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Martin Fields Screen Protector - HTC Desire S - Twin Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The ultimate screen protector twin pack for the HTC Desire S with best scratch resistance, durability and enhanced clarity.
  • Mobile Fun ID 28073
$25.21 inc VAT
 4.3 stars from 9 customers

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better than my last
My old screen protector (which came with my otterbox case) had served it purpose and needed to be replaced.

Checked out mobilefun and these seemed the best for my phone from reading the reviews.

Twinpack comes with two for the front screen and two for the camera on the back.

Not overly difficult to fit with a little patients and sticky tape to remove any dust that gets trapped.

Very clear, I nearly felt I needed to turn the brightness down compared to the previous protector!

If I were to grumble the edges aren't very cleanly cut but I don't really notice that now after a few weeks use.

Overall happy with the purchase
I was proved wrong
I purchased this item earlier in the year- and wasn't impressed especially taking into account the price. It looked terrible and cheap-full of air bubbles. Fortunately there are two in the pack-My youngest son visited and replaced my attempt. Now it looks fantastic- in fact you can't tell it's there-The difference is he used a tiny drop of washing up liquid on the screen and squeezed it out. It worked- if only they had said that in he instructions.
Not impressed
Bought this screen protector based on the reviews- and as a twin pack it wasn't cheap. Well I have given it a week and the first protector is going in the bin. I cannot get rid of the effect the inside of an aero chocolate bar. I have removed it and washed and dried it. I have removed it and used sellotape to clean it. I have replaced it about 5 times in a week trying to get ride of the aero effect. I wiped my phones screen with a cloth that came with my barely there case and nothing works. It also scratches easily. I am so disappointed - reading the reviews i don't know whre I am going wrong. I will apply the last one but expect the same £18.95 is a lot of money for nothing. Will buy a cheap one in future
As on my previous phone this protector fits perfectly, and once fitted you forget it's there. I use a spray of diluted washing up liquid to fit it and it just slides into place, then squeeze out the liquid with a cloth. Very easy and no bubbles. The best screen protector i've used.
Does as promised
I can be short about this one. Though one of the pricier ones, it does the job as advertised. So no surprises there.
But, make sure you have a non-pilling (!!) microfabre cloth and a piece of plastic (to rub out the air bubbles) since Martin Fields decided not to include those (come on! all the others do)
Still, I give it 5 stars, since it is the protector what it is all about.
Does the job - eventually !!
After trying two other makes this seems to do the trick.
The major probs I find with these are lining them up and clearing air bubbles - I needed a few attempts and steady hand. If the sticky surface is touched, fingermarks and dust particles attach - remove with stick tape and try again.
Essential Protection
Ordered martin fields screen protectors previously for another model of phone last year & they did the job perfectly. So when looking for screen protectors for a new htc desire s phone, without hesitation I looked for the matin fields range. They cost less than some of the others but are of very good quality & we have not been disappointed. Highly recommended.

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