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Martin Fields Screen Protector Twin Pack - Samsung Galaxy S3 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The ultimate screen protector twin pack for your Samsung Galaxy S3 offering unrivalled scratch resistance, durability and enhanced clarity.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35152
$23.89 inc VAT
 3.3 stars from 11 customers

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just incredible
have used one of these for years on my old smartphone and the screen looks as good as it did when i first unpacked it. ten minutes after fitting it you'll forget its even there
Martin Fields Screen Protector Twin Pack - Samsung Galaxy S3.
Have used Martin Fields Screen Protectors for old HTC'S in the past I was not let down yet again with a quality seamless product which with a little careful preparation has gone on faultlessly having followed the directions very carefully having ensured I was in a completely dust free environment having used a bright lamp and scotch tape to remove any dust traces prior to fitting. Truly delighted, you really couldn't expect better in finish, responsiveness and fit. ;)
Simply the best
I've had a Martin Fields screen protector on my HTC Desire for two years without any problems so wanted the same for my new toy.
Simple to apply, nice to the touch and has a separate cover for the camera lens.
I have a slight issue with one edge but its off the visible part of the screen and it might have been down to the way I was holding it while applying it.
Not great
Wasn't happy with this, it collects fingerprints and grease like nobody's business, and not that easy to clean. I'm sure there are better screen protectors out there, as this one is very expensive for what it is in my opinion.
poor fit, quality and fingerprint magnet
Shiny screen protector doesn't fit around the home button well. Started to peel off immediately due to curvature of the phone screen.

Makes the screen harder to read in sunlight.

Martin Fields screen protector Samsung S3
Always buy Martin Fields - more expensive but always make you phone keep that brand new look!
Good job I got two
The single pack of this product was out of stock, so I got the twin pack. I have put many screen protectors on different devices, so know what to do, but I got in a real mess with these. Yes, both of them. The first one developed a dent! The fact I had so much trouble attaching it, and that it developed a dent may not be the fault of the product, except I had only used a dedicated stylus on it for a minute or so and I have never had that happen before.

I then applied screen protector number two. I just couldn't get it to adhere properly, without air bubbles. In trying to remove it the plastic developed bends - read the instructions and you will know to remove it with Sellotape - not your nails!

A very expensive exercise for me. I am now going to buy the cheapest one available.

great product
By far and away the best screen protector I've had
Seriously let down by this MF Screen protector for the S3, i have always used MF and the quality of the SP is amazing, this time the S3 one is just way below par. The screen protector does not cover the entire front, there is a 5mm boarder around the front of the phone which makes it appear the S3 protector is not the right size.

The quality of the SP is there but its just the wrong size. a big 2 stars for it being MF and quality and a -3 due to the size. The size is 5mm around it looks horrible.

Its not that bad if you have a bumper but with a flip cover case it looks odd.

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