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Marware Axis Kindle Fire HD Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Designed for ultimate functionality, this genuine leather folio case for your Kindle Fire HD features a 90 degree adjustable viewing stand and sleep function compatibility.
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 4.9 stars from 14 customers

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This cover is a fat orange classy sturdy thing. It feels well protected and I love the colour. The device stays in it and I can turn it round to both horizontal and vertical angle. You must make sure your device is the right 2012 model by checking the helpful video I knew it was mine as the plug in bits were were along the longer side and not the smaller edge of the device. Its quite perfect!!
I really like this cover, the colour is a beautiful orange, not garish at all. it is well made and feels comfortable to use and my Kindle Fire is really at home in it. If I have to find a negative it is that the elastic strap that holds it closed could have matched the cover instead of being black, otherwise it is top of the class. Just wish a cover of the same quality and colour was available for the Kindle ereader. Excellent service too, can recommend. Thank you Mobile Fun.
Buy one
Having searched hard for a replacement case for my Kindle Fire HD 2012 for months I have finally found THE ONE, fabulous. The quality is excellent, it is easy to fit, looks and feels far more expensive and the colour (orange) is a beautiful shade, not cheap looking. I just wish they did the same for my Kindle 2011 ereader as well or I would have snapped it up.
Much better than expected!
Bought this for my original Kindle Fire. Fits perfectly. Very secure. Well padded. Very smooth action when rotating. Biggest thing I wanted this for was so that I could keep it in a portrait position and read handsfree if you like. Works perfectly for that. Very cheap. Considering buying another to keep in reserve for when this one wears out from over use!
So difficult to get a cover for the 2012 kindle fire I'd but this one is perfect.
Fits differently to the old one I had but still does the job.
Excellant quality and well designed. Is perfect with the kindle Fire HD
A case for all seasons
Good sturdy case. Protects iPad when closed up.
OK..pretty boring so far. The standout thing about it is the lovely vibrant orange colour (the green's pretty cool, too).
The really neat thing..it clips into the case securely. You can use it as a hands free stand. In landscape or portrait.
It swivels. So what? I hear you say. Well read the review again.
It protects your iPad. It clips securely into the case. It lets you view it hands free... in landscape or portrait. You know...on your lap and you can do other things with your hands.
Oh..and the last thing. It has a weird "slide your hand in and hold it one handed so it doesn't drop" thingy. That actually works.
Look. Just buy it, OK. It's just the case you've been looking for. No really. I kid you not.
Maximum Protection
Bright Orange so it is easily spotted. Can be propped up horizontally or vertically. Love it.
Simply the best
Great quality cover. Sturdy, stylish and flexible. Super speedy delivery. Just love it!!!
Stunning yet practical
Amongst the array of cases available for the kindle fire, this one stands out because of the way it looks; a striking colour and an elegant design. At a competitive price, I expected to be disappointed on delivery but I was to be proved wrong as the quality of manufacture exceeded my expectations.Why should you buy one too? it's just feels right and that's what really matters.
Good piece of equipment
Fitted and protects my Kindle just perfectly
Excellent Product - Would Recommend
We were after 2 cases for Kindle Fire HD's - Christmas Presents for our Son and Daughter. I was quite fussy in what I wanted - wanted a clip in frame that didnt cover any of the front of the Kindle, charging ports, buttons etc and also that would rotate between landscape and portrait and to be able to use the case as a stand in both orientations. After searching the MobileFun website I came across the Marware cases. My own Kindle Touch case is this make and is good quality so I knew these would be as good. Not the cheapest on the website but you definately get what you pay for. Cant fault these in anyway. I got the black and the pink. Would definately recommend. Does everything we wanted it to and made with good quality materials. My only gripe is - and its a minor trivial personal preference gripe is the elastic closure band on the pink case is black - this would have looked better in pink to match the case (it stands out like a sore thumb!) whereas the black case elastic is black and blends in with the case which looks better. All in all a good quality case which I would recommend to anyone who is after a good quality case for the Kindle Fire HD.
The Best Kindle Fire HD Case On The Market
I have done some serious searching for a case fit for purpose and this one is The Dogs!
Having initially been swayed by the one that Amazon are plugging I was glad I came across it in John Lewis. Being nearly £40 it was a tad dissapointing that a.it didn't stand up, b.it didn't stay closed, c.it didn't look or feel like leather [although it was!]. Then I found the Marware Axis on their website with a 6-8 week wait! So I shopped around and found it here on MobileFun- significantly cheaper and in stock. This case is not cheap but it has a whole heap of features that knock spots off the other one. It has proper grooves for the so the stand is secure in landscape or portrait mode, it snaps into it's case and can be swivelled round to suit your viewing needs. You can charge it whilst the case is closed, it has a band to secure it shut when not in use, it has a really useful elasticated handle to help when reading [the kindle fire can get a little heavy after a while]. All of the ports and speakers are accessible and not covered up. I love this case and have been using it for about a fortnight now. i have yet to come across any problems with it. It is well made, well designed and, I think, a perfect companion for your Kindle Fire HD. Buy it, you won't be disappointed.
Marware axis kindle fire HD
This case has a good feel and look to it. I don't actually own the kindle fire yet as amazon won't release until later this month. My only annoyance at this stage is the elastic band used for keeping the cover secure, it's a little cumbersome I'd much prefer a magnet to do this job.

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