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Masterplug Surge Protected 2.1A USB and Mains Charger - White Reviews

Simultaneously charge two mobile devices as well as using your existing power socket with this pass through-enabled USB mains charger by Masterplug in white with built-in surge protection. Featuring a 2.1A output, this adapter also offers fast charging.
Price: £11.99
Simultaneously charge two mobile devices as well as using your existing power socket with this pass through-enabled USB mains charger by Masterplug in white with built-in surge protection. Featuring a 2.1A output, this adapter also offers fast charging.
 4.7 stars from 206 customers

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Excellent peice of kit.
Was a bit sceptical about buying this, but true its word it works fine no problems does not get over hot just warm?
The USB plug is a little tight to start with but after a little while, they work fine. Best buy yet from Mobile Fun. Thanks, Guys
Great device
Great quality device. The lights are bright so not good if used in a bedroom but easily rectified with a piece of black tape.
Great little adaptor.
Using one to charge a laptop and two mobile devices for one outlet whilst I’m moving around and the other is saving plugging and unplugging every time to charge any devices.
Very useful
I have had two of these for a few years and with some new tech required some additional charging points and flexibility in their location. As the previous two have worked faultlessly for a number of years I had no hesitation in purchasing an additional two. In my bedroom I affixed electrical tape to cover the led's
Works well
Tried both and they are working as intended. Happy with my purchase
Anti surge usb mains charger
I have found this to be a useful accessory as you are able to charge two devices simultaneously while also able to use the mains socket for another mains appliance. The anti-surge also gives peace of mind - though I have to take that on trust as I, fortunately, have not knowingly suffered a significant mains surge.
useful plug
I have found this to be a useful accessory as it has two USB sockets charging my phone, or wireless speakers etc as well as providing surge protection for mains appliances. I have bought a number of these now for use around the house and for taking on trips away from home.
Just what I was looking for
I wanted a USB charger that would be suitable for charging a multitude of different devices - iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Samsung phone etc whilst still allowing the socket to be free for other electrical equipment. This does all of that. The only downside is that the masterplug does have a light on it, which, for use in the bedroom, can be a bit bright for some people.
Very pleased.
I have purchased this product from mobile fun previously.
Easy way to clear up the kitchen
Our kitchen is under socketed where we have space to dump phones etc. for charging; these new charging sockets have eliminated the pile of different dedicated chargers and their tangled entrails, without the need to install new sockets.
The wife's surprise
Best thing I ever bought
She can charge without being taught
I sit back and enjoy peace.
Her in doors has sockets to spare
I have peace it's very rare.
Thanks Mobile Fun
the wife
Bought this gizzmo for my wife who always wants to recharge the mobile,the iPad the name it it's got to be plugged in.
Well this little beast let's her do 2 things at once and when I get my prize I will buy her another .
Good plug
I brought this for my daughter to charge her tablet and anything else at the same time, great plug doesn't get hot and she can charge earphones and tablet at the same time, great product and good price too
must have
This is an accessory which is so useful wouldn't do without at an exceptional reasonable price,great for many devices so can do more than one thing at a time
Saves time and peace of mind
Overcoming Shortage of Power Points
I need more power points for my various gadgets, which I seem to be collecting. This surge-protected multi-charger is ideal and takes up no more space than a ordinary single charger. I would definitely recommend this.
Good buy
Sturdy build and good overall feel to the product. Does what it says and also the size is good as doesnt get in the way of other plug. The power lights are quite bright so if you want a dark room then this will be a bit annoying. Im not sure why it needs that size and brightness of light just to tell you the power is on. All in all worth the buy if you need charging ports.
neat. reliable. excellent
Have been looking for a Surge Protected 2.1A USB and Mains Charger - and got it all in one from Masterplug. great space saver
Must have adaptor
I bought the first of these well over a year ago for my own use & found it so useful and convenient that I have subsequently bought more for all my family & grandchildren. I can simultaneously charge a laptop, iPad & iPhone from one socket.
No good when you plug in two items
The performance when you plug in two items is very poor
Fit for purpose
A great piece of kit I would recommend to all it dose what it says on the box
I can only genuinely give the item ten out of ten
Reading about the Masterplug,and wishing many times that such an item, would be extremely useful, I decided to invest in one. Without any exaggeration, I have only had the plug a few days, and already the practicality of it just makes sense. In a domestic scene, one is usually using a mains outlet very frequently, and of course the necessity of mains outlets in a kitchen goes without saying.
I have been experiencing a bad bout of the Flu, and in fact still got it! To be able to charge such things as my iPad and mobile phone without really moving from my Arm Chair, and maintain a level of interest the master plug has given me is absolutely first class. I can only genuinely give the item ten out of ten, and I am thinking of a further one
Fit for purpose
One of the best products I have used it allows you to charge and use two products at the same time allowing you to still use the socket
I have struggled for several years constantly charging each device slowly individually
Then I saw this plug ...what did I do before this is wonderful and quick and a safety surge too
Couldn't ask for more every house should have one
I am telling all my friends to buy one ...
This product is brilliant. Does the job and shows it is working
Must have tiem
This plug is one of the most useful and must have items for every household! You can leave it plugged in all the time and still are able to use the socket for other uses. Only negative is it can get hot when switched on for log periods of time.
Great charger with night light. Great for taking with you when travelling. Can charge iPhone and iPad at same time together with electric toothbrush and bright night light when in hotel room without disturbing partner by putting on main light.
This is one of the best devices I have bought in a long time
Just the job.
This little gadget is simple yet effective.
Works a treat... no problems.
Arrived quickly and just as described. Useful plug especially as it has surge protect. It easily charges phone and laptop and still leaves the socket free. Brilliant Thanks
Good product
Excellent,will be very handy on holidays in particular.
It is a pity that you cannot get to the socket switch whilst in situ.
As usual excellent service and delivery
Really Good Choice
I am really pleased with this product. I like that it has a light up indicator to let me know that it is working correctly. I like the fact that it can charge multi devices at the same time. I feel confident using it because it has the surge protect on it, and on top of all that it looks good. I can truthfully say that I cannot find any negatives.
It does the job perfectly. Only takes up one socket when you are charging two items. It is nice and compact and fits into any room in the house, without looking like a sore thumb !

