellent extension, adapter and usb surge protector.
This adapter has been excellent whilst travelling on a cruise ship for the past two weeks. My notebook, iPad, and two cameras have been well used and powered from this neat and versatile source of power. An excellent and convenient product for home and travel use.
Exceptionally compact item. Very handy indeed and very versatile. Looks stylish on they table too and dual features .

Highly recommended as a good quality product at a reasonable price.

Mobile fun has excellent customer service and support. I'm a regular customer . Thank you .
Just the job
There is one word to describe this gadget & that is neat. It takes up hardly any space & yet it takes four three pin plugs plus two USB chargers for your mobile, iPod or in my case bluetooth speakers. Well made with a heavy duty cable & the unit itself is solidly made to a good design.
Useful Device
Great extension lead - very useful device :)
Great Item for my bedside table
Great item got all my plugs (light, radio, phone and can charge
my mobile phone, all from one unit.
Perfect purchase..
Having been given a similar item without the USB ports ..I needed an extra extention ..but having seen what was on the market with out USB ports having seen similar .in terms of towers ..this was ideal 4 sockets 2 USB ports and power surge ..less than £20 and with towers £40 and no USB ports or extra £20 with USB ports .I could not resist the aforementioned item . might even buy asecond one
Great product
When you live in the depths of the country, and suffer fairly frequent power cuts, it's vital to protect your sensitive electronic equipment. This Surge protector is just the job, protecting my NAS and other sensitive gear. The added bonus of 2 USB charging outlets was just the icing on the cake!
It's exactly what it says & it's very helpful can take it anywhere to use. I love my masterplug surge & would recommend it to everyone!!!!
Neat tidy fuctional
A very neat 4 plug power block packs in any bag for travel dual U S B sockets for all devices would recommend this for every one its a win win product
Knew this item, brought one a year ago
Knew this item, brought one a year ago, looked for another one, this sight was good value, purchase arrived on time all OK Thanks James
Excellent buy
Invaluable for charging my extra devices.
Speedy delivery too.
Nice job, Mobile Fun.
Too notch device
Invaluable for keeping my tablet charged
Excellent delivery too.
Well made and useful item
I use this power block at my bedside for a lamp, alarm clock and re-charging an ipad. It is well designed and feels well-made. The only downside, for my purposes, is that the lights on the top are very bright, and light up the room too much when in darkness. Otherwise, no complaints!
Good handy extension lead
Good handy extension lead small and compact with 4 plugs and 2usb connections plus surge protection. Handy for trave
Neat and Practical
Neat practical and 'tidy'. Stands alone or fixes to the wall. Seems well build and performs as expected. Delivery was spot on to.
Masterplug charger is awesome
Very neat & tidy, USB charging works very well, simply one of the best purchases I've ever made. Cheesey but it simply does everything it says on the tin.
Handy All in One Plugin Solution
Very handy all in one plugin socket, ideal for the bedroom. Highly Recommend!
Wouldn't be without it
As we all know our less than perfect battery on I phones this lets me play on the phone or the iPad while plugged in. It looks better than a huge extension lead. And it has the USB slots. I'm so happy with it!!!!!
Power block
Very good and practical gadget.
Great little item for freeing up plug space
4 plug sockets and 2 USB charges in a unit half as long as a 4 plug bar, what's not to like. The only gripe from me is the all plug sockets are upside down compared to regular wall sockets and so cables are trailing from the top of the block but it's a minor thing.
Ideal Gadget - Stops Arguments
Fantastic service. This charging station has virtually stopped all arguments in our house. Sits nicely on the coffee table and accommodates all the families devices, no more squabbling over leads, sockets. No more tears about flat batteries. brilliant.
A modern necessity!
Essential companion for anyone with multiple electronic devices chargeable via USB. This item is compact, instantly useable and offers fuss free installation. Keep up to 6 devices charged simultaneously within one compact unit - perfect!
A very useful stable unit. The usb element is an added attraction enabling an alternative charging facility whilst powering up other electrical items. Highly recommended.
4 Plug Power Block
This is a very useful piece of equipment and moderately priced.
power block
really useful bit of kit at a good price very compact
Its Mobile and its Fun.
Delivered super fast,that was a great start.The surge protector looks great,ive solved a problem instantly,I can now sit in my own chair and not have to bother my wife into moving.I can plug in,charge and use my phone at the same time.It looks very well built and I can see this lasting years,i love it and im very happy I bought it.I will be taking it on hols with me,it could save me a lot of messing.It solves a lot of problems and is simply a great buy.Im ex army and I simply love buying equipment that works well,is built well and does the job it stated it would.Put simply technology that works for me and this does,buy it.
power block
great product compact very useful and great price
Great item
This the best thing I brought this year works a treat great price
This is a very useful piece of equipment,very good value for money.
Very Very Good
A realy good product. Neat Tidy a very useful piece of equipment. Will buy another one.
Works great
USB ports work great with my iPad and MP3 player but I have to use the plug for my iPhone 6 as it keeps showing a message "not compatible with device " when I plug into USB port, other than that I love it.
Master plug review
Great item espececially for some space saving. Going to be using this in my caravan where space is at a minimum and I need to charge my phone. Great idea, well thought out.
A great piece of kit
This is a great gadget , with the dual usb free's up chargers , and so very compact with 4 plugs , replaced my old 4 gang plug socket , lights to show it fully on surge protected , gives piece of mind for all my equipment. Great design and very well made
Handy piece of kit
I love this plug - I travel a lot on trains for work and this is the perfect size to fit in my bag and take advantage of the train plugs to charge phones and laptop en route with ease. It is really good quality and I would highly recommend.
Plug and mobile charger
Having seen this device on the bedside table in a hotel recently I enquired about it and purchased one. I am very pleased with it but didn't realise there are 2 bright lights on the top that glow in the dark giving a potential to disrupt sleep.
Wish I'd bought this a long time ago devices all together and no worrying about overloading either
Brilliant power extension block
Excellent standard delivery service in 3 days. The power block was exactly as detailed in the advert and made to a very high standard.
This compact and stylish design just make it perfect.
Amazing Useful Products Marketed by MobileFun !!!
I just received 4 units of Masterplug Surge Protected 4 Plug Power Block with Dual USB - Black. All in good condition and amazing useful products marketed by MobileFun. All units placed at my room, my hall and my office too. Just a suggestion, may be increase each usb power from 1A to 1.5A to cater for higher demand device. Once again, thank you MobileFun, you are the best.
Ideal for traveling
I have the Masterplug 10 way tower at home for my TV, blueray player, surround sound system, laptop, phone etc etc etc but I did not have anything to protect my valuable electrical equipment while working away from home.

