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Masterplug Surge Protected 4 Plug Power Bar with Dual USB - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Increase your charging options with this 4 plug extension bar by Masterplug featuring surge protection and two built-in USB ports.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38982

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 4.5 stars from 13 customers

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Great plug. Would buy again
Does what it says, looks nice. Would buy one again, assuming it protects my computer from surges. It's hard to choose a rating until it's been tested like that.
Loses out on one point!!!!!
This does exactly what you would expect from a 4 plug power bar with the added bonus of the two USB sockets which are a god send. I always find that in tight areas, the cables attached to the plugs can get bent and break. The vertical usb slots avoid this risk.

Everything is great but.................1 metre of cable is just woefully inadequate and this on its own is why the product failed for me. I would expect at least 1.5m with the extra 50cm making all the difference!

Shame as a great product!!!
Masterplug 4 way gang with usb
What a great deal on this 4 way gang, very useful when a household has many devices that require charging via usb connection, this item is well made and I have attached to the bedroom wall to provide easier access for kiddies.. Received within 3 days from Mobilefun with no issues through the ordering and delivery processes..
Great Idea
I cannot remember how many chargers I have lost over time. No more with this device and bonus it can power other items.
Great idea
Good to free up plug space by having USB charging points but the ampage is quite low so charging can be slow but still it's a great thing
Peace of mind
I agree with most of the already suggested points earlier. I have been using the single plug version for some time now, which prompted me to invest in the 4 gang version. Knowing that your equipment is very conveniently being highly protected deserves praise. A very practical idea.
May I suggest to also include additional options of longer extension lengths other than only in one metre.
Well-built and High Quality product
This power bar feels really solid and well-built and looks like a really high-quality item. Having used it for a few weeks now it works perfectly and the built-in USB ports are extremely practical.

I am using this power bar with my TV. The four power ports are perfect for connecting the TV screen, speakers and set-top-box and I have a Raspberry Pi (running a media centre application) powered directly off one of the USB ports.

I just wish there was an on/off button on the power bar or (even better) individual on/off switches for each of the power outlets. The bright blue power LED can get a bit annoying at night too.
The ultimate power centre
Whoever thought of the simple idea of sticking 2 USB charge points on the end of a plug board is a genius. This is a very solid bit of kit and I bought a second one for the office at once.
Just what i needed
i got this product promptly and does what it says on the box. the only problem would be slow charging of devices with usb
masterstroke buying masterplug surge protector
A well engineered, good looking surge protector unit with the benefit of 2 usb ports for additional charging. Looks good and does the job admirably. Only downside is power lights are very bright, so I would suggest having it hidden under your desk somewhere and don't have it where you sleep!
The King of the Studio
Perfect to have in a shooting photo studio. Everyone loved to connect their USB devices straight to the USB charger, they all one one now!!

Very cool piece of kit
Although I've been using the same surge-protected 4 gang bar for eons I saw this and ordered one as I'm running off two USB chargers and this one seemed to fit the bill.
Usually Masterplug products tend to be at the cheaper end of the market but I was pleasantly surprised how well built and "adaptable" this product was.
I'm now happily running all my devices from this bar and it works exceptionally well. But please, Masterplug, sort out yer pakaging as it was hell to get the bar out!
The perfect solution
Just what I needed for holidays
Teemed up with a continental adaptor sorts all charging and adaptor needs for a family holiday without an excess baggage charge load of chargers and adapters

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