It is well made and stylish. Comes in white or Black.

Delivered quickly and well packaged, thank you.
This item is great
This item is great it has been a great help giving that great opinion of not losing one of your plug points ...
Delivery was great but that has never changed as I have purchased a lot of items from mobile fun and they have a great post .....
Just as it says!
This is compact but totally effective. Two fit a double socket and there is room to reach switches.
However you can also split the double pack between two rooms, thereby powering more devices.
Really satisfied with this purchase and would definitely recommend to friends and family.
Fantastic piece of kit
Fantastic piece of kit allows socket to be used still and charges two items at same time brill second one I've bought
This is a great charger
This is a great charger, I keep it plugged in next to my bed with 2x charging leads plugged in. One is for my fiance who has an iphone5s & the other is for my LG G4 :)

It has saved a lot of arguments about who's phone is more important to charge (which we used to do before we had a dual charging lead socket)

Overall it's saved the wedding hahaha :) only joking, it's a great product at a good price
USB and mains charger
I have found this unit very useful,I took this on holiday and found it very good to use ,charging both my wife's phone and mine at the same time while still boiling the all important kettle.Brill!
Works like a charm
it gives you 2 USB charging options and a surge protected mains plug, whats not to like?
Very disappointing!
The device is very slow to charge. If I am using my iPad whilst plugged in the % of charge reduces! When using both USB ports with iPad and iPhone with proper Apple cables, I keep getting the message on my iPhone "This device may not be supported" and it immediately stops charging. I definitely wouldn't advise buying - very sad as I bought a twin pack!
Am very happy with the product i got
Am very happy with the product i got. Everything about the company is spot on would highly recommend
great product
Great value for money with the twin order / small and compact ideal for travel / multi function / allows me to free up other electrical sockets / would encourage others to take advantage of this great deal
Perfect device- maybe bit slow to charge
Does what it says- charges 2 USB devices & still provices 3 pin plug access.
The only thing I would say, is that my devices charge very slowly using this plug- whereas charging direct into power is faster.However, you do have the advantage of multi use of a power socket and also you have an important surge protection for your devices.
Excellent product
Simple concept that does exactly what it says on the tin! Very good service from start to finish - would highly recommend the site & look forward to making other purchases as appropriate
Fabulous product
Third one i have bought. This one for kitchen. Charges my phone and electric cigarette together with no worries about surges. Also handy to still have plug available. Fabulous product. Mega quick delivery. One happy customer.
Great gadget
Both my sons have smart phones that seem to be extensions of their hands. I just use my phone to make phone calls take photos send texts. I think these masterplugs will be really useful for my kids, and the Surge protection feature will make them safe, and save them having loads of adaptors plugged into sockets
Not suitable for use in a bedroom
The indicator lights are very bright ,otherwise v.good
Useful Product - albeit "bright"
This product does what it says it does - however i planned to use it in a bedroom to charge up iPhone / iPad etc. the LEDs on the front of the unit light up the whole room at night and there is no way to disable them, Its been relegated to the kitchen.
Extra Capacity
Great product, as well as being surge protected I can now charge my mobile phone and another device, all at the same point.
Does the job
Very handy piece of equipment with 2 charging points and place for a 3 pin plug. Very slow charging but I would rather it be this way than to fast and blow the phone/tablet. Overall quite pleased and, because I had the twin pack, very good value.
Does the job
Very handy piece of equipment with 2 charging points and place for a 3 pin plug. Very slow charging but I would rather it be this way than to fast and blow the phone/tablet. Overall quite pleased and, because I had the twin pack, very good value.
Super charger plug
Really pleased with this charger plug. It has a power serge function. Very handy for charging more than on device.
Great device
Have bought quite a few things from mobilefun, this device saves carrying plugs for your phone or ipad. Having used it on my travels, i would say its a very useful product.
so pleased I bought this
Brilliant gadget, my partner and I have one each beside our bedside tables. Now we can each plug in our mobiles and electric cigarettes together still leaving sockets for bedside lights, hairdryer, etc etc. Super fast delivery too.
Neat Kit
A really neat bit of kit that solves the problem of USB charging multiple devices. Now have one in my touring caravan which helps keep things tidy. Also allows me to easily check when successfully connected to mains hook-up as the pilot lights come on!
master charge
really good and its faster than I expected and its handy to use with other devices whilst its chaarging
Ideal solution
We wanted to charge two devices at once without tying up a socket, and this has been the ideal solution. We tried a powered USB hub, but it didn't supply the current required. This unit charges any combination of mobiles and tablets as fast as their original chargers.