This COMPACT SURGE PROTECTED EXTENSION LEADS WITH USB CHARGER was ideal, small and light weight. I also brought a USB CHARGER WITH SURGE PROTECTION which is ideal to use abroad. They are both cheap considering their protecting over £1,000 worth of electrical items. money well spent.
Best extension lead I have ever bought.
Brilliant product it looks really cool. Does away with boring normal extention leads. This is the second one I have bought because I was so impressed with the first one. I would recommend this product.
compact and neat
the masterplug surge appealed to me as soon as i saw it because i escort a group of children to school in a morning and supply them with tablets to play on to keep them occupied on the journey. the problem is finding spare sockets all the time to charge them up, not anymore, i keep them all in the same place now. perfect.
Been looking for something like this
Had been looking for a dual (traditional socket and USB) extension plug for some time, but did not like the tower ones, also thought they were expensive, when I got the promotional e mail about this one I thought it looked a good alternative and it was a good price, in comparison. Very pleased when it arrived, it is compact and does just what I want. My only criticism is, if like me you use this to charge things overnight and have it in the bedroom ,the two indicator lights are very bright and illuminate the corner of the room, something that really annoys me, I have to cover it up. But all in all worth having.
iPad Air does not like it!
USB sockets work ok with my old iPad and iPhone 5 but my new iPad Air does not recognise this device. That aside - this is a great piece of kit. I plan to take it abroad on holiday so that I can reduce the number of Euro adapters and chargers although I will still have to take one for the iPad Air :-(. A real shame, as otherwise I would give this 5 stars!
Seems cool for a power cut zone
We live rurally and get a lot of power cuts and fluctuations. With a blown up circuit breaker and a blown up wifi router in the past year, this clever week decide should save our more important gear. And it's a distribution board and saves us getting another USB charger. And it looks... Fab!
Like the compact design but it won't charge my tab using the USB hub, it does charge my phone tho. Bought this for the bedroom however it is lit up like a Xmas tree when on, not conducive to sleep! Overall I would recommend and would buy more
Very useful
This is an excellent little piece of kit. 4 13 amp sockets plus 2 USBs mean that you can charge everything in one place at the same time. Has a good long lead too.
I was tempted to just say something like 'Perfect, 'nuff said', which is true but, seriously, it is a fantastic item. So good that I have 3 dotted about my home. It's compact and, having 2 USB slots makes it ridiculously useful.
Really pleased with this item. Saves a lot of hassle as you only need the one socket but can plug 4 items in plus 2 usb and surge protection. Great idea.
The best item I have ever bought
This is great wish I'd have had it weeks ago cant be without it now great and well recommended thanks
Small & neat
Very impressed with this little gadget. Looks very neat but has room for four plugs plus dual USB ports.