At MobileFun's discount price this is excellent value, and we're very pleased.
Good for price
Good for charging you items with the added protection, find the socket and one of the USB sockets to work well, but one of the USB sockets is very sluggish, my husband had his plugged into charge is pad and it barely moved in charging, when he swapped it to the mains plug it starting charging no problem, so I think it depends on what you need to charge otherwise a good product
Handy mains charger ,great for Motorhomes
Essential for Home or Office
I have purchased several of these devices and installed then in different locations including home and my office at work. They are so handy for recharging mobile devices and with the protecting within the unit I highly recommend the device and its use
Very good product I can charge both my phone and Ipad at the same time and also have the socket free well worth the money
usb charger
most imaginative useful
This works a treat, charges phone and tablet at the same time with the anti surge/spike security. Great service and delivery, do not hesitate to buy from this company.
Brilliant for travelling
I wanted this to take on holiday. It is neat, light and protects your devices from erratic foreign electricity supplies. Just what I wanted to replace our rather bulky and heavy former gismo which also had a very bright light that kept us awake.
A must have for today's gadgets
1 in the kitchen and 1 for the bedroom to keep gadgets charged very handy
Brilliant bit of kit
These plugs are fantastic, well done MobileFun
Neat and Utilitarian
So far it's impossible to evaluate the anti-surge protection, and hopefully it will stay that way. Faith is a wonderful thing, and so I will trust it to work it it gets the surge. That said the device is s useful compact pass through plug. The two USP outputs have meant that now one socket can do the work of three, and in my cluttered life this is a veritable plus. Worth the money, especially the twin pack. I bought two to give one as a present, but thought long and hard before deciding to parcel it up, and not keep both for myself.
Good, but....
This is an excellent charger, but I have only given it 4 stars because the indicator lights are really really bright and as I have this in my bedroom beside my bed it is really annoying so I have to find a way of covering them up. I wish I knew how to switch them off or at least down, then I would have given it 5 stars. Apart from this it is a good charger.
The gap is plugged!!
Many thanks for sending the device so promptly and painlessly.

It's an ideal gift for the house because everyone can use it - now I shall have to purchase some more!!

They say the simple ideas are the best.
Great Travelling Multi Purpose Charger
We bought this device, because of the limited number of electrical sockets, in accommodation, when travelling with a number of electrical gadgets.