I also have the comfort of knowing my gadgets are surge protected.
Good value for money and would recommend.
No more wires
Have needed something like this for ages. All my devices happily charging away and no trailing cables to worry about. I thought about the 6 gang power block...... Hey I can always upgrade. Service from Mobile Fun efficient and punctual.
A very elegant solution!
I had an ordinary quad socket bar with various different chargers and my Standard lamp plugged into it next to my chair. It was a real mess to say the least. A tangle of wires you had to sort out to find the right thing and some of the chargers wouldn't fit next to one another as there wasn't enough room. I replaced that with this device and now all that's plugged in is the lamp and my house phone charger. Everything else charges off the two usb sockets. A brilliant and elegant solution to a long lasting problem. and a nice little glow to let me know it's working. When my friend saw it she asked me to get 3 for her and her two kids she was that impressed. Brilliant!
Good idea but needs more work.
Very compact design. Great idea but it does not supply enough current to charge tablets. Ok for charging phones.
Very neat and compacted item very pleased with it and service can not fault either excellent company to deal with and will be doing so again thank you so much
I was worried I wouldn't know how to set up the multi plug but it's so simple. One of the best inventions since the toaster! I can now plug all my devices at once if I need to without fearing a power surge! Thank you, mobile fun! And it was delivered quickly. What more can you ask?
Excellent product and design
Love this product it's got a long lead so u can put it in a handy/accessible please, and great that you can charge two devices at once. The other useful feature is that you can plug four other products in to the adapter to run off it!
Best buys
Master plug is great for more than one device and from Mobilefun you get great prices and quick delivery
electrical surges
just recently i have had my cpap machine alarm going off at night its telling me there is an electric fought,so i called the company to come out & check it they could not find anything wrong with it,then i herd some electrical surges was coming through our estate so i thought i would try a surge protected plug,if i was asked recommend something it would be your plugs.thank you very much
Compact, sleek and practical
The whole idea behind the design of this product is simply great. It provides a very sleek looking and compact power point which is perfect for a computer-desk or bedside table.

The two incorporated USB ports are fantastic for charging and/or powering devices.

The only down side is that there is no way of switching the power outlets on/off individually and the annoyingly-bright blue power LED stays on all the time. I really wish the extension had an on/off switch on it.
Perfect device for the modern home....
This is the third adaptor that I have purchased from MobileFun.co.uk
Why, because it ticks all the boxes, they have the latest products at great prices.....What else do you need?!
Perfect for me
I wanted an extension lead that is multi purpose, enough usb and 3 pin sockets to suit, and this does the job perfectly, and in a small package too!
Also as I use e cigarettes i needed the usb ports to work with them, and they do, so for me it does the job!
Does the job admirably!
I wanted an extension lead that was multi purpose, ie usb and 3 pin plug for using various products, phone, laptop and to charge my e cigarettes too.
All of which it does with ease and in a convenient and small package, as I said; just the job
Great product, BUT.....
This is an excellent product, except that the USB sockets do not charge iPads other than unacceptably slowly. Plugged in with 30% power remaining at midnight, there is no more than around 60% power reserve by morning. The iPads do charge normally using the 3-pin sockets, as do the mobile phones using the USBs, so provided one can compromise, this is a very good, compact unit. I have always found that Mobile Fun is an excellent company, selling useful and innovative products, as good values and with excellent service. Their response over the two Masterplug 4 Plug Powerblocks with Dual USB that I purchased has been exemplary and I greatly appreciate the very supportive way they have handled my problem with them.
Handy and neat
I needed an extension lead. This came with two USB socket which are brilliant for keeping my gadgets charged. So good I want another.
Ticks all the boxes
Smart and functional. Useful length of cable. Hopefully won't have to discover its surge protection capability
Neat and versatile
This is a great device. I was pleased by its compact design and - for a plug! - pleasing looks. A slightly longer mains lead would help, but its not a reason for not buying this. It sits by my desk and has various peripherals plugged in but I like the easy access to the usb sockets on the top. Where I live the surge protection is a real bonus, too. Credit to Mobile Fun, too. They kept me fully informed of possible delays in shipment. It didn't matter, but it was a sign of the good service they give!
Excellent product!
This product I bought it as a present and one for myself. Excellent product charges all your appliances the same time. It is just what I needed as I only have one plug in my bedroom!
Just what I needed for a "Multi-tech" household!!!
The Masterplug powerblock is a blessing for charging the many and various phones, tablets, laptops, hand-helds etc in the modern home. Plug chargers directly into any of the four 13 amp sockets, and USB leads directly into the two USB sockets.
All safely surge protected, and the 2 led lights remind you when it is powered up.
I haven't tripped over for at least a week !
With no more iPhone and iPad charger cables trailing across the living room floor - I can now make it to my drinks cabinet without falling over.

The Power Block is a simple but efficient solution to cable clutter, it gives you extra sockets (you can never have too many sockets) and with its sleek design it doesn't look unsightly on my home office desk.
Clever, safe & multifunctional with a neat footprint
The Masterplug 4 Plug is a great bit of kit. We use it in the bedroom & it is small enough to fit neatly on a night table (or in a drawer if the power lights disturb). From there we plug in a radio alarm clock, 2 phone chargers and have easy access to charge 2 iPod divices and there's still a socket left for my heated rollers in the morning - marvelous!
Practical, Neat and Attractive
Not often you find a power block that you don't want to hide! This piece of kit does the job and the USB ports are really useful for charging items while you're busy working. Very pleased.
Very usefullextension cable
This was an impulse buy; the price was good and I thought it would make a good charging solution for all my devices. I currently have it placed on a bedside table where it's very convenient to plug in my Nexus 5 and 7. I can keep them plugged in and charging while using them to save the battery. With the two indicator lights and small footprint it looks cool wherever it's placed. It's also handy to plug in a laptop or two, and everything will be surge protected. You can plug in your table lamps too.
One thing to note, though; the USB sockets charges at a slower rate than most modern phone chargers so devices are best left to charge overnight, I think.
I can recommend this for connecting all your gadgets.
I like to keep my phone, laptop and ipad by my bedside during the night... The Masterplug is just the right device to charge them overnight as well as having my bedside lamp and alarm clock plunged in at the same time. Not only is the Masterplug very practical, it is also small enough and smart enough to look good on the bedside table. Really happy with my buy, can only recommend it.
Great piece of Kit
What a great piece of kit this is. and handsome too. I have now disposed of my ugly multi- plug adapters and sitting on my desk is the master-plug surge protected power block it takes four 13 amp style plugs and also 2 USB sockets best few quid I have spent this year. although it is tru to say we are only in January
Just need another safe and secure multi plug!
Delighted with my Purchase. Really, it was what I was looking for. I had some old multi-sockets, but I just wanted a new one that I could be sure was safe. And an excellent price.
Just what I needed
Through lack of space this item is just what I needed
This item solved a mishmash of leads and plugs lying about the floor
We are well pleased we chose to purchase this item. The fact it's surge protected is a bonus with using one socket to work off,it saves us forever having to unplug one thing to plug in another, including the charging of our phones, notebooks etc. Very compact and neat looking, it's worth every penny.
Ideal - a great gadget and good looking piece of kit
A quality product that looks as good as the pictures on the website. It doesn't have to be hidden out of site so it's easy and convenient to use.
Great idea when plug sockets are limited. Let's you add extra standard sockets as well as two USB sockets. I use it to plug in a lamp then a cable each for an iPhone 4 and an ipad4 (different adapters needed). Saves switching plugs and cables and stashed behind the sofa it's really handy. Surge protected and I still have room for more standard plugs too. The lights on it are bright, so may not be the best if used in the bedroom and your sensitive to light. Great product.
Excellent power block - just what i needed
This is a great product that allows me to power several devices with power surge protection whilst also charging my iPad and phone.
It is neat and tidy but would be improved by having an on/off switch on the product
I recommended this a friend whos son was off to uni, she said he was so pleased with it he wanted 2 more. I bought 3 one for 2 bedrooms and 1 for the living room, we wouldn't be without one now. thanks.
Handy sized power extension
I use this when travelling about. Handy size for a four plug extension, plus having two USB charging outlets is really useful And it's surge protected.
Really Useful
This is a really useful piece of kit as the sockets are "upside down" it does not restrict plug in chargers, they fit easy. Ideal for powering GN2 on HDMI adapter to view Netflix on TV. Easy to access all sockets.
Cleaning up my tip
This item which looks and is neat enabled me to centralise my charging into one place it works well. The only thing which could improve this further would be to have one of the USB ports to be2.1 amps which would charge the I pad without having to use the charger
Truly Amazing
This item is brilliant. I wouldnt be without it. I purchase most items from MobileFun for my phones/ipad. I highly recommend this item as it is ideal for charging 4 electrical items at a time which require mains plugs and you can also charge 2 items up using the usb ports, not to mention its surge protection.
A definate 5* from me
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