Now we can charge 2 mobile phones (or USB chargeable devices) and still have the socket free to charge additional devices
You Need This
I have purchased many products from Mobile Fun,this has to be the most useful, get rid of plug city with this practical device.
Out standing. I'm glad that I got the twin pack. I have one up stairs & one downstairs, I don't known how I got along without them,I have my phone charging upstairs & my tablet while using then & the same downstairs
A must have travel companion
This is my second Masterplug I've bought this one for my daughter. It is so versatile two USBs and a straight through socket all at the same time also it is cheaper than an Apple charger plug. The only downside are its lights they are very bright try not to use it in a bedroom at night it may keep you awake.
I have charged an I-phone and an I-pad at the same time and the plug does not overheat top class bit of kit recommend this to everyone.
Saving Time !
Whenever I decide to charge phone or I-pad someone always wants to use the plug for something and I return to find someone has unplugged my charger so they can use the plug ! This gets over the problem, I can charge my devices and they can use plug at same time and the fact that I can charge 2 devices at the same time makes it quicker as well !
The concept is good, the product works fine. I was dissappointed it has bright indicator lights on the front, white if in use, blue if socket is empty. I wanted to use this in the bedroom so I could keep my lamp plugged in while charging my phone (alarm clock). The lights are too bright.
This master plug was tested yesterday and supported the charging USB leads.
A friend used the 3 pin socket outlet without me hogging the wall socket.
Two happy people, one happy customer, thanks.
Very good but doesn't seem to want to work with iPad charging using the use port
MobileFun Reply
The USB ports are 1A, great for phones but tablets require a little more power to charge especially iPads.
A useful charger
A useful charger allowing for a 13amp connection as well as two USB ones.Spoilt by the very bright indicator lights.One looks like an on/off switch which it is not.They spoil a good product,but still useful.
handy plug free up my socket
bought this to free up sockets in Bedroom, works really well and the LED built in give a nice little light to take the edge off total Darkness, Top Brand and first rate Service from Mobile Fun again. Does exactly what it said on the tin. And note it not only charges, free up sockets, almost a night light, but also protects what ever is plugged in to it from power surges. 10/10 so far
Just as advertised, although didn't realise it would light up like a Christmas tree when plugged in! However no real problem as I can always cover lights with tape .
Great gadget.
I brought this plug for the caravan , having limited power plugs this gizmo is brilliant I can charge two phones or tablet and phone and not loose any socket spaces , I didn't buy one I brought the twinpack to give me twice the options , don't have to worry now about looking around for charging plugs , it's a must if you have limited power sockets .
does it's job
Excellent product
What a brilliant idea. Not too large and enables you to use the socket and charge 2 USB devices. Looks good quality and a neat design with a nice glow at night.
Great just what I needed
What we've been waiting for
Great! As well as being useful in the home this will save my taking two chargers with me when I'm travelling - and I don't have to sacrifice the bedside lamp in a hotel room!
Perfect accessory
I was considering buying a double 13A socket plate with a pair of USB 'A' sockets but came across this gadget - 2 for the same osrt of price -so I bought a twin pack. Glad I did because I can now take these chargers anywhere, charge teo devices simultaneously and still have a free 13A socket. If you're even considering something like this buy it! SUperb!!
Great Idea
I bought this plug for my wife as she has an I phone 6 and an I pad and if anyone has more than 1 Apple product they will know that every time you buy a product the chargers are different So this plug allows her to charge the 2 of them at the same time and the fact it is a surge protector this give her the extra confidence to be able to charge them both at the same time she loves this and if needed you can also plug another device in at the same time great idea
Fabulous for travel
This is a great product, charge 2 usb devices and plug in anything else all via one socket, great for travel, especially for an e-cig user with an iPhone
Plug USB chargers
these are so good---I have them everywhere and sent them to my son.
Very Handy
My worry was that charging Apple devices seems to be a bit hit & miss but this works with all my Apple cables, it also means that the kids don't need to unplug my stuff to charge theirs!
USB Charger
Charging is via two standard USB plugs.
It charges a mobile phone via a standard USB lead to mini USB .
It is similar to an ordinary charger, but as the advantage ou Surge protection.
plug with protection for your phone and tablet both at the same time. Specifically useful as we will experience problems in the future with poet surges
Excellent Gadget
Safes me from going to the computer all the time to charge various gadgets. Never thought something like this ever existed
Good product
This item was very good I bought two they work well on my iPad Air to charge them up
Love mobile fun as you get very good service off them they are always reliable if you buy something that's out of stock they keep you well informed of when they expect the product to be back in stock ..I really recommend shopping with mobile fun !
MobileFun is a breath of fresh air
The Three pin plug out let combined with 2 USB is so useful , so much so that I have ordered more and for my son also.
Wonderful idea I would give high recommendation
Before i got this product I was forever looking for a charger and spare plug socket.
Now there is no need always plugged and ready the bonus of anti-surge protection is very satisfying for peace of mind.
In fact I bought 2.
My iPad cannot be charged by either my laptop or my PC, so naturally when I tried this little chappie out and realised I could not only charge my iPhone but my iPad at the same time, I was absolutely made up.
Functional solution at a great price
This charger is a great way to reduce tha trailing wires when charging an ever increasing number of mobile appliances. I was considering the replacement socket plate but this is easier to fit, portable between rooms (or houses) and better value in my opinion.
Can't live with out this little gem
Having bought one of these useful little adaptors months ago I left it accidentally on a hotel room
On return home first job was to order another
They are great frees up a socket and will charge two devises
Highly recommended
Does the job!
Usual efficient delivery from MobileFun!
The "surge protection" and "power" lights are very bright! I will use some electrical tape cover them to dim them as undimmed, they light up the bedroom at night!
Once again a happy customer!